Raylan and boyd relationship

raylan and boyd relationship

[The series ended with] Raylan and Ava, and then Raylan and Boyd, .. it with Boyd and Raylan was really wonderful, and their relationship. Instinctively, Raylan and Boyd shoot the niece's two remaining henchmen, with . and their child, but she's skeptical on the chance of their relationship lasting. Raylan accepts that Boyd is smart, and I think he's amused by how smart make the case Raylan and Boyd have a coworker relationship.

He soon ends up owing a Canadian mob large amounts of money for heroin shipments but fails to pay it back. When Boyd and Duffy visit Detroit to find their own heroin Picker executes Sammy in front of them saving himself and appeasing the Canadians.

His preferred weapon is a subcompact pistol chambered in. Quarles is a troubled man, revealed to have been heavily abused and sold by his father into the sex trade at a very young age to support his father's addictions.

He was rescued by Theo Tonin and allowed to kill his father at age This leaves him with lasting scars and psychological problems causing him to abduct and abuse other young men, much to the displeasure of Theo and fellow Detroit Mob members such as Wynn Duffy.

As he works to expand his reach in Kentucky he crosses paths with both Boyd Crowder and Ellstin Limehouse. After suffering numerous defeats at the hand of Boyd and indebting himself to Limehouse he has lost all good faith with Theo and Detroit. He is cut off from Detroit and a hit squad is sent after him.

To get the cash Quarles kidnaps a family and exorts Raylan to get him to Limehouse who has enough money to get Quarles home. While collecting the money one of Ellstins henchmen shoots Quarles in the gut and Limehouse chops off his left arm with a meat cleaver.

While he lies on the ground bleeding profusely he reveals to Raylan that it was in fact Arlo who shot and killed Tom Bergen. Whether or not he survives is never fully addressed though in Season 4 Limehouse mentions the last time men from Detroit came to Nobles a man lost his arm.

Nicky is revealed to have several men inside the FBI under his employment, including lifelong friend Special Agent Barkley. He travels to Lexington to find Drew Thompson after the Marshals start digging into the year-old case of Drew's alleged death. After Duffy gives him two possible names for Drew, Nicky sends a hitman out to confirm their identities before killing them. It is later revealed the names given to Duffy from Boyd were in fact Boyd's enemies and not necessarily Thompson.

Nicky travels to Harlan seeking to kill Boyd for the misinformation but ends up hiring him to locate Drew as he knows the area better than anyone from Detroit. Boyd and the Marshals find out Thompson's new identity at nearly identical times but the Marshals reach him first. Nicky abducts Winona and threatens to kill her and her unborn baby if Raylan does not turn over Thompson.

Nicky meets with Raylan briefly in his limo in an attempt by Raylan to talk him down. Nicky is unaware that Raylan reached out to Sammy Tonin, who Nicky intends to murder, and warns him of the betrayal.

Sammy flies to Kentucky and orders Nicky's execution via firing squad. After numerous failed shipments and hijackings he calls for Duffy to kill Boyd, blaming him for their troubles, and for them to move on with their criminal enterprises. Duffy sets up a meeting with Katherine Hale, Boyd and Picker to weigh the pros and cons of a continued partnership with either men.

During a follow up meeting Boyd offers Picker a cigarette tossing him the pack which then explodes in his face killing him. He first appears in Season 5 when his cousin Dewey Crowe receives a large settlement from the state of Kentucky. Darryl moves his family to Harlan to take advantage of their dimwitted cousin and set down roots in a new area as there is nothing left for the Crowe family in Florida.

Wendy Crowe[ edit ] Wendy Crowe played by Alicia Witt is a member of the Crowe family based in Florida where she works as a paralegal in order to defend her brothers.

raylan and boyd relationship

She is seen as the most competent and book-smart member of the family. She is the only female sibling and is revealed to be the mother of Kendal, who is presented as her younger brother for the first couple of episodes. In the season finale, Wendy on behalf of the Marshals manages to talk Darryl into confessing that he was the one who shot Art Mullen and recording it on her cell phone.

When Darryl threatens her into giving him the phone, Wendy shoots him once in the groin and the side of neck as Raylan watches and leans over Darryl's dying body and taunts him. He is initially presented as the youngest brother but is in fact Wendy's son. Young and inexperienced at crime he is often shocked and horrified by the violence committed by his uncles. He admits to shooting Art Mullen in what he calls an accident but Raylan is convinced Darryl put him up to the confession.

Danny Crowe[ edit ] Danny Crowe played by A. Buckley is the hot tempered younger brother of Darryl Crowe Jr. He first appears in Season 5 as a member of the Crowe family in South Florida before moving to Harlan after their cousin Dewey Crowe receives a large settlement from the state of Kentucky.

His short temper and love of knives leads him to challenge most adversaries to proves themselves with the "21 foot rule" where a knife is said to beat a holstered gun within 21 feet.

When burying his dog he challenges Raylan to the 21 foot rule. Danny charges Raylan with his knife out but falls into the grave dug for his pet and stabs himself in the throat. As Danny dies Raylan remarks that he didn't see the hole either or he would have told him. He is cold and calculating oftentimes antagonizing Danny Crowe for his laziness and short temper. He accompanies the Crowes to Harlan after learning that their cousin Dewey Crowe received a large settlement from the state of Kentucky.

He tempts Danny Crowe into proving his fabled 21 foot rule where a knife is supposedly able to beat a holstered gun from 21 feet. When Baptiste backs up to 21 feet Danny instead draws a shotgun and kills him. Markham and Associates[ edit ] Avery Markham[ edit ] Avery Markham played by Sam Elliott is a criminal and entrepreneur who made his fortune in the legal weed business in Colorado.

He returns to Kentucky in Season 6 looking to buy up land in Harlan to grow weed, expecting the state to change its marijuana laws soon.

However, Markham strong-arms the land from the owners, killing them once they refuse a second offer. He employs a team of mercenaries made up mostly of retired military including; Ty Walker, Seabass, and Choo Choo. Also in his employ is a sort of hipster quick draw artist, Boon. After the exchange Boyd reveals to Markham that it was Katherine's idea to rob him. In his search for Boyd and the money Markham captures Ava, Boyd arrives with a hostage of his own, one of Markham's bought cops.

raylan and boyd relationship

In the ensuing shootout Avery is shot and killed by Boyd with the final shot going through his left eye. She first appears in Season 5 as an old friend and mentor figure to Wynn Duffy. She convinces Duffy to bring Boyd on to help them rob banks, specifically one where Markham stores his fortune as she blames him for her late husband's incarceration and death. It is revealed that she was the one really in charge when her husband was alive, as such she was a mentor figure to Wynn Duffy.

When she learns it was Duffy who ratted on her late husband she attempts to kill him but Mikey, Duffy's bodyguard, intervenes and a frantic struggle ensues which leaves both of them dead and Duffy alive. Ty Walker[ edit ] Ty Walker played by Garret Dillahunt is Markhams right-hand man and the leader of a mercenary group with a military background. He is a soft-spoken yet strong willed enforcer who can take offense easy. He comes to Harlan with Markham to assist in his plan to buy up large plots of land to grow legal weed.

He is a skilled killer but not as adept at crime. He takes a bullet in a shootout with Raylan and Tim but escapes. After Markham burns him for his failings he finds his way over to Ava's house in order to team with them in their attempt to rob Markham. Knowing that going anywhere with Walker is now impossible Boyd gives him up.

Walker overhears the betrayal and knocks Earl out before running away, Raylan spots him and the two engage in a brief shoot out which ends when Raylan shoots Walker in the back as he ran. As Walker dies he curses Raylan for shooting him in the back to which he replies "If you wanted to get hit in the front you shoulda run towards me".

Boon[ edit ] Boon played by Jonathan Tucker is a quick draw artist with strong psychopathic tendencies employed by Markham after the mercenary crew fails. He first appears at Lorretta's house to intimidate her into selling her property. He becomes infatuated with her and dotes on her much to her disgust. He carries a Ruger Vaquero, a stainless steel revolver chambered in. He sees himself as so similar to Raylan that he often compares himself to Raylan and their abilities with handguns.

His desire to prove himself the better shootist leads him to challenge Raylan on several occasions but is always called back by Markham. In the Series Finale he runs Raylan's car off the road in order to challenge him one last time.

In the ensuing shootout he aims for Raylan's head while Raylan aims for the heart, Boon is mortally wounded while his shot only grazes Raylan's temple.

Choo Choo[ edit ] Choo Choo played by Duke Davis Roberts is a veteran left with a diminished mental capacity after being wounded in battle. He is called Choo Choo due to his size and punching strength as he "hits like a train". He is wounded in a shootout between the Marshals and mercenaries, he is able to escape but dies in his car stopped on train tracks just before it is to be hit by an on coming train.

Seabass[ edit ] Seabass played by Scott Grimes is one of Markham's military henchmen and served under Walker. His attempt to rob Markham ends badly when Katherine Hale shoots him dead in her hotel room. Grant reassigns Raylan Givens to Kentucky after Raylan shoots Tommy Bucks in broad daylight in a hotel restaurant in front of other guests staying there. Grant returns in the Season 2 premiere "The Moonshine War" and threatens to kill the head of the Miami cartel, Gio Reyes, if he makes any more attempts on Raylan's life and even offers Raylan his old position back, which he declines.

Raylan later calls him in "Full Commitment" after he and Winona are attacked by two hitmen that Wynn Duffy hired on behalf of Gary Hawkins when the latter became increasingly jealous over the blooming relationship between Winona and Raylan. In Season 5, Raylan partners up with Dan and the Miami Marshals in an investigation regarding the Crowe family and a known associate named Elvis Machado.

At some point after Season 5, it is likely Dan retired from the Marshals service as Greg Sutter is seen in the Chief Deputy position in the series finale. David Vasquez[ edit ] Assistant U. Attorney David Vasquez played by Rick Gomez is an AUSA who originally arrives in Lexington to investigate Raylan's shootings and also informs Raylan that his sexual relationship with Ava has compromised a case against Boyd and he is being released from prison.

Vasquez continues to assist the U. He is last seen in the series giving all of Wynn Duffy's belongings back as he is no longer a C. In Season 1 it is revealed that he is on the Miami cartels payroll as he attempts to kill and or capture Raylan for them.

Raylan gets the upper hand and arrests him, he spends the rest of the series behind bars. He, along with Alro Givens and Josiah Carin are the only people alive who know the true identity of fugitive Drew Thompson. When Raylan offers him the same deal he offered Arlo in exchange for Thompson's identity Mosley shivs Arlo in prison to prevent him from talking.

In the aftermath of Arlo's death Mosley is transferred to supermax but instead of going by prison bus Raylan takes charge of him. Raylan intends to force the real identity of Thompson out of Hunter but he repeatdly attempts suicide instead of talking. He is last seen telling Raylan that no matter what he thinks of himself Raylan will always be Arlo's son. Known for his heavy handed approach to sentencing criminals he is feared and hated by many. This causes him to come under threat several times, once by a newly released convict he sentenced and again by a family involved in a case he is presiding over.

It is rumored he wears a speedo and revolver under his robes in court. He is fired after an attempted robbery goes wrong and becomes a greeter at a big box store.

In Season 3 he becomes Boyds man for Sheriff in a race to depose current Sheriff Napier, eventually winning due to Boyds dirty tactics. He initially does what Boyd asks of him while in office but eventually distances himself from the local criminal kingpin in order to serve as a truly honest cop in such a corrupt town.

Going so far as to secretly harbor a prostitute, Ellen May, Boyd intended to kill. Marshals set out to find him. He then assists Raylan in several instances when Raylan needs to work on cases in Harlan, specifically with the Bennett family.

In Season 3 he is the first officer on the scene of a car bombing outside Johnny's bar. The blast was meant to kill Quarles but only wounds him, when Bergen orders Quarles to drop his weapon he is shot off screen leading all to believe Quarles did it.

Bergen dies of his injuries. It is later revealed to have been Arlo who shot him when he saw a man in hat pointing a gun at Boyd his son Raylan is famous for his cowboy hat.

As a deputy he does as Napier instructs him even going so far as to plant drugs in Shelby Parlow's truck during the race for sheriff. Mooney later becomes a deputy working under Shelby after Napier is stripped of his election win and conspires with Lee Paxton to frame Boyd Crowder for the murder of Delroy Baker, but this backfires when Ava Crowder is arrested and charged for the murder instead. In Season 5, Mooney becomes the new Sheriff of Harlan after Shelby is placed in witness protection after being revealed to be notorious fugitive Drew Thompson.

As Sheriff he has Paxton's wife, Mara, confess that Boyd assaulted her husband but threatens her at gunpoint when she recants as Mooney and his men attempt to arrest Boyd. Boyd learns that Paxton has requested Mooney to kill him and bribes him with the money he was going to give to Paxton if he does as he requests and claims that he has killed Boyd, showing him the severed hand with a tattoo matching Boyd's.

Mooney meets with Boyd to collect his payment but is instead shot and killed by an old mining friend of Boyd's. Tillman Napier[ edit ] Sheriff Tillman Napier played by David Andrews is the former Sheriff of Harlan County, bribed by Robert Quarles to look the other way while he makes a play to take over the Oxy business, as well as prevent Boyd from getting in his way.

Napier and his men frame Boyd for an attempted murder by placing dynamite under his car and setting it off, arresting Boyd on local television in order to popularize his campaign. Napier ultimately wins the election, but is forced to be stripped of the victory when Napier's sister Hanna is found to be working on the county clerk's payroll Boyd had coerced his sister into doing so previously.

After losing, Napier attempts to sever his ties with Quarles, who becomes hostile towards the former Sheriff when he can't get his endorsement money back. Napier begins to host swinger parties for the Harlan Elite and Boyd gets invited to one of these parties in Season 4 in order to look for Drew Thompson. Napier is last seen insulting Boyd and calling him a worm, saying he is as welcome to the party as "a case of the clap".

Ash Murphy[ edit ] Ash Murphy played by Todd Stashwick is a corrupt prison guard at Tramble who is bribed by Boyd in order to gain access to Dickie Bennett in solitary confinement. Ash then sets out on his own agenda to get the money, going as far as to threaten to make Dickie's life in prison miserable if he doesn't tell him where the money is located.

Along with a prison medic named Lance, Ash orchestrates a huge prison fight that results in both Dickie and Dewey the latter having jumped in to defend Dickie and becomes a liability being badly injured and slips both men unnoticed out of the prison in a coroner's van. Ash is unable to get Dickie into Noble's Holler due to a roadblock and decides to get Dickie to lead Limehouse to them with the money. While bringing food to the motel they are staying at, Ash attempts to shoot at Raylan, resulting in him being run over twice and telling Raylan they are meeting at Limehouse at Mags' old general store with the money.

When Lance comes up with a ruse to get their money by convincing the gullible Dewey Crowe that he has removed his kidneys and giving him a time limit to come up with the cash or else he will sell the kidneys, Ash tells Raylan that it was Lance's idea to come up with the fake kidney heist as Ash's nurse Layla overhears.

raylan and boyd relationship

Later in the episode, Layla is revealed to be Lance's girlfriend and accomplice, where she reveals she caused Ash to die from a stroke by sending an air bubble to his brain. Ironically, Season 4 reveals that Barkley himself was dirty as he was working on the Drew Thompson case in order to provide information to his old friend Nicky Augustine, a henchman for Theo Tonin.

His title as Constable doesn't earn him respect from anyone but he persists in his duties and does his best to help Raylan and other law enforcement when he can. He drives an old beat up Gremlin and always has his "go bag", a duffel bag filled with survival items including an AK, at the ready.

He proves useful and very courageous during the hunt for Drew Thompson when he is severely beaten by one of Augustines henchmen for refusing to divulge the whereabouts of Raylan and Drew. Bob is last seen being taken to hospital by Raylan. Gary Hawkins[ edit ] Gary Hawkins played by William Ragsdale is a real estate agent and Winonas husband in the first two seasons. As such he has an antagonistic relationship with Raylan, seeing him as a threat not only to his marriage but also his life.

He becomes indebted to the Detroit Mob, specifically Wynn Duffy, after the housing bubble bursts and the large properties he purchased with mob money becomes worthless. He sells his land back to Arnett much to Duffys anger as he wants cash not land. In Season 2 Gary hires Duffy to kill his estranged wife, Winona, in order to collect the insurance money. Raylan thwarts the attempt on her life assuming it was meant for him. Raylan figures out who was behind the hit and confronts Duffy with Gary in tow, before informing Gary that Duffy always intended to kill him too.

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Gary leaves Kentucky running for his life. In Season 3 he is tracked down and murdered by Duffy and Quarles in order to frame Raylan. Fiercely loyal to his employer who affectionately refers to him as "Mikey", he is often seen by his side during business meetings. Season 6 sees his role expanded as he becomes appalled by Duffy becoming a CI for the Marshals in the RICO case against Boyd Crowder and even more so when he finds out Duffy was the one responsible for snitching on Katherine Hale's late husband Grady.

Mikey takes Duffy hostage and calls Katherine to turn him in but upon hearing her speech about avenging the person you love, Mikey refuses to allow Katherine to kill Duffy and tries to convince her to simply get the word out that Duffy is a rat and let him fend for himself, but this results in Katherine shooting Mikey in frustration and a brutal fight that leaves Mikey shot four more times throughout his body and Katherine dead with a broken trachea.

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Bleeding profusely from the bullet wounds, Mikey's final words are asking Duffy to hold him before he dies. She is sent to Harlan in Season 2 in order to convince the locals to sell their land to Black Pike for the companies expanded operations. Her endeavors draw hatred and criticism from most locals as they see the coal company as nothing more than an outsider ready to destroy their lands for profit. She hires Boyd Crowder as security and a negotiator when she learns how he saved the company from a heist.

Carol and Mags butt heads several times over the matter of land and coal but eventually reach an agreement. Boyd, having figured out what Black Pike wants the land for, acquires the rights to the final property in question, Arlo's house.

Mags and Boyd reach an agreement and then force Carol into paying triple the amount originally negotiated.

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He first appears as an associate of the Bennett family in Season 2. Wade leaves her at a gas stop outside Harlan when he sees a revolver in her bag. Dickie pressures Wade into setting up Raylan for a trap. Messer later becomes an Oxy addict working for a pawn broker where he is again pressured into setting Raylan up except this time Raylan foils his trap.

Do you believe in miracles? FX Whether or not you believe a thing Boyd Crowder says, you a sure do enjoy watching him say it, and b have to believe there's some element of a higher power at play here.

How else to explain that Raylan gets shot in the head, but just superficially enough that his precious hat takes most the heat? Interpret these events however you wish; for my part, I'll lay my money down on "divine intervention" and walk away from the table. FX Chekov's gun goes in and out of the drawer on "Justified" like a merry-go-round, resulting in predictable but satisfying final rides for each of the show's main antagonists.

Mags Bennett poisoned her enemies with her signature "apple pie" moonshine, and so she was poisoned in turn; Bobby Quarles surprised people with a gun hidden under his sleeve, and so we were shocked when that arm was cleaved; so on and so forth.

What's the significance, then, of Avery Markham dying from a gunshot to the eye? Is there signature Chekovian poetry there, as is often the "Justified" way? Perhaps it calls back to Markham's first scene, when telling lover Katherine Hale that he would deal with a traitor by gouging out both eyes.

If two eyes are the beginning, then one eye is all it takes for the end. What's with the hat? FX Throughout "Justified," Raylan walked the razor's edge between justifiable and unjustifiable action; he was "the angriest man" ex-wife and frequent flame Winona Hawkins had ever known.

But in the end, Raylan seemingly finds some semblance of peace. He doesn't kill Boyd, no matter how much he wants to put him down. He plays it by the books. He becomes fully worthy of the white hat he's been wearing all series long. Why, then, does his white hat die during the shootout with gunslinging looney tune Boon, only to be replaced on his head by Boon's own black cap? As Raylan transforms from angry jerk to stubborn hero, the white hat fades, and the black hat rises.

Is it a statement that Raylan's rough exterior masks a hero's heart inside, a man no longer a Givens through and through?

raylan and boyd relationship

Or is the explanation simpler — it's just a damn cool hat? What happened with Raylan and Winona? FX Back when Winona visited Raylan earlier in the season, the two decided to get back together, just as soon as Raylan finished his work in Harlan. Why couldn't Raylan and Winona get it together, even after Raylan turned his back on Kentucky for good? In reality, the answer's pretty obvious: There's just no living with the most stubborn man alive.

Even if it isn't the perfect Raylanona fairy tale ending so many fans were hoping for, it's an authentic and honest ending — a "Justified" ending. Can Ava stay safe? FX When last Raylan saw Ava, he was bleeding in the middle of the street, watching her drive off with his car.

Four years later, they met again, this time on Ava's new turf, in her new world, with her new son: Zackariah, the secret son of Boyd Crowder. Albus Severus Crowder has a nice ring to it, but I do appreciate Ava's tribute to her late uncle. Given the revelations, Givens decides to let Ava stay exactly where she is; he walks away from the opportunity to turn her in.

But is that it? Is that the end of the story? Or will Ava have to continue looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life, waiting for the day when the Crowder ghosts of her past come rushing back to haunt her? Who has the money? FX It's obvious, isn't it? It's the perfect ending for one of the show's winningest weasels, the one man who always walks away from a gunfight with blood splattered on his face, but not his own blood.