Relationship of hardware software and peopleware

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relationship of hardware software and peopleware

Answer (1 of 2): A Software is the collection of instructions, Programing or codding, which we can only see, Feel or can imagin about it`s logic. A Hardware is the. Hardware, Software, and “Peopleware”: Educational Technology and () investigation of college students ending romantic relationships using social. Software includes all the various forms and roles that digitally stored data may have and play in a computer (or similar system), regardless of.

There are many types of application software as well.

What is the relationship between hardware, software and people ware?

For example, word processing or spreadsheet applications are productivity software, and antivirus programs installed on a computer are an example of utility software. Relationship Between Hardware and Software Essentially, computer software controls computer hardware. These two components are complementary and cannot act independently of one another.

relationship of hardware software and peopleware

In order for a computer to effectively manipulate data and produce useful output, its hardware and software must work together. Without software, computer hardware is useless. Conversely, computer software cannot be used without supporting hardware.

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There are several categories of software, with the two main categories being operating-system software, which makes the hardware usable, and application software, which does something useful. Examples of application software are Microsoft Excel and Angry Birds. In order to listen to the recorded music, you need three things: In this analogy, both the iPod and the speaker are examples of hardware.

relationship of hardware software and peopleware

The MP3 file, in this case, would represent software. Without the iPod or the speaker, you would not be able to listen to the MP3. By the same token, the iPod and the speaker would be worthless without the MP3 files to play.

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Same hardware can be loaded with different software to make acomputer perform different types of jobs just as different songscan be played using the same cassette player. Except for upgrades like increasing main memory and hard diskcapacities, or adding speakers, modems, etc. Likewe buy new cassettes for newly released songs or for songs whosecassettes, we do not have, we buy, new software to be run on thesame hardware as and when need arises, or funds become available.

Hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer.

relationship of hardware software and peopleware

For example, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, graphic cards, printer, and many more that we can touch. Software or otherwise known as a program, provide a series of instructions for common purpose that tells the computer how to perform tasks. In order for a computer to do a useful job, the hardware and software must work together. For example, when we play a song via Media Players or other software that exists in the computer, it will produce sound at the speaker.

A speaker is hardware. Therefore, the relationship would be that they are all found in the process of accepting, processing, displaying and storing data. Basically Software is the virual suff like Programs, Appsand the Hardware is the Fisical Stuff like the keyboard, the mouse,the video graphic card, something you can touch They both invole a computer and downloading items or anything you want.

Describe the relationship between hardware software applications and the operating system? The relationship is they all support the hard drive in a way that is apparent to the system composts some people think that the software controls the applications, but the sa…me connections could be used with the hard drive, because the applications that control the system is all reliant to the cost and exploration of a system.

relationship of hardware software and peopleware

What is the relationship Software and hardware? Hardware is all the physical parts of the computer. That even includes storage media. So diskettes, CD's, and memory sticks are also hardware, just like the PC itself. Soft…ware and data are the invisible representation of computer instructions and ideas.

The information that is stored on storage media is software. The chip itself is hardware, while the information inside the chip is software. Software is stored on hardware, and software is required to make hardware work in meaningful ways.