Shatrughan sinha and reena roy relationship

shatrughan sinha and reena roy relationship

Her off-screen relationship with Shatrugan ended by Reena Roy and Shatrughan Sinha have worked as a romantic pair in 16 films and 11 were hits. Reena Roy (born 7 January ) is a Hindi Bollywood actress who has performed leading The press also publicized their off-screen relationship, which ended when Shatrughan married a former actress Reena Roy and Shatrughan Sinha have worked as a romantic pair in 16 films and 11 were hits from to When yesteryear actor Shatrughan Sinha's daughter, the lovely Reena Roy's mother did not approve of her daughter's relationship with an.

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Reena rejected the Award on basis that she is the heroine of the film, not the supporting actress! And finally, her screen image as a sacrificing symbol of Indian womanhood is glorified in the immensely popular, "Arpan.

She is the defiant widow who reforms the egotistical Rajesh Khanna of Dhanwan ; the beautiful 'actress' that dies on stage performing her last 'mujra' for Dharmendra in Naukar Biwi Ka ; and the talented psychiatrist determined to cure Vinod Khanna in the comical, Jail Yatra Her off-screen relationship with Shatrugan ended by Her dream of working with Kaka and Shashi Kapoor got fulfilled in 80's.

Reena Roy concentrated on her career, as she was providing Hema Malini stiff competition for the No. In alone, she had thirteen releases, by far more than any of her rivals. She was now demanding equal footing with Hema, and effectively stealing the show from Rekha in emotional melodramas like Prem Tapasya and Asha Jyoti Her characters became more versatile, as did her dances, as she effortlessly shifted from classical 'natyam' Rocky to "Disco Station" Hathkadi The sophisticated, glamorous model of Karishmaa was equally seductive as the village belle of Dharam Kanta Her profile was further enhanced with an extraordinary double role in the Muslim social, Ladies Tailoropposite Sanjeev Kumar.

At the pinnacle of her popularity, Reena's dormant desire to prove herself found expression in a number of female-oriented films.

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Enacting the role of a tormented 'bahu' in Sau Din Saas Keshe defies conventions to oppose her tyrant mother-in-law. With an author-backed role in Bezubaanshe gives a realistic portrayal of a woman whose past returns to threaten her present married life. But it was Roy's presentation, Lakshmi that glorified the presence of Reena Roy in Bollywood cinema.

Playing the role of a misfortune 'tawaif', she dances to her never-ending tragedies. Reena, anguished by the commercial failure of Lakshmi, found solace in the sensational success of her other home production - the musical comedy, Sanam Teri Kasamopposite upcoming Kamal Hasan and produced by her sister Barkha Roy.

In - at the zenith of her stardom - Reena Roy decided to quit films to marry Pakistani cricketer, Mohsin Khan. Despite its lack of widespread acceptance, Inteha is considered as Reena Roy's swan song. However, last memories of Reena as a heroine, is as the struggling Moran in Ghulami and as fun-filled girl Rani in Hum Dono which released in March The actress that played the role of a fairy to perfection in Rani Aur Lalpari soon realized the grim realities of the real world, as her marriage to Mohsin Khan disintegrated and she initially lost custody of her daughter Jannat, whom she lovingly calls Sanam.

shatrughan sinha and reena roy relationship

She returned to Bollywood in In a pivotal role, the hit film Aadmi Khilona Hai greeted the arrival of the mature Reena Roy and she acted in 9 more films till but except for Gair none were successful. However, the bright spot came when Mohsin Khan, at the urging of his current wife, gave up custody of Jannat, and she came back to live with Reena.

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Reena and her sister Barkha decided to open an acting school in She has also ventured out into politics. When they divorced, Mohsin got custody of Jannat, but when he re-married, Reena took custody and re-named her 'Sanam'.

shatrughan sinha and reena roy relationship

Jeetendra-Reena Roy have worked in 22 films together and in 17 movies they were paired romantically. Reena Roy and Shatrughan Sinha have worked as a romantic pair in 16 films and 11 were hits from The book, released this month, also has comments from his detractors. Sinha said, "Grey areas must be covered. If you don't do that, then it becomes sycophancy. If I would have wanted, I could have edited comments by people who spoke against me, but I didn't.

It's a democracy, so let them say whatever they have to say. Sinha described the book as having bits of everything - his struggle, passion, achievement, humour, romance, comedy, tragedy.

He also said, "I think there will be a sequel. It will have Whatever happened after in my social and political life. I found out when I was growing up and started understanding things. She was renamed as Roopa Rai, which was changed to Reena Roy by the producer of her first film, Zaroorat.

She disputed reports that her decision to enter films was to financially support her mother and siblings. Ishara cast both actors again in Zarooratalong with another newcomer Vijay Aroraand the racy film got her some attention. She was now called the "Zaroorat Girl". Yet, she struggled for the next four years in B-grade films that had feeble scripts and faltering leading men. The bright spot during this period came with her lively performance in Jaise Ko Taisa and her rain-soaked dance to the song "Ab ke sawan mein jee dare" with Jeetendra raised temperatures.

Another break came after two years. Subhash Ghaia failed actor, was making his directorial debut, and Shatrughan Sinhaan actor known for his villainous roles, was making his first mark as a hero. But the film defied everyone's expectations and became a surprise hit. Reena and Shatrughan got attention from audiences for their good performances, and became a famous team as they signed several films together, such as Subhash Ghai 's Vishwanatha blockbuster thriller.

The press also publicized their off-screen relationship, which ended when Shatrughan married a former actress named Poonam Sinha in Reena Roy also made several films with Sunil Dutt. The successes of Zakhmee and Kalicharan led to her star vehicle Nagin Playing the title role of "female snake with mythological powers", she avenges the death of her lover by ruthlessly killing five men.

The film became a huge hit, and Reena received her first Filmfare nomination as Best Actress. She was then one of the top heroines in Hindi films. Following the success of "Nagin", director Rajkumar Kohlicast Reena again in his next horror movie Jaani Dushman But it was Reena's appearance with Jeetendra in marital dramas such as Badaltey Rishtey and Pyaasa Sawan that set her career soaring.

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The duo produced three of their greatest classics together - ApnapanAasha and Arpan