Shane mcmahon and triple relationship

WWE Rumours: Backstage heat between Triple H and Shane McMahon

shane mcmahon and triple relationship

Vince McMahon is a unique personality that has raised the wrestling world The relationship between Stephanie and Triple H was not initially. A couple of recent items point to there being very real issues that WWE might decide to turn into kayfabe ones. Vince McMahon is still going strong as the chairman of WWE, and he doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon. But with the recent.

WWE Rumours: Backstage heat between Triple H and Shane McMahon

He said that there was one specific time in the early 80s that there was a riot and his dad put him under the bleachers with a security guard. He talked about some backstage ribs from when he was a kid. He said that he would get locked in lockers or trash cans and he would get stretched but everything was part of the learning process.

shane mcmahon and triple relationship

He said that he is proud of Vince but he learned so much differently than his father. He said that he learned about psychology first. Shane said that he was on the ring crew when he was 5 or 6 years old. Shane joked that grandpa Vince Sr. Vince and Steph have had some hellacious pool games too.

He did up getting the itch again to become a wrestler. He said that Dr. Tom Pritchard helped him learn how to work. He also credited Al Snow. Mick called Al one of the underrated teachers in the business. Mick asked if he felt that they went easy on Shane. Mick said that Shane did a great job as playing the ultimate coward as a heel and he did a great job of being fearless.

Shane said that he was having so much fun doing those things.

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Shane said that it was extremely important to have the respect of the boys in the dressing room because it was instilled in him since he was very young in the locker room. Mick said that Shane did things that defied belief in the ring and people slowly took notice.

Shane said that he wanted to go that extra mile and stand on his own and not just be the bosses kid. He thought at first that he would just have a limited run but then he wanted more each time. Shane talked about the backstage atmosphere after the match in Montreal. He said that Vince took it on the chin like a man like he should have. Mick asked about the final Nitro. Mick said that he saw Stephanie in tears because the war was over.

Shane talked about his relationship with his dad. Vince was the best man at his wedding.

shane mcmahon and triple relationship

Vince was tough on him because his expectations are extremely high. He said that the wrestling business needed a little boost. He thinks Vince was hurt, shocked and proud. You can accept it or not. The conversation turned to the match at WrestleMania with The Undertaker.

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Thankfully for Vince, he has always had both his son and daughter behind him to help keep Linda happy, talking to her during some of the stupid things Vince decided to do. He quickly became close friends with the roster and effectively became 'one of the boys' with many of the wrestlers forgetting he was Vince's son and treating him the same as they did everyone else.

This meant he got dragged into the Attitude Era's rock and roll lifestyle which tended to involve heavy drinking and big parties after shows, which often led to trouble. This was something that Vince did not approve of in the slightest. While Shane had to work hard being a referee and setting up the ring, Stephanie was also made to pay her dues, working in the WWE offices completing a bunch of different tasks in order to work her way up the corporate ladder. Stephanie worked for the WWE sales office in New York where she was a receptionist, a creative designer, and a producer before she ever made it onto TV as an on-screen character.

shane mcmahon and triple relationship

But even though Shane is close with many high profile names, he chose his own father, Vince McMahon to be his best man for his wedding, showing just how close the pair really are. You can only imagine how amazing the best man speech would have been from Vince, with his promo abilities he would have been able to tell some incredible stories that surely left the guests in stitches. As you can see in the photo above, Vince used Stephanie to pose with different wrestlers shirts in order to help sell them to people, putting his daughter to work at a very young age and teaching her all about the working life.

While people might see it as cruel that Vince had Stephanie working from as young as she was, it is also sweet that he thought she was pretty enough to do the job and it will no doubt have taught her plenty of life lessons. Well, Shane McMahon went one step further and got his friends jobs as professional wrestlers.

This is how the Mean Street Posse was created, with Vince giving Shane's friends; Pete Gas and Rodney an opportunity, with the third spot being filled by an independent wrestler.

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While they were never solid in-ring workers, the group actually had a fairly successful run and Vince was likely pleased with his decision. The group certainly owe a lot of their current lifestyle and riches to Shane'O though.

That would be Stephanie McMahon, who has had a much bigger role behind the scenes that her brother, which has often created tension between them, especially because it is actually Triple H who is seemingly going to be running the ship in terms of creative decisions.