Sean penn and el chapo relationship questions

Did Sean Penn inadvertently have a hand in El Chapo's recapture? | World news | The Guardian

sean penn and el chapo relationship questions

Watch El Chapo Answer Sean Penn's Questions for 'Rolling Stone' . would want to be friends with him, much less in a relationship with him. Charlie Rose's interview with actor Sean Penn is gaining global attention. Penn broke his silence about his meeting with Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. Penn tells Eight questions to assess your relationship. The dramatic recapture in Mexico of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, which 9) when Rolling Stone published American actor Sean Penn's account of based in Port-au-Prince) I had many relationships inside the United States government. My only interest was to ask questions and deliver his responses.

Our William Brangham has more. Rolling Stone gave the drug kingpin fugitive final approval of the piece. Sean Penn did spend an evening with Guzman.

The ethics of Sean Penn’s ‘El Chapo’ conversation

But Guzman's quotes in the piece came from a video recording after the actor sent him questions. According to the magazine, this photo accompanied the story for authentication purposes, proof that the two had met. Joining me for more on this is Angela Kocherga. Angela, thank you for joining us. I wonder if you could just tell me, what was your first reaction when you saw the Sean Penn piece in Rolling Stone?

Well, I thought, if anyone had gone to a Hollywood producer with this scenario, they would have been laughed out of the room, but, of course, this was the reality. You have this very famous Mexican actress.

Sean Penn shares his surprise over "El Chapo's" capture

So, it was surprising. But the more difficult part of this for journalists was that it raised some very troubling issues about access and what constitutes real journalism, as opposed to more of a conversation, rather than what they're calling an interview.

Well, let's talk about some of those issues. As we mentioned, Rolling Stone granted El Chapo final approval of the piece. The magazine points out that they didn't — he says he didn't actually want anything changed. But that's not a very common practice for journalists to grant their subjects.

sean penn and el chapo relationship questions

And, unfortunately, that's not a ringing endorsement of hard-hitting journalism, when your main subject gives it the green light without changing a single word. In Mexico, unfortunately, this is a reality.

Self-censorship is a tool of survival. Many, many journalists, colleagues in Mexico, have to censor themselves in order to survive. News organizations, individual journalists have had to flee for their lives. Others have been kidnapped and killed in Mexico for covering organized crime and official corruption, which often intersects.

So, this is really a very troubling thing, treated as kind of an entertainment-style news story, when we have people dying, journalists in Mexico risking their lives to bring their readers and viewers the truth. So, do you think the public is served in any way by Sean Penn's — quote, unquote — "interview" with El Chapo? He knows your family are honorable family, and you tell the truth. Are we charging for the—' and I'm like, 'No! The floor of his cell's shower opened to a masterfully built mile-long tunnel, complete with a motorcycle on rails.

Del Castillo insists that she had no idea Guzman was planning an escape and worried about what it meant for her film project. She said one of the producers told her Guzman's escape would actually make their story even better.

The two producers were also friends with actor Sean Penn. Del Castillo said Penn wanted to meet with her and she says she thought it was to join the movie project.

sean penn and el chapo relationship questions

Del Castillo agreed to bring Penn on because she told Sawyer she thought "this big Hollywood actor will give me more credibility" for the movie. What del Castillo said she didn't know at the time was that the Mexican government had them under surveillance. Not only my life, but everybody's life. I couldn't believe that we were there. That's the way we say hello. They talked for the next several hours. Del Castillo said Guzman did not discuss the details of his business but talked about his family, protecting his sons, and his mother and how he wanted del Castillo to meet her.

When asked if Guzman said, "I supply more heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana than anybody else in the world," as Sean Penn noted in his Rolling Stone magazine article about the meeting, del Castillo said, "Yes, but he still loves his kids, and he still loves his mom so there's something-- love inside there somewhere.

El Chapo Exclusive Interview in Its 17 Minute Entirety ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Del Castillo said Penn had never mentioned a Rolling Stone article to her before bringing it up in front of the drug lord, though Penn and the producers told ABC News in a statement that del Castillo knew about the article ahead of time.

But when Penn asked del Castillo to tell Guzman about his article, del Castillo told Sawyer she was afraid to look alarmed because she didn't want Guzman to think she was uncomfortable, fearing what could happen to Penn. This is new for me,'" she said. And ask him, 'Excuse me.

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Why didn't you tell me this? They took another photo with the three of them together. She said Guzman and his sons drank the bottle of her tequila -- Tequila Honor del Castillo -- that she had brought Guzman at his request. Hours into the dinner, del Castillo said the drug lord said to her, "I think you have to go to bed. But I was not in my entire five senses. I said, 'This is now or never and if I don't say it right now, I might not have another opportunity.

And if I say it, this might be my last words. I said, 'Amigo,' while we were walking, 'Amigo, just don't forget what I said on my tweet originally. You're a powerful man.

Sean Penn fears for his safety over Neftlix El Chapo documentary

You can do something good. I thought I was going to faint. But I didn't took my eyes off of him and he didn't took his eyes off of mine… and he said, 'That's good, amiga. You have a great heart. You won't see me tomorrow.