Regine and ariel relationship

Ariel Rivera reunites with his former partner, Regine Velasquez

regine and ariel relationship

During their recent tour in Australia, Ariel Rivera and Regine Ariel Rivera shares the stage with former lover, Regine Velasquez, after 20 years . Vice Ganda speaks about his relationship with Calvin Abueva on “TWBA”. During their recent tour in Australia, Ariel Rivera and Regine Although their relationship as a couple didn't work out, their fans were happy to. Three's a crowd in a relationship and it gets more complicated when celebrities are . Gelli de Belen, Ariel Rivera, and Regine Velasquez.

All love or what passed for it was lost between the illicit lovebirds. Hayden got sued by Katrina, lost his medical license, and, for a time, he lost Vicki, too. Showbiz scribes say say Vicki and Hayden are back together.

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The last public sighting of the couple was when they were briefly caught on camera Cesar and Sunshine met on the set of Bullet, his first directorial gig.

They got married in in a beautiful ceremony held near the Manila Bay. Brazilian model Marianna reportedly met Cesar in his home province of Bohol in When Sunshine confronted Cesar about the Marianna issue, he reportedly changed the topic by putting her on the defensive. He chided her for starring in adult-themed movies such as Magagandang Hayop and Ekis before they were married. Sunshine left their family home with their three little girls Angelina Isabelle, Samantha Angelene, and Angel Franchesca in tow.

After some time, the couple patched things up. Jessa and Dingdong married and migrated to the US. The two women had a feud, which soon ended because, hey, it all happened almost a decade ago. They even starred in a critically-acclaimed movie, Hindi Magbabago. While their fans wanted them to be together, it still came as a shock to know that they had already been married-a fact which only became public knowledge when they decided to separate. Zoren and Carmina got together after her separation from Rustom.

Zoren and Carmina kept the relationship a secret, and it only became public when she gave birth to their twins, Maverick and Cassandra.

Zoren and Mina, though still unmarried, are still together. Things still seem to be tense between Janice and John. Janice has been involved with the hottest men in the biz: They have four kids: Inah 18Moira 16Kyla 13and Yuan Vanessa, a voluptuous Filipino-Canadian, was one of his co-hosts. For a time, John and Vanessa were together but their relationship eventually fizzled out.

Lani and Bong have been together since Gretchen and Bong were first linked to each other when they both starred in the action flick Ako Ang Katarungan Lt. The connection resurfaced sometime inwhen Gretchen backed out of a movie where she was supposed to co-star with Bong. Insiders hypothesized that she must have made the decision when she reportedly found out that Lani sent this interesting SMS to her friends: Bong and Lani are still together.

Gretchen is still identified with partner Tonyboy Cojuangco, despite all the controversies she has been involved in. All choices have consequences. Depends on the consequence and the choice you made. If it were to happen now, would you have made the same choice now? Yes, coz I think as long as u r still a maiden, it's your privilege to say no.

Once you get married, you can never say no! Slams the table Right? Laughter Isn't that true? Once you get married, that's part of your obligation.

So as long as your not yet signing any contract no! Laughs Through all these was your dad by your side? My whole family was by my side. Are u very close to ur dad? I'm very close to both. When I was younger, I was closer to him coz we were always together. I got closer to my mom, lately. You didn't get bitter at all? If I have to go through it again.

I had a wonderful time with him. It was my first time to have a boyfriend, I experienced a lot. I have some questions like, "Should've done it this way? Do I have to say sorry?

regine and ariel relationship

What must I do? She was always feeding me because she thought I was thin at that time. On my birthday she even called me up.

Even his brothers and sisters are nice to me. Baka they want to bring home a decent girl? She's Gelli a decent girl. I guess she was just misunderstood. Who are we to say that she's not?

How long did it last? He was my first boyfriend and I was afraid to take chances. I was always comfortable to where I was. I have a family who loves me very much. I didn't really need anybody, until I met him. I'm glad I took that chance because if I hadn't I wouldn't have experienced how wonderful it was. I wouldn't be what I am now. I'm glad to say that I already have character. Do you have a love life now that you already have character?

I'm waiting for the right person to come along. I'm not the kind of person who jumps from one relationship to another. I don't mind waiting for a long time as long as I know when that person comes along, it's the one. Don't u think that's ridiculous? Just to say, "Hey, I'm over with Ariel so I have another boyfriend! Do u have prospects? I get to meet a lot of men, but they're not making any move. Maybe because ur father is always around. He was always there.

It's really up to them. If their intentions are really clean, there's nothing for them to be scared of.

What kind of guy do you go for? Before, I want a guy who's kind, but now I don't have any criteria. Usually it doesn't follow. So, I don't want to wish for it. I thought it was gonna be him. And I was actually offered. And u can even ask my father. He talked to my parents. He was planning so many things that's why I was really hurt and surprised. What could have been the real reason? I don't even wanna find out. You must have speculated. When we talked on the phone, he said he was still in love with her, so what can I say?

How do you feel when you see her Gellihindi ba kumukulo ang dugo mo? Ur blood doesn't boil? It's her blood who's boiling. Laughs She's really angry at me. You see he a lot? She doesn't wanna talk to me. At 27, don't girls like you feel insecure that ur not attached yet?

I have so much ahead of me, right? I have my career. You know, I've talked to a lot of married women. I'd say to them, "You know ur so lucky ur so young and u have a child.

They'd tell me, "Because your so lucky. At ur age u still have ur career, u've experienced a lot and I'm sure you'll experienced a lot more. When you get married everything will vanish 'cause you always have to consider ur family. I'm sure there's a lot of woman who's pretty much like that. I guess I am lucky. At age do you think are you going to panic? When I'm 40, I guess.

This is the '90s -women are getting married in their 30s, sometimes 40s. I'm not the type of person who'll get attracted if he's handsome.

As a matter of fact, I never liked Ariel. I felt that he's too windy because he's Canadian. For me first impression is not important. Next to it is more important. Because if u meet a guy, of course best feet forward. You really don't know what are their intentions. I felt we had something in common. Family is also very important for me. Are you the type who'd give up your career if you'd find the right guy? Let's say if I get married and he doesn't want me to - my husband who's a doctor giggles or senator or president or prince laughs -for me to sing Your going to sing for him.

I'm sure I'll miss it. Of course I'll go with him whereever my husband wants us to be. It's should be that wayright? Any plans of concerts?

Last year I recorded an album also called, "Retro. I'll be singing mostly old songs. Are u confident you'll get an SRO crowd? Thai's why I'm asking for ur help right now. I'm kinda nervous because I haven't been doing big concerts lately.

What more do you want to do? I really wanna be able to finish my studies. When did u drop out? But you're so articulate. Have u been so articulate? No, I think it comes with age. Laughs You mean when you were 17 you were not like that? How did you become articulate?

I guess from TV, Laughs from people I meet. As you all know, I've been going outside of the country to promote an Asian album so most of the time I speak in English. Do u read a lot? I don't really read a lot, but I do read magazines like fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan. Ronnie Henares packaged you, taught u social graces and everything?

They taught me to develop my own taste. I was from Bulacan. What do I know of clothes. But you're so daring now with your wardrobe.

Nowadays, I feel sexy. You mean these things came from others? Ronnie Henares and his wife Ida packaged me to have this image. Ida taught me how to mix and match-u shldn't mix if both clothing is printed. Little by little I learned to do it myself. Then u looked through the magazines. They help a lot, even makeup tips you get from there.

I also love to watch fashion show. If you will pursue ur studies, what do you plan to take up? Hindi na nga ako masyadong nakaka-practice. You think you can still get into that? Right now, I don't' think so.

I'm just looking ahead. I don't want to think na kawawa naman ako-ako na lang ang hindi nagtatapos, kasi mga kapatid ko malapit nang matapos. The opportunities are bigger now that we have the money. I can always go to New York and study film or fine arts there. Or I can go to Europe and study painting.

At least I have choices. I can afford it now. I travel a lot now. It's so nice to be here in this business. I get to travel for free. I can bring my family with me. Where do u think ur career will go from here? Where do you ant to bring it. You can pack Folk Arts Theater. You've had concerts before for VIPs ur records are sing well. Where do u think u wanna be? I've discovered I can also act even a little. And the feedback of my acting is pretty good.

So now, I'm exploring that. You have movie lined up? They're paying me also, ha? I'm actually getting paid. I like doing feel-good movies. Roles like that of Meg Ryan. You wouldn' t notice, but she really get nice roles. What movies are u doing right now? I have a movie, "Honey Nasa Langit na ba Ako? I am a ghost in this movie. My character meets an accident and then dies. Janno's character is devastated and I wish I can help him fix his life. I try to encourage him to live his life.

Ariel Rivera shares the stage with former lover, Regine Velasquez, after 20 years

It's really nice and cute. It's a happy kind of sadness. How did u cry? I didn't blink my eyes laughs You motivate urself. What did u think of to be able to cry?

Before, I used to think of the sad moments. But now it doesn't work anymore. When ur sad ur not really crying. You are just hurt deep inside. I learned a technique. Vina Morales told me, when I guested in "Spotlight" before, "Don't emote so much coz sometimes when u get emotional, the tendency is you don't get to feel like crying.

It shows in ur eyes but tears are not dripping. Imagine, I'm 27 and doing cutie stuff, "my parents are strict. They wanted a near and far shot of it. It was such a short moment and "CUT! And I didn't feel his beard. Ariel was the only person I got to kiss. How were u brought up?

Ariel Rivera and Regine Velasquez's reunion on stage thrills their fans

U didn't' seem to be a close family. Don't u have a problem child? Cacai was so stubborn. But she listens to me. She just answers back when she knows she's right. Do u answer back? Remember I'm a Taurus?

regine and ariel relationship

If I know I'm right I'll answer back. So no problem child? I remember I mentioned it to my father one time. Look how old we are now and no one in the family has gotten pregnant or in to drugs.

I always thank my parents for everything they have done for me. Aren't u threatened by Cacai's modest success in the music industry? I was the one who encouraged her. Both of us did points to her dad. My father saw that she has a great potential. How is it now that they have different engagements? Who's the first one?

We have one car for each. You have a driver? I don't want to drive in this country. What happened to the Asian release of ur album? We got the figures. I got it from my personal manager. In Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, over 10, copies. Except for Singapore it only sold less than 10, copies. The country is actually very small.

In Korea, almost 50, Regine: In China, they were so surprised 'cause there was a lot sold there. The first album we soldcopies in China. No, in only one province. In China, it soldIsn't' it Retro is under an international label? But I'm still under Polycosmic Records. My album is being released throughout Asia but I'm under Polycosmic and there is no such thing as Polycosmic Int'l. So royalties I'm getting locally and internationally is the same.

How about in the States? It's only in Asia. I'm aspiring that I'll be discovered there. Look what happened to Kuh. After a long time-4 yrs. Yeah, So Kuh's the second. If they became successful there, that would open doors for the artists. Who do u think is ur greatest rival abroad? I don't know I'm being sold as an international artist. Maybe Whitney Houston coz my album is under international division, not local. Even among the locals u don't really have a rival? Jamie Rivera, she's married, although she's making a comeback now.

Leaon the other hand started before me, so she wasn't really my contemporary. But when she grew up she's almost my peer. Pops Fernandez was ahead of me. I am ahead of Jaya, but her career was very fast. I started and my career started to pick up in Do u still get nervous when u go on stage? That's part of it.

regine and ariel relationship

You can never get rid of that. I always have butterflies in my stomach. When the concert starts, you don't know if ur going to puke, take a leak or something. It's not like TV or movies. A concert is live. If you have some mistakes you have to do something about if. You can never change it. How can u not get nervous? Bu u handle it very well? What was the greatest boo-boo u made in a concert? My half-slip fell down, I tripped. Just so my half-slip won't fall I had to spread my legs apart.

The half-slip wasn't mine, it's from my mom's. I won the first prize in that contest. The prize was a gas range and a sack of rice.

regine and ariel relationship

In my professionalit's the "Narito Ako" concert. I was so excited coz it's my first major concert at the FAT. The tickets were sold out even the P2. After singing, "Urung Sulong" I tripped. Good thing is I'm far from the stage already. Another is, one time in Carnegie Hall New Yorkit was so formal, and I was dancing and I kicked my feet and my shoe flew. You know what I did? I kicked off the other shoe. Suddenly they're having fun.

It's when I broke the ice. Where did u learn to ad lib? Where did u learn to do those things? Well, if ur in that kind of situation and u have nothing else to do but to do the ad lib. Be quick and try to be funny or spontaneous. What's ur everyday life like? If I'm not doing anything I just stay in my room and watch TV. I have a cable now. Moving up in the world, man. Coz there's no cable in Bulacan.

I still go home to Bulacan; it's just that I have a half way house here in Quezon City. Coz it's hard to travel everyday. Sometimes my shooting ends at 7 am and I have a shooting that day also if I'm in Bulacan it's doubly hard. Who lives with you? My father, sometimes my mom, sometimes my whole family. Cacai is also there, but on weekends we go back to Bulacan. My mom and my twin sister's there coz they study there. Why do u think people don't tried of you? I'm nice and beautiful laughs Just kidding.

I have geogeous body laughs I guess they saw how I started, and they saw how hardworking I was and still am. I've always given them what they wanted to hear.

Plus when I perform I give it my best, I give my percent sometimes percent. Everytime I do a show, whether it be small or big ones, I feel that it's my last performance already. Probably they see that in me. I'm glad they appreciate it. Her face is once again aglow and her smile as sweet as it has ever been obscuring the fact that just two years ago her life was in tatters following her parting ways with her significant other.

Her failed relationship was her biggest test in life, the singer says as she bares her soul talking about the pain she suffered, her career, her family, and her dreams. I'm very much healed, that's why I can freely talk about it. I would say I have become a stronger person, I have grown not only as an artist but also as a person.

I would say I handled my situation wisely, at least I have a personality because people called me a bully, snake, unlike before they couldn't write anything bad about me because I was living a clean life," she laughed.

She said the most difficult time for her then was facing people who disdained her. It was unfair because I'd never done it before.

ASAP Tribute to Ariel Rivera (FULL). Fans kinilig kay Ariel at Regine

It was my first time, I was courted and I fell in love. At that time I felt alone, no one went to my side, and I don't want to burden my family with my own problem so I dealt with it alone, I fixed myself, healed myself. I ignored eveyone who had grunges to me because I can't talk at that time and I thought if I would speak I would only hurt the people involved considering I was angry, so I kept silent for a while. After healing myself it was time for me to face everybody.

I never had a trauma because that relationship was a lovely relationship. It was fun and memorable. Although it was the only one, but then it had to end, it's only up to there. It can't stay longer. I was thinking if it stayed longer, it would be more painful, nonetheless, I had a wonderful time with him.

I hope he had a wonderful time with me, too. And why would I deprive myself of that thing when I know how wonderful it can be.

Ariel Rivera and Regine Velasquez’s reunion on stage excites their fans

I'm proud to say that I was able to support the studies of my sisters and brother. Cacai finished already, Jojo is doing well with his Dentistry course while the twins are graduating with HRM degrees.

That's my biggest achievements in life, and investment, too. As for me, I really want to go back to school. I've been planning that for a long time already, but I can't find time to do so, I'm so busy with my career. My only regret in life is being unable to finish studies. But that's fine, you really have to sacrifice some things to become successful in other things, right? If I finish my schooling before then I wouldn't 'be what I am now because in this business you have to start at an early age because of the competition, you have to prove your skills so they will cultivate their trust in you.

Nonetheless, I'm happy, but I get embarrassed coz they've all finished studying unlike me, but I can always come back. I think my chances are bigger now that I have my own money. I can study in Europe if I want to. Regine is bristling with excitement about her first major concert this year because for the firt time she will be directing her own show.

Dubbed "Retro," which is the title of her album released last year. Aside from the fact that I conceptualized it and will be directing it, I will be having back-up singers and 18 dancers, plus a lot more surprises," she gushed. Now, recovering from a wicked encounter with love and the realization that the father she adores is all too human, The woman rediscovers the fighter within.

Before that perky exclamation, Regine had her pictures for the magazine taken by Jun De Leon, one of her favorites. Though she blushed like a proper "dalagang Filipina" when we told her that she was looking "Yummy," her body having filled out in all the right places after gaining weight on a trip abroad, she nonetheless agreed to don some flimsy costumes - including a daring green body suit with a neckline cut down to the navel.

When we laughed at the sight of her, flapping her arms at the art's director's request, but doing it so awkwardly she called to mind images of The Ugly Duckling, she laughed just as hard as the rest of us once she realized what was wrong. One point even found her shouting "Profanity" as she laughingly mimicked a crew member who was sassing Jun. From the other room, her assistant Patti poked an alarmed head into the studio to shush her.

But the rest of us didn't care, delighted that the prim, frail, and proper princess that Regine appears to be was on a break that afternoon. Or may even have left for good. Woe the fan who thinks show business is all about glamour: Regine and I are making our way through the early evening throng in Harisson Plaza.

Dressed as she is in ripped jeans and a ratty T-shirt nobody seems to notice that a superstar is in their midst. We could have passed for two girlfriends out shopping, except that in my hand held up to somewhere in the region of her neck, just below her mouth, is a black tape recorder, whirring away, capturing the soft but animated singsong voice, products of one of the most famous sets of vocal cords in these parts.

An interview conducted while a star is doing last minute shopping for her parents' anniversary gifts is not the ideal, but with Regine, you have to take what her schedule allows. Earlier inside her Chrysler van, she told me about a Regine Velasquez quirk: I hat the feeling of sleeping in a plane because your body becomes so comfortable you system starts to believe it's home - and then you wake up and you're still on the plane!

I hate airline food. A plane's smell makes me dizzy.