Romeo and friar laurence relationship problems

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How far do Juliet's Nurse and Friar Lawrence contribute to the tragedy of the play ? At the beginning of the relationship between Romeo and Juliet, Juliet consent, and in secret – which could in the end cause problems. The Friar can see these issues and is worried that they are rushing into a more serious stage of the relationship before anyone is ready for it - including them. The Friar is Romeo's teacher and confidant. When we first meet him, the Friar thinks Romeo is too hasty in professing his love for Juliet (he was.

The audience is encouraged to emphasise with Juliet — making her eventual demise more tragic. Perhaps if the Nurse was less close to Juliet, Juliet would have not needed to just confide in the Nurse and would have done so with her mother.

This could have helped resolve the problem as her mother could have been more understanding and in the end prevented the tragedy.

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Friar Lawrence knows both Romeo and Juliet well and appears to be a caring man with their best interests at heart. Therefore Romeo is obviously very close and sees the Friar as a father-like figure. Also we can tell he has a close relationship with Juliet as later on in the play when Romeo is banished, she goes to Friar Lawrence to seek help, and obviously he knows about the relationship whilst her parents do not.

The drama in Sheila's story Essay Therefore I believe the Friar had good intentions and hoped for the best for the couple, and did definitely not wish for the events to take place but ultimately it was a large extent of his actions and plans, which brought about the tragedy.

Firstly, like the Nurse, he played a great part in bringing the couple closer together. Friar Lawrence agreed to marry the couple, even though he knew it would be without their parents consent, and in secret — which could in the end cause problems. In the end however it did, but only through the deaths of these children, which was not intended, and it was only these deaths, which really could end the war between the houses.

So he thought up the plan where Juliet would take the potion and her family would think she were dead, and she would wake in the tomb where Romeo would find her and they would escape.

His plan seemed well thought out, and would have worked if the message had got to Romeo informing him of the plan. Friar Lawrence had told Romeo to look out for a message from Balthasar, but Friar Lawrence decided to send Friar John to tell Romeo the details of the plan.

This caused a number of problems. Firstly Friar John could not successfully send the letter of explanation due to a plague, which meant he could not go outside. Therefore Balthasar got to Romeo quicker with the news that Juliet was dead, rather than just unconscious as part of the plan.

romeo and friar laurence relationship problems

As Romeo was looking out for Balthasar due to what Friar Lawrence had said, he would be pretty sure that what Balthasar was to say would be true.

And it was this news that he acted upon which caused the eventual tragic end to the story. He foolishly leaves Juliet in the tomb — knowing that she is about to commit suicide.

He is cowardly in leaving, and should try to protect her life by staying with her and persuading her to stay alive. Overall I can conclude that the Nurse and Friar Lawrence do play a part in this tragedy, especially the Friar, but their intentions were definitely good.

The pair act as a sort of mother and father to both of the teenagers and try to do what they think best in the difficult situation they are put in, but there are other factors, notably fate, which contribute to tragedy of the play. The first reference to fate comes even before the play starts, in the prologue; it states that the course of their love was destined for death.

As from the very beginning it is evident that they were ill-fated I think that the actions of the people are not to blame, as it was destined to happen. Romeo is suspecting that what will happen that night will lead to his premature death. This is fate, as obviously hat night the two will meet which leads to their relationship and the final tragedy.

romeo and friar laurence relationship problems

We can tell here he is foreseeing what will happen in the future and so we cannot really blame the actions of people such as Friar Lawrence for the tragedy as it was seen to happen beforehand. Tybalt is the main encourager of the on going family feud between the Montagues and the Capulets. He narrows the intensity and desire of hatred of all Montagues to just Romeo. Fate is another aspect that contributes to the death of Romeo and Juliet at the end of the play.

When the play was written, fate was thought to be determined by the stars. In act 2 scene 2 Romeo refers to him falling in love with Juliet as fate. Also as school boys have to go towards their books; it gives a sense that Romeo and Juliet have to be with one another. Shakespeare is ultimately responsible for the deaths of the two lovers, but as Romeo is a tragic hero in a tragic play, it is fate that he will die.

From this point on he starts to take control of his life. For him to say he now defies or goes against this being is a big step for him. Others may argue that Shakespeare added the line in to emphasise the fact that Romeo is now taking control of his own life. The tragedy of Richard III lies in the progressive isolation of its protagonist Essay Romeo and Tybalt are similar, as they are both the young Impulsive males of their families, they are also both emotional.

At the ball, Capulet embarrassed Tybalt by showing his disapproval of him fighting with Romeo there and then. The fact that Romeo and Tybalt are so alike, yet so different is why they clash.

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Shakespeare may have added the rivalry between Romeo and Tybalt to emphasise the impulsiveness of both young males.

Also it may be to allow the audience to realise that Romeo is impulsive in other things and not just when it comes to falling in love. Capulet is devastated when Tybalt is killed. Capulet himself is also partly responsible, for the tragic ending of the play.

At the beginning of the play, Shakespeare has Capulet telling Paris that Juliet is not yet fourteen and too young to marry. Juliet has no say in who she marries, yet Paris is allowed to choose Juliet like an object. Others may argue that his Character is added to show Juliet as a victim throughout the play. There are many things that contribute to the fatal ending.