Relationship of history and social sciences

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relationship of history and social sciences

The history of the social sciences has origin in the common stock of Western philosophy and . Such relationships, called "Laws" after the usage of the time ( see philosophy of science) became the model which other disciplines would emulate. Basically for me, there is no difference between History and Social studies just that one is taught in junior secondary school while the other is taught in senior. The history of the social sciences begins in the Age of science. The last path was the correlation of knowledge and social values; the.

History often creates constructions and contributions of the past that are linked to the present. On the other hand, social studies involve various fields and an entity called society.

It deals with society, how it works, and other people-related issues like social behavior or compliance, traditions, and cultures. Social science integrates the social studies and humanities fields under this umbrella term dealing with human behavior, interactions, as well as the human societies of both the past and the present.

History of the social sciences

History can be classified in many different ways: History can also be recorded usually written or non-recorded oral history and tradition. The primary aim of social studies is to equip a citizen to make important decisions as a member of society.

An individual citizen can make a huge contribution to either the growth or reduction of society where that individual belongs. Social studies comprise academic disciplines and stand-alone fields of study. This includes history, economics, political science, psychology, anthropology, geography, social science, sociology, archeology, communication, linguistics, law, philosophy, and religion.

History and social studies are familiar studies in schools. Both studies are incorporated in the school curriculum on many levels of education elementary, secondary, and tertiary.

Difference Between History and Social Studies

A major component of both subjects is the focus on people or the human element, from the individual to society social studiesand the contributions of people and the human element in the course of history history.

Social studies are a broad category that encompasses many related disciplines, including history. This category usually includes disciplines from social sciences and the humanities. History, on the other hand, can be classified as belonging both to social science and humanities.

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Social studies focus on society as an entity and the activities that its members engage in human interaction, relationships, culture and tradition, and other human aspects. Ambassadors are the links between nations and they were custodians and practitioners of diplomacy.

The issue like—balance of power, cold war, international peace, disarmament have assumed great importance in recent times. The military history is an important chapter in political history where in wars, battles, campaigns and conquests figures very prominently.

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It deals with the causes of a war, strategy and war tactics, war weapons etc. History is very helpful to politics because the political aspects is a part of the whole range of activity recorded by historian and knowledge of history would enable the politicians to know the politics better and play their role effectively. History is also closely related to Economics.

As the activities of a man in society are very closely related with the economic matters, the historian of any period must possess at least a rudimentary knowledge of the economics. In fact, the economic history of any period is an important branch of history and its understanding is absolutely essential for the proper understanding of history of any period.

relationship of history and social sciences

No doubt, it is true that during the last few years economics has become very complex and difficult subject, mostly dependent on mathematics, and a modern historian cannot acquire basic working knowledge of economic theory without devoting a lot of time and leaving little time for the study and writing of history.

Therefore, a new set of economic history by the use of economic historians have emerged who try to study the economic history by the use of the economic tools. At present, history is so closely interlinked with the study of economic problems that it would not be possible to reconstruct history without knowledge of the relevant economic problems. In the present century the writing of history has been greatly influenced by the statistical data.

With the invention of computers, the collection of statistical data has become possible.

relationship of history and social sciences

Though the conclusion drawn on the basis of the data may be known to the historians on the basis of the impressionistic evidence, which does reduce the value because it provides a concrete evidence for a previously held thesis. This type of detailed investigation enables the historians to understand the different facts of the past life. A good historical writing is described as: History and sociology are intimately related and a number of sociologists like Auguste Comte are also important figure in the development of historical studies.

Karl Marx was also a great historian and sociologist. Both History and Sociology are concerned with the study of man in society and differed only with regard to their approach. In the recent years it was realized that a fruitful interaction between the two disciplines was possible and Emile Durkheim, Max Weber acknowledge the initial dependence of sociology upon history.

Although, history too benefits from the synthesis produced by the sociologists. Sociologists exercised profound influence on the study of history by developing the certain narrow areas of human activity.

They adopted the sampling techniques and develop their tools with a view to minimize the subjective element.

relationship of history and social sciences

India too our historians are now giving increasing attention to social history. History and ethics have a close relationship. Although a true historian is not expected to pass distinct and sensitive judgments on the historical incidents and characters, yet he must know about the ethical principle of the time which influenced the conduct of the people in the past.

relationship of history and social sciences

Probably in the past, there was not reliable ethical science and much of followed were merely a reflection of the bigotry, partial and complexes of the different writers. In the recent times an attempt has been made to evolve an ethical theory on the basis of biology, psychology and sociology by the scholars like Stephen, Duprat, Dewey etc.

A science of conduct has been evolved.