Sidhant gupta and jasmin bhasin relationship

Jasmin Bhasin and Siddhant Gupta in Nagpur to promote the new serial – Nagpur Today : Nagpur News

sidhant gupta and jasmin bhasin relationship

New serial on Zee TV on 'Love in the midst of business rivalry'. Two young faces Jasmine Bhasin and Sidhant Gupta of Ishk da Tashan. Jasmine Bhasin & Sidhant Gupta "Tashan-E-Ishq" updated their profile picture. January 8, ·. Jasmine Bhasin & Sidhant Gupta "Tashan-E-Ishq"'s photo. Sidhant Gupta (aka Kunj) and Jasmin Basin (aka Twinkle) in Tashan- Jasmine, Forget, Real Love, Adorable Couples, Princess Jasmine, Cute Relationships.

Jasmin Bhasin And Zain Imam's Tashan-E-Fight On The Sets Of Tashan-E-Ishq! - Filmibeat

The whole sequence was really interesting as it was done in one shot. We have received numerous compliments for it. One thing you like and dislike about each other… Jasmin: He cracks stupid jokes all the time. There is nothing I dislike about him. I dislike the fact that she keeps yawning on the sets. On the other hand, she is very sporting and very quirky and fun. Off-screen we are really good friends and we keep chatting during our breaks. We sit with the entire cast and enjoy our lunch and evening breaks together.

We are good friends and we both play pranks on each other. We both are gym freaks, so there is a lot to discuss during breaks. We are very comfortable with each other off screen too. What would you been doing professionally if not acting?

I am a very hyper, sensitive, emotional, but very ambitious and short tempered. How do you handle male adulation? It feels nice when you get so much attention. It keeps me going.

sidhant gupta and jasmin bhasin relationship

I have been a tomboy all my life, and now, when I dress up and people appreciate it, I enjoy it. Among your co-stars Zain Imam and Sidhant Gupta — who is your favourite? I think I am my favourite. Both of them are equally close to me. We started out with the show together and are good friends.

The show is coming to an end Every time I think about the show coming to an end, I become emotional. It was difficult to give my last shot. I have lived this character for a year. We always knew the show is a finite series, but I never thought I will get attached to it. Tell us about the weirdest rumour that you have heard about yourself A rumour, which has been doing the rounds for two-three months, is that I am getting married and leaving the show.

I am too young to get married.

Sidhant Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin in talk with Glitz Vision

Will you wear a bikini if a script demands? What if a script demands you to do an intimate scene? I have always worked on my own conditions.

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She is still in love with Kunj and is unaware of Yuvraj's unconditional love for her. Kunj, who hide his identity and took the name of Rocky Singh, has become a successful international boxer and he plans to destroy not only Yuvraj and Twinkle but also his family as he thinks they betrayed him too by siding with his enemy, that is, Yuvraj.

Siddhant And Jasmine Dating

Though he keeps repeating that he hates Twinkle, in reality, still feels for her. Kunj had no idea that Twinkle lost her baby and keeps on planning revenge.

sidhant gupta and jasmin bhasin relationship

On one such incident, Twinkle and Yuvi doubt Rocky's identity and mutually decide to prove that he is Kunj and not Rocky. Twinkle has an outburst on seeing the video and narrates her sorrows and grief after he was declared dead.

Jasmin Bhasin: Every Time I Think About Tashan-e-Ishq Coming To An End, I Become Emotional

She narrates the happenings of 5 years and announces that Yuvi and she decided to marry only due to the wishes of the family; their marriage is fake and they are just friends.

She tells Kunj about their baby upon hearing which Kunj openly reveals his identity and melts down. After that, Twinkle is confused as to whom she will choose between Yuvi and Kunj while Kunj frantically tries to gain her trust back. Twinkle decides to spend some time alone and goes to Masuri where she meets Sonia, a carefree and spirited girl.

Kunj and Yuvi reach there and individually try to win their ladylove's heart. It is then, Twinkle decies to study further and demands her space from the boys.