Roxas and namine relationship counseling

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roxas and namine relationship counseling

ROXAS and NAMINE Kindom Hearts, First Dates, Tales Series, Final . KH Roxas and Namine Kingdom Hearts Art, Destiny, Anime Couples, Love, Mystic. Kairi from Kingdom Hearts has some dark secrets that fans of the series need to know. Though we've discussed Kairi and Sora's special relationship, which Axel kidnapped Kairi as part of a scheme to bring his best friend Roxas back. . Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Roxas obviously wasn't keen on the idea, neither was Namine, who tried her best He defined their relationship vulgarly without mercy, "Nothing more than .. Throughout all her years of studying therapy, Sora was the most.

Also, when Sora later becomes a Heartless to save her, Kairi is able to specifically recognize him and save him. Once Kairi returns on Destiny Island, she returns to the Secret Cave where she sees an earlier drawing of Sora sharing a paopu fruit with her.

Kairi gets emotional and adds another paopu fruit to the drawing. The meaning behind it? Well according to the in-game legend, two peoples will always stay connected to each other if they share the same paopu fruit. Therefore, we could see this poignant scene as a teenage affair in which Kairi promptly answers "yes" to Sora's dating request. His only hinted relationship was with Squall's love interest, Rinoa.

However, Seifer's attempts are in vain. Nice try Seifer, but you definitely took a major L this time.

Whenever we look at Kairi's interaction, we can notice a strong collaboration with the water component. When we look at it, we can reflect on the fact that water almost seemed vital to bring life to Kairi's character When we look at Kairi's name in Japanese, It actually means "nautical mile".

However, her individual kanjis means "sea" and "village". After linking her name with these events, It's only fair to say that Square-Enix and Disney did a great job at keeping Kairi's concept theme. They both ranked 3rd in the Famitsu character poll of the series and both have very interesting stories in their own way. They also both share a twisted relationship in which Axel kidnapped Kairi as part of a scheme to bring his best friend Roxas back.

Shortly after his death, Axel reverts back to his human form, Lea and becomes a valued ally for the main cast. The twisted part is that Lea is also Kairi's sparring Keyblade partner. Although Kairi seemed uncomfortable training with her former captor-turned-ally, a canon story reading, performed at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra suggested that Kairi quickly overcame her fear of Lea and became friends with him.

We sure do hope to see these two Keyblade users in action. Riku and Demyx banded together with Riku as a student and Demyx the band teacher. Demyx had asked the alcoholic to retrieve some guitars, but locked the boy in the instrument room secretly.

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Riku brought the instruments to life and their strings unraveled to strangle the boy. The wires cut into his skin, the sound of choking and the smell of blood were not seen by the other classmates who thought the boy was acting out. When he yelled out what happened in the room, the classmates stared at him like he was crazy.

He was fine, they had told him. Kairi constantly reminded herself that whatever was happening wasn't real. With their sceams of agony, the sadistic laughter of the demons accompanied them to make a sick harmony.

Torture after torture, cries and laughter came together and created both pain and joy. And Kairi had let one of the demons touch her, kiss her and she found herself in love with him. Was it love or lust? Was it even real? And was she aware of what she was getting into? What if he turned his powers against her? Each demon made their own torturous illusions. During a science class, Larxene electrocuted the president after spraying acid on him. In the library, Zexion used the papers in his book to slowly cut the star player across his prized legs, the papers sharp as knives.

Marluxia lured the alcoholic into the garden and a large plant devoured him and dragged him into the earth where the soil pushed its way down his throat, choking him. It couldn't get any worse. The boys were slowly losing their grips on reality, afraid of being eaten, tortured or put to death whenever they turned a corner. When some friends had grabbed them, they instantly screamed and shoved them aside before taking off in the opposite direction.

At night, the boys got together at the president's house to spew about what had happened to them. Kairi was practically desensitized. And I know that you might be worried about Sora or any of us using our illusions on you. She read her mind?

The girl gently put her hand on hers. These are bad people, Kairi. They seated themselves beside the other two who were twitching anxiously on the couch, alcohol on the table to try to make them forget their tortures.

Kairi patiently waited for a scream. Since they were alone, the demons would probably make them suffer a whole lot more than in public. When she heard the alcoholic scream, the other boys sprang from the couch and ran to the bathroom. The door burst open before they could knock. Kairi peeked in and screamed with them.

roxas and namine relationship counseling

The alcoholic had pulled open the shower curtain to reveal three hanging corpses covered in blood. It smeared all over the shower, the shower was on and water was slowly washing the blood away. But that wasn't the end. The corpses were laughing maniacally. Something shoved the boys inside the bathroom and shut the door behind them.

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A Dusk servant covered in blood and water slowly crawled out of the tub. This one had on a black wig that covered its face. Normally, the servants didn't have visible eyes, but this one did. Its eyes were bloodshot and mad. The chorus of screams was unrelenting. Dusk roared, the sound of it was like a monster. Dusk crawled out with the speed of a black widow. They tried to open the door, but in their haste their hands were slipping on the knob because of their sweat.

They resorted to bashing the door open. They fell onto the carpet, landing at Roxas's feet. Behind him was Xemnas. Dusk stood up, removed the wig and bowed theatrically before disappearing. Sure, we probably don't exist in your tiny minds, but we are very much alive. Roxas sighed at his impatience.

Torturing is better than a quick death. But I'll get to the point," he added hastily when Xemnas's eyes shone. Roxas's hands were glowing black and he swiped them across their eyes. Kairi was pulled out of the memory and found herself in Sora's arms. Kairi groggily sat up. Her head felt heavy and she felt nauseous. She looked at Sora, who was grinning goofily. The door of the room opened and Xemnas came walking in. This isn't dancing," he said, his voice dancing between anger and calm. He stared at Kairi, who was trying to stay alert.

Mischief may not be a sin, however if it interferes with any of my work I will have to kill you myself. He said nothing for a moment, probably judging if she was telling the truth or not.

I assume you have several more questions for me. Kairi shakily got to her feet, Sora giving her a hand.

roxas and namine relationship counseling

She thought about what Zexion had said. She shook her head. Can you blame me? Finally she shook her head. Xemnas was sitting in a large white room on a high back chair.

Before him were four other chairs smaller than his own. Where was she supposed to start? Class president at my school, a ballet dancer," she listed, going on more trivial things. His expression turned to one of amusement. They're really great people. If you haven't killed them, then they must not be sinners," she pointed out carefully, hopefully avoiding a hand to the chest.

To her relief, Xemnas shrugged. Now, allow me to read you. Kairi tensed up, Sora's hand flew up to her arm. Did that mean she was transparent? Was she so easy to read?

Not enough for me to kill you. You want to know why you can see us. Because Zexion told me that people who can usually see you guys are dying or you guys let them. Have I done something wrong? Oh great, was it her dad? Was her dad a demon? Man, what would Mom say? Xemnas narrowed his eyes. Not yet at least. You have a more pure soul than any of the people here in this carnival.

Anyone with a pure soul can see demons and not have any impure thoughts towards it. Purity is not the sole reason however. You aren't a demon-human hybrid, if that is what you're thinking. We just met hours ago! How am I supposed to bring her closure? The other demons shed away from their human lives willing and fully aware of what they were leaving behind. And when I changed her into a demon, she still had some thoughts about her father.

Perhaps you can bring her that closure. I don't have a picture or an idea of what he looks like.

roxas and namine relationship counseling

How can Kairi bring me closure if I have no leads for her? Kairi didn't want to tell her without Xemnas's approval. What if he tore her heart out? You may ask him to show you the research he has. What if you remembered how tortured you were? It took you weeks to open up to the other demons and your past could have hindered your new life no matter how many times you convinced yourself otherwise. It took you many times to be comfortable in another man's touch.

Roxas was holding her hand beside her, not a hint of emotion on his face except for the mounting concern in his chest. As a father, it is my duty to protect you and these other two from harm in any way.

I was fully aware of the risks if I told you what Zexion had found and accept any negativity you feel towards me because of the secrets I have kept from you. Kairi felt a surge of happiness. So even Xemnas had a soft side. At that moment, Xemnas glared at her, making her tense. Kairi let go of the breath she was holding. He has been waiting to tell you.

Roxas took off after her. Xemnas took his seat, staring at his underling. This isn't something we should ask from a stranger.

No offense, Kairi," he added sheepishly. We are demons, allowing a human to see us also shows them the horrors we are capable of doing. The tortures we gave to those boys years ago were also things that regular humans would see if they were allowed. In short, she is her guardian angel. Guardian angel had a very nice ring to it! That would have destroyed all her hopes of dying in peace.

roxas and namine relationship counseling

He was also far less scarier than before, but she didn't dare jinx it. Sora narrowed his eyes. Xemnas didn't lose the amusement. You and your friends are imbeciles. Now, I will ask for the two of you to leave. You must practice to perform and I do not settle for less than perfection in my troupe. He and Kairi quickly exited the room, leaning on the walls in the hallway.

No more memories we have to look back to? Considering that so many people had answered her questions, yeah, she was done. But the whole guardian angel thing was still cloudy. What more did she have to do if Zexion had everything researched. How she was going to would probably going to need some figuring out later. She looked very flustered, but seemed okay due to her gentle smile. Anymore of this angsty stuff and we aren't an entertainment troupe anymore!

We're going to start dancing soon! Kairi grasped his shoulder. What do we say? I'll show you some moves as quickly as I can! Axel apologized and it's all going to be okay. How she hated deceiving people.

Namine noted that this wasn't like him. I just remembered that Ax has got to work a twelve hour shift this whole week. Something was definitely awry. Give my best to Ax! She then hung up the phone, and frowned. Axel took the phone from Roxas' hand and shut it, ending the call with Namine.

Axel's breath was hot on his ear, intoxicating but sinister at the same time. Axel smirked, and Roxas remembered why he dealt with the pain. He loved Axel, he needed Axel.

In his own twisted way, Axel was his punishment and his prize. Roxas grinned, cerulean eyes shining. Axel took a nearby object, which happened to be a hardcover book, and slammed it into Roxas' gut.

roxas and namine relationship counseling

Roxas doubled over and groaned. Axel threw the book across the room and pulled Roxas up to face him by his hair. But Roxas wouldn't cry. He simply looked down and softly replied.

He forced Roxas against the wall, pinning his arms down. He violently kissed him, teeth tearing at his lips to gain entrance to his mouth.