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Soraru (そらる) is a popular utaite known for his low, breathy voice, with a ( Purge) If you feel the list needs an update, please help by doing so. Soralon ( そらろん), Lemoc Raros (which is Soraru and Komeru reversed and His blood type is O. Although many fans asked about his relationship with Lon, he always says. Name: Soraru/そらる Gender: Male Birth date: 03 November Age: 23 Although many fans asked about his relationship with Lon, he always says that he. The next sad thing I have to share is that Soraru said Soralon collabs are probably over. Soraru had invited her to do collabs, but she turned.

Ever since the unexpected day Soraru came to him for help, he was no longer a loner. It was a pleasant change from his previously lonely lifestyle. But the albino couldn't help his doubts.

He wondered if Soraru was just sticking around for the tutoring. He wondered if Soraru finally started passing, would he just abandon Mafu? You're helping me and we've become friends," Soraru said, looking up to give Mafu an assuring look.

Mafu then remembered that because they've become friends, Soraru probably knows his insecurities. It's because they've grown close, that Mafumafu figures Soraru would know to reassure him. He still had his doubts, but a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He said I could invite others, though we haven't really settled where we wanted to go. I thought I'd ask you," he explained.

Mafu tilted his head. He thought Soraru was just kind of assuming he would show up, but Mafu himself knew he most likely would. Even if he didn't really know Urata, if he was Soraru'a friend, then the albino trusted he was a good person. Maybe we can just get ramen," Mafu said hopefully. Seriously, you need a healthier diet. One day you're just going to collapse and it'll be scary. I'd be really scared," Soraru scolded, though he looked genuinely concerned and by this point, Mafu has lost count of how many times Soraru made him blush.

The albino might have been accepting that he might be crushing on Soraru, maybe just a little. While it made Mafu giggle a little, he was still unsure of how to feel. Even when they were all at a karaoke place, Urata singing loudly and Sakata who Mafu thought had too bright hair, he couldn't believe it was natural but in the end Mafu himself was albino and dropped it was humming, Mafu felt like something was off.

There was Urata, Soraru, Sakata, and Her being the only female was strange enough, but Mafu couldn't quiet shake the feeling of something else being wrong. He wanted to trust her because she was Soraru's friend, but when she smiled at him, he felt sick. The albino was pulled out of his thoughts though, as Urata suddenly grabbed Mafu's wrist. Soraru told me you like to sing! Urata's smile seemed to be infectious because Mafu found himself smiling too, even though his palms were sweaty and he felt like he was going to have a heart attack.

Mafu turned to see Soraru chatting away with Lon. He frowned and pretended he didn't see how close they were sitting or how much Soraru was smiling around her. It surprised the albino to know they were dating, but he was happy for them because it was amusing to see the loud and rowdy Urata with the tall and somewhat shy Sakata.

He thought the two were a good fit for each other. He was almost jealous. However, Mafumafu never really saw Lon again after that, not that he minded. She made him feel nervous, but he knew it was ridiculous to think badly of someone he hardly knew.

Now he was currently studying once again with Soraru, though it was just the both of them laying around and taking another "short break". Soraru never failed to surprise Mafu, the raven haired male always asking random things. He was almost anxious to hear what Soraru would answer with.

By now, Mafu accepted he had a crush on the older, but he also accepted there was no way his feelings were returned. It was depressing, but he convinced himself he was fine being Soraru's friend. I never knew you'd be like that," he laughed a little, expecting Soraru to tell him to shut up and maybe even get a pencil thrown at him, but he was met with a concerning silence.

Soraru broke the silence. I want to try to be romantic, too The raven haired male didn't look to Mafu, and for the first time since they met, Mafu felt He almost felt like a stranger who barely knew Soraru, like when they first met.

He thought they were close, but he didn't even know there was someone that he liked. It was a long silence after that, though Mafu was sure his loud heartbeat could be heard. He didn't know what to say, so he chose to stay silent. It killed him and he wanted to ask who was Soraru planning to confess to, but he didn't.

I have to pick up my sister early today," Soraru said, breaking the silence. Mafu sat up and meekly nodded. He couldn't focus on a single thing the entire time, he could only think about how he thought he was close to Soraru but only found out there was things he didn't even stop to consider, like Soraru having a love interest.

The albino forced a smile.

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I'm sure it'll go well! It was all Mafumafu could do because he feared his jealousy would show if he tried to say more. Mafu had just finished cleaning and was ready to head home, until he was startled and turned around to see Soraru speeding at him. When he was composed, he stood up straight and gave a smile to Mafu.

Soraru even had a slight tinge of red on his cheeks, and Mafu knew it wasn't from his running. He felt as if one word he would burst out into tears, but he swallowed down those emotions. Soraru seemed to be too excited to even notice. I was so shocked I couldn't say anything either! We have our first date Sunday, I really can't wait.

Mafu opened his mouth but closed it when Soraru's phone went off. The older pulled it out of his pocket and looked annoyed before rolling his eyes. His voice is usually described as being sultry and ikemen-type by fans, and is easily recognizable, with a distinct huskiness to it. He has also uploaded videos under the name lieL for a week in August ; all covers under this name have either been deleted or made private. He is very emotive and changes his singing style to most effectively match the song he is covering: He is also capable of hitting extremely high notes with little difficulty; for example, his cover of "Last Night, Good Night" sung in the song's original key.

Initially known mostly for his rapid, prolific upload rate, he has more recently become known for his almost meteoric rise to fame despite a long period of relative obscurity compared to his contemporaries.

「EAGER LOVE REVENGE」 Hatsune Miku - 恋は戦争 future retro remix [HD and Subtitles]

Though his upload rate has since slowed in comparison to levels, he has since become one of the more well-known members of the utattemita community, with several of his more recent covers breaking the one million view mark on Nico Nico Douga: However, his cover of "Mozaik Role", which currently has 2. He is quite active on Twitter and his friendship with various producers and other utaites like Chomaiyo, Lon and ShounenT can be seen visibly, especially with Mafumafu, whom he interacts with mostly and frequently collaborates with.

He also holds livestreams often, with one of his utaite friends commenting or being a part of it, for instance with Lon, especially when they play together.

Trolling troublemakers, claiming, acting as Lon's 'older brother' or sometimes 'father' Dislikes: Spicy food, his evil clone, when the troublemakers call Mimirin Midorihara a crybaby during The Lion King Trivia Edit Usually, his avatars have black or dark blue hair and blue eyes. He participated in the 0. They sang "Iroha Uta" as their first entry and "magnet" in the third place runoff, eventually losing to the Orion Chorus Group.

He also participated as a solo artist in the website's 2nd General Utattemita Competition, covering "Anata ni Hana wo, Watashi ni Uta wo" as his audition, and "Cantarella" the mandatory song for all male entrants in the second round. He has stated that he chose his utaite name because he likes the open sky; the "sora" in Soraru meaning "sky".

He was inspired to become an utaite by fellow utaite Gazelle and Shachou. His favorite anime character is Eureka from Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN, often referring to her as his "wife".