Simon peter and jesus relationship to god

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simon peter and jesus relationship to god

The apostle Peter's faith was tested. Jesus reminded Peter that it was Jehovah God​—not any man—​who had made this vital truth so plain to those with. Jesus' Life-Changing Relationship with Simon Peter by Chris Pain in the relationship between Jesus and Simon Peter that caused this transformation. . At Peter's conversion the Lord gave him a new name, Peter — a stone (John );. Jesus looked intently at Peter for a moment and then said “You are Simon, John's In the final analysis, God knows that his children are weak and they are frail. Related Article Jesus' Surprising Family Values – by Charles E. Moore Read.

Any lesser or gentler rebuke to Peter would have been a disservice to him, underplaying the seriousness of his actions. In this incident, recorded by Matthew, Peter and the other disciples have spent a busy period of ministry with Jesus.

They have tried to take rest together in a solitary place, but the crowds have continued to pursue them.

St. Peter the Apostle

Jesus then involves the disciples in an amazing miracle when he feeds over 5, people, before dismissing them to cross the lake in a boat. The disciples have encountered a storm and have been battling the weather for many hours.

simon peter and jesus relationship to god

When Jesus approaches them it is between 3 a. They must have been physically exhausted, not only from their ministry, but also from their fight with the storm. They possibly feel abandoned by Jesus. However, their principal emotion when they see what they believe to be a ghost approaching is fear.

In Peter this emotion is quickly reversed when he sees that it is Jesus. His instinct is to get to where Jesus is.

Jesus and Simon Peter

Whilst we might consider that his behaviour is just another example of typically impulsive Peter, and the request to walk with Jesus on such rough and stormy water an ill-considered gesture, Jesus does not condemn but seeks to encourage his faith.

Peter, inconsistent with this calling at other moments, wants to obey now in this unusual situation.

simon peter and jesus relationship to god

At the time it was given, it clearly dispirited and concerned Peter and the other disciples. In retrospect, however, Peter would have been reassured that although Jesus knew in advance of his betrayal, it did not disqualify him from a relationship with Jesus, or a position as his disciple.

The repetition demonstrates a sense of grief, of kindness and of love; Luke uses it to highlight moments of particular emotion that Jesus experiences.

simon peter and jesus relationship to god

Here, Jesus is particularly moved by the trial that he knows Peter will undergo and his use of Simon, rather than Peter, underlines this. Jesus is concerned to guard his relationship with Peter, which, at the moment of his testing and in the future, will be based upon faith.

simon peter and jesus relationship to god

Peter will survive the ordeal because Jesus has prayed for him. It displays one of the ways in which his relationship with Peter and his relationship with the Father interact. Jesus has particular concern for Peter in his trial as he will be the only disciple to betray Jesus in such a public fashion. He is also concerned that Peter will come through his ordeal and become the rock he should be.

In several instances, Peter showed himself to be impetuous to the point of rashness.

Jesus and Peter.

For example, it was Peter who left the boat to walk on the water to Jesus Matthew It was Peter who drew his sword and attacked the servant of the high priest John It was Peter who boasted that he would never forsake the Lord, even if everyone else did Matthew After His resurrection, Jesus specifically named Peter as one who needed to hear the good news Mark And, repeating the miracle of the large catch of fish, Jesus made a special point of forgiving and restoring Peter and re-commissioning him as an apostle John On the day of Pentecost, Peter was the main speaker to the crowd in Jerusalem Acts 2: Later, Peter healed a lame beggar Acts 3 and preached boldly before the Sanhedrin Acts 4.

Peter preached on the day of Pentecost Acts 2. Then, he was present when the Samaritans received the Holy Spirit Acts 8. Finally, he was summoned to the home of the Roman centurion Cornelius, who also believed and received the Holy Spirit Acts Even as an apostle, Peter experienced some growing pains.

simon peter and jesus relationship to god

At first, he had resisted taking the gospel to Cornelius, a Gentile. However, when some legalistic Jews arrived in Antioch, Peter, to appease them, withdrew from the Gentile Christians. Later in life, Peter spent time with John Mark 1 Peter 5: Peter wrote two inspired epistles, 1 and 2 Peter, between A. Here are a few lessons: Whether stepping out of a boat onto a tossing sea or stepping across the threshold of a Gentile home for the first time, Peter found courage in following Christ.

Saint Peter

After he had boasted of his fidelity, Peter fervently denied the Lord three times. It seemed that Peter had burned his bridges, but Jesus lovingly rebuilt them and restored Peter to service. Peter was a former failure, but, with Jesus, failure is not the end.