Sanguine and phlegmatic relationship

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sanguine and phlegmatic relationship

In your particular case, she is telling you she has no emotional attachment to you. I don't see how the works in favor of long term happiness. Everything that happens within the relationship — such as the odd phone call here Phlegmatic-sanguine still seek the true love, but at the same time they like . If you are in a sanguine relationship that is struggling, go have fun INTROVERT or Sanguine/Choleric with Melancholy/Phlegmatic, the work.

The Doer is dynamic and active, an organizer, an optimist who thrives on challenges, enjoys controlling and excels in emergencies. The Doer is demanding at work, dominates others and tends to express that he knows everything. Melancholy — Thinker The Thinker is analytical and seeks perfection. He is an introvert who is persistent in solving problems and who tends to be inflexible in the way he handles others. He is critical, emotionally deep and makes friends cautiously. He falls in love cautiously, is analytical and deep and thoughtful.

The Thinker is conscientious, pessimistic, and compassionate; he avoids attention and sacrifices his will for others. The Thinker is a perfectionist with extremely high standards, critical, suspicious and unforgiving. Phlegmatic — Watcher The Watcher is amiable and seeks pleasantness. He is an introvert who handles problems permissively, avoids confrontation, and tends to conform to other people.

He is hesitant, emotionally sympathetic and makes friends easily. He falls in love eagerly, is patient, calm and steady. The Watcher is a good listener, a pessimist, compassionate and caring but keeps his emotions hidden. The Watcher is lenient with discipline, lacks motivation, judges others and is resistant to change.

I do believe we have the ability to change many aspects of our behavior and temperament. Easily, the couple will recognize their differences and have great potential to really appreciate those differences. This is the scenario where one truly compliments the other.

This marriage can be very successful and fulfilling, but requires tremendous understanding. Remember, one person is turbo-charged and energized by people, while the other is sucked dry by people and wants to go home. This relationship will take some serious negotiating from both parties. Interestingly, it seems these marriages or lifestyles often require more attention than others because of the lack of balance.

And, by nature, two choleric or two melancholy personalities in a close relationship may need the most work of all. The marriage will tend to have an extreme tilt. In order to tilt the marriage back to a healthy or normal range, practicing good conflict resolution becomes crucial. In order for there to be progress in the home, one will be forced to step into the role of planning, making decisions and being more productive than their natural tendencies. I think in most relationships where both people share a majority of personality traits, one person, for the sake of the relationship and general lifestyle, will step outside of their natural personality and learn to take on new traits to compensate for what is naturally off balance.

As a result, some people may even transform into what seems to be a much different person than they were when you married them. The transformation may be just what you hoped for or it may leave you feeling unsure about the person you married.

Recognizing why change was required will help you appreciate the way your spouse has adapted to living with you. There will be plenty of other people in your life who create that balance you need. A phlegmatic male will find motivation from his choleric mother.

A choleric female will be humbled by her boss. Sanguine singles will eventually settle down and seek advice from a grandparent. A melancholy man will learn to relax as his co-workers drag him to office parties.

sanguine and phlegmatic relationship

Anyway, back to the main point for this month… To summarize, what is important in our relationships: Amazingly, whatever the thing was that drew us to them in the first place is the thing we end up being most annoyed by later. Appreciate what makes your spouse unique. Work hard at giving them the gift of meeting their emotional needs and your relationships will bring you great joy. They need time to warm-up before showing friendliness. The Phlegmatic-Choleric is one of the least frequently found patterns.

When the Phlegmatic and the Sanguine natural tendencies are combined, it produces an accommodating, people-oriented person who is routine, friendly, and tolerant of others. The Phlegmatic-Sanguine is naturally motivated to bring harmony to their environment.

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They are the most friendly of the all the Phlegmatic combinations. The Phlegmatic-Sanguine is a frequently found combination. The Phlegmatic-Sanguine prefers a mostly private, routine existence, and involvement with family and a few friends.

The Phlegmatic-Sanguine has a stoic expression but will, at times, show a natural smile. They easily accept others. The Phlegmatic-Sanguine is accommodating and easy to be with both in the work environment and as a friend. They have difficulty confronting or pressuring people.

They stubbornly resist change—especially sudden change. They need some social involvement, usually with friends or family. The Phlegmatic-Sanguine is loyal, consistent, and dependable. They are naturally service minded and will often work when they are ill. They are very independent minded and want to operate by themselves and set their own pace. They learn by doing hands on. They need to be shown how to do a task, and then left alone.

Once their mind is made up, they will resist any other method or approach. The Phlegmatic-Sanguine can do routine work but will need some change during the day. They have a very difficult time saying no and will often take on more than they can do just to please others. The Phlegmatic-Sanguine is easy to like, and they have a very pleasant, soft voice. They are more friendly after warming-up, and can be very talkative at times. When the Phlegmatic and the Melancholy natural tendencies are combined, it produces an accommodating, routine person who is concerned about doing things right.

The Phlegmatic-Melancholy is a natural helper and is the most consistent of all the Phlegmatic blends.

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The Phlegmatic-Melancholy is a frequently found pattern. The Phlegmatic-Melancholy needs to be alone most of the time and to spend time with their family. They are nice, gracious, and cordial people. They are routine, consistent, and loyal.

They have a strong desire for independence and will resist change, especially sudden change. The Phlegmatic-Melancholy is accepting and tolerant of others.

They have a stoic expression flat affect. They are more consistent and non-emotional than the other Phlegmatic combinations.

They are naturally routine, accommodating, family-oriented, and passive about most things. They are patient, self-controlled, and deliberate in their behavior.

They are amiable and easygoing, and slowly pace their way through life. They tend to have a long life-span because they do not get stressed like the other temperament combinations. This determined and persistent person brings a deceptively focused approach to the task. Being low-keyed outwardly, their emotional involvement in a task is not easily observed. The Phlegmatic-Melancholy is successful because of persistence.

After starting a project, they will usually see it through to completion—they rarely give up. The Phlegmatic-Melancholy is independent, questioning, and thorough in their approach, and will follow through. They want to operate by themselves and set their own pace. They are very possessive of family time, material things, and friends. The Phlegmatic-Melancholy prefers routine work and involvement with a limited number of people.

They approach a task with calculated moderation. They are always willing to help those they consider to be their friend. They have a difficult time saying no.

sanguine and phlegmatic relationship

They have great difficulty confronting or pressuring others, but when they do they can be sarcastic and slightly offensive. They become sleepy when sitting still after only a few minutes, and will go to sleep very quickly.

The primary temperament need is to do things right. Either need may dominate behavior depending on the situation.

When the Melancholy and the Choleric natural tendencies are combined, it produces a detail-oriented person who pushes to get results. They have a strong drive to tell others what they know, and what to do. This combination naturally likes to teach or train others what they know. The Melancholy-Choleric is a systematic and precise thinker.

They follow self-imposed, strict procedures in both their business and personal lives. The Melancholy-Choleric has a firm, serious expressions, and they rarely smile. They not only want to do things right and get results, they strive to figure out what is right.

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The Melancholy-Choleric is, therefore, more pushy and blunt than the other Melancholy combinations. They can be abrasive and offensive when communicating with others. The Melancholy-Choleric is attentive to details and push to have things done correctly according to their standards. They have high standards for themselves and others. They can be a perfectionist about some things. They will resist change until the reasons are explained, defended, and accepted. They are sensitive and conscientious.

They can behave in a diplomatic manner, except when it comes to deviating from their standards. The Melancholy-Choleric can be too forceful in insisting the right way or their way be followed. They are not socially active, preferring work and privacy to being with people.

sanguine and phlegmatic relationship

The Melancholy-Choleric may have some difficulty in relationships because they are not flexible, and they have a brief, direct, sometimes blunt manner of communication. The Melancholy-Choleric tends to make decisions slowly because of their need to collect and analyze information several times until they are sure of the right and best course of action. The Melancholy-Choleric is not a frequently found combination. The Idealist is a systematic, precise thinker and will follow procedures in both their business and personal life.

They are attentive to detail and push to have things done correctly, according to predetermined standards usually their own.

They are conscientious in work requiring accuracy and maintaining high, sometimes unrealistic, standards.

sanguine and phlegmatic relationship

They normally behave in a diplomatic manner except when it comes to deviating from standards they have accepted. They are not socially active, preferring privacy. They tend to have difficulty in relationships because they are rigid and maintain high standards.

They make decisions slowly because of collecting and analyzing information until they are sure of the best course of action. To be highly motivated they need a structured environment with clear rules and procedures, time to organize, collect information, think and the freedom to develop a plan. The primary temperament need is to do things right, and to figure out what is right. The secondary temperament need is to be accepted socially.

When the Melancholy and the Sanguine natural tendencies are combined, it produces a detail-oriented person who, enjoys some social activity. The Melancholy-Sanguine is naturally skilled at being diplomatic with others in a way that avoids tension and restores unity. They can become assertive to restore harmony to their environment. The Melancholy-Sanguine is the most friendly of all the Melancholy blends. The Melancholy-Sanguine needs to be alone most of time, and they need to be with people some of the time.

When alone they will likely review the day and plan for tomorrow. They are analytical, systematic, and sensitive to the needs of others.

sanguine and phlegmatic relationship

This is a versatile, productive individual who works well with most anyone. The Melancholy-Sanguine likes to have fun and laugh when they feel comfortable and accepted. They can be very talkative at times. They have high personal ambitions but often fail to achieve their dreams because of their lack of taking action. The Melancholy-Sanguine tends to be a well-balanced, precise thinker, who tends to follow procedures in both their business and personal lives.

They are mostly well organized; sometimes only selectively organized.