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Pucca and Garu's relationship is one of the main focus of the series, both the Flash series and the TV series. Although it is no secret that Pucca has an endless affection for Garu she has on one account almost let him go. In the episode He Loves Me Not Ring Ring tries to marry a. Pucca and Ching clap for him, but when he misses a board and is knocked into the dirt, the other girls laugh at him. Ching follows their advice and eagerly offers Hot Mustard Love Dumplings to the boy, only Pucca and Garu's Relationship. (99+) pucca and garu | Tumblr Cartoon As Anime, Anime Toon,. Open . Pucca x Garu Pucca Anime, Anime Couples Manga, Manga Anime, Hinata, Anime.

Most likely out of a desire to protect him, Pucca often takes over when Garu unwillingly gives up. Pucca has an alter-ego named "Noodle Girl" that sometimes appears in the series. It is revealed in the episode " Tomb It May Concern " that Pucca is Uncle Dumpling, Ho and Linguini 's niece though it does not mention which side of the family they come from. In the episode " Tokyo A Go-Go " she makes a parody of Sailor Moon using a magic rod to save Garu from the giant sumo wrestler, sending him into a volcano.

In the episode " Dance, Pucca, Dance " her uncles asked if she needs one of their costumes for the party but she shows them what she was sewing, which was a costume of Garu. Several boys had also fallen in love with her, including a Western version of Garu in the episode " Rootin' Tootin' Ninjas ", a rich man called Lazlo Gozalotovish in the episode " Prince Not So Charming " and a clone of Garu in the episode " Romancing the Clone ".

Appearance Pucca wears a red shirt with black leggings and black shoes. Her hair is tied into two buns with two red hair ties, giving her an odango hairstyle.

Then shaking my head for emphasis: That was all her. You know that I would never. She nodded, wiping tears from her eyes. But when they looked back up to meet mine, they were still watering. I didn't know though. Her eyes looked down in guilt, shame, and doubt.

I stared at her for a long moment. I knew what she needed me to convey. The three little words, with so much weight behind them, so much confidence and… pressure. We'd been dating for well over a year now, and I wasn't sure if I was ready to say it, to take that final step.

But then I looked back up at her tear-soaked face. I could see how much it hurt her and toyed with her to be the only one with her feelings on the table. I held all the emotional power in this relationship. My heart tightened in my chest as I felt her pain, and I knew right then that this wasn't just deep concern for someone you care about. And it was time for me to let her know it.

Hesitantly, my left hand reached up to catch her chin as I forced her, well, as much as anyone could ever force Pucca, to look me in the eyes. Then I placed my right hand over my heart before I moved it to cover hers. Her eyes widened in shock. With a small duck, they urged me: I motioned once more, this time placing my hand on her heart with more confidence, and a wide smile. In what was probably the most adorable thing I'd ever seen, she squealed, throwing herself into my lap and hugging me so tightly that I could breathe.

Once I started coughing, she loosened her grip a fraction. I wretched a few more times before returning the hug with as much strength as I could muster. She sighed into me, her tears from a moment before long forgotten. So this was what it was like to be in love… Only two years later, I got down on one knee. It wasn't magical, or expensive, or under the heavy gaze of public eyes.

I walked with her into the bamboo forest, just as we did almost every day. I adorned the ground of one of our favorite spots with flower petals in the shape of a large heart. The petals were almost too much for me, but the look on her face when she saw them made each painfully frilly second worth the effort.

When we stepped into the center, I got into position and pulled out the ring box, staring into the beautiful dark eyes that had spoken legions to me over the past several years. Eyes that I was hopelessly in love with. They brimmed with tears as she nodded furiously, before I even opened the box. She ripped it from my grip and pulled out the simple diamond ring, delicately admiring it as she slipped it onto her left ring finger as if it were the most fragile thing on the planet.

I stood up as she threw herself into me, tackling me to the ground with a lengthy kiss. Before I could even finish enjoying it, she was pulling me up again, dragging me behind her like a kite as she sped to share the news with her uncles and our friends. Ssosso delicately plays the ehru as Pucca strides to the altar. She doesn't hesitate or trip in her graceful march. In fact, it seems like her uncles are slowing her down.

When she finally reaches me, she beams brighter than I have ever seen before. I'm glowing right with her, more so when Uncle Dumpling places her soft hand in mine. Master Soo floats in a cloud before us, and waits for Ching and Abyo to complete their stately walk down the aisle. Their hands are firmly clasped, and they share a brief kiss before splitting so that he can stand by me, and Ching, Pucca.

I spare him a brief smile. It's great to see the two of them together after years and years of him beating around the bush. But now isn't the time to focus on Abyo. Master Soo begins his speech, but I can't focus on the words. I can only keep staring at Pucca in silent anticipation. Abyo steps forward with the two bands I'd formed with my melted katana blade. It had hurt to do it at the time, but the decision felt right. With so many years gone by, it was time for me to get a new one anyway.

And this way, I'd managed to share with her the last piece of my past. Delicately, we slip on each other's rings. Then by the power invested in me by… well, me: I now pronounce you husband and wife. Pucca is my wife. What are you waiting for? I pull her closer, one hand at her waist and the other resting on her cheek as the crowd cheers.

Pucca (character)

When we finally manage to pull apart from each other and remember the present audience, still clapping in the beauty of this long-awaited scene, we share a telling look. You know what comes next? The rest of our lives? Her smile widens adoringly. I nod slowly, but stare at her for another long second before understanding clicks. Her eyes widen as it registers, and her smile somehow grows even bigger. Oh, I know, she winks. Then we pull each other closer, leaning together as we face the guests.

Suddenly, we are way too anxious to leave this wedding reception behind, and start our new lives back on the homey porch where we truly began. So that was approximately 6 hours of my life. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Also, it's really late for me right now, so I haven't done the final sweeping edit yet. I will hopefully get to it soon and repost then. But for now, I'm too excited to wait! I love this show, and I love you readers!

Usually I like to stick to canon for Pucca stories, but I really needed one that made me happy. I also felt it stayed pretty true to Garu in the form of reflection, though maybe it's a little frilly. Let me know what you think ; Love you guys!

He reluctantly blows Pucca a kiss in order to cheer her up and have her chase him back to the Noodle House and her surprise.

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In Little Miss Sooga Garu admires her fighting skills and gives her a vote of 1, Garu after Tobe Insults Pucca In And the Band Played Rong at a music contest who Tobeduring his performance constantly speaks about how much garu makes him sick, calls Pucca his 'stupid girlfriend'.

This is eventually the last straw and after realizing what Tobe just said snaps Garu into a rage and launches into an attack. They then proceed to destroy a number of instruments in their fight. It is also noticed that rather than punching and kicking like Garu's usual fighting style, Garu uses the instruments around him to fight Tobe, which is Pucca's fighting style where she uses the objects in her surroundings as weapons to her advantage.

At the end of the episode He Loves Me Not after helping Pucca defeat Ring Ring then noticing Pucca is upset he bashfully gives Pucca a bouquet of flowers making her happy once more.

Armour Plated Lovewhen Pucca presents her special meal to him, it is noticeable that Garu does tilt his head forward slightly to kiss her back until she is called by Dada for another delivery. He appears surprised by the interruption but quickly recovers with vexation. After Abyo gotten hit with the boomerang and landed on Pucca and Garu's ride, Pucca fell off the ride, Garu caught her hand just in time so she wouldn't fall off.