South korea and philippines relationship to

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south korea and philippines relationship to

Late last month, two top arms companies from South Korea and the Philippines inked a key joint venture deal. While the initial scope of. SEOUL — South Korea has offered the Philippines $1 billion in official development assistance to help finance President Rodrigo Duterte's. “We actually celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Philippines-Korea relations in this coming year ,” the DFA official said, noting that official.

He declared martial law in October and dissolved the National Assembly.

south korea and philippines relationship to

On March 16,the Philippine Congress passed a resolution calling for a convention to amend the constitution. In the midst of the drafting process, however, then-president Ferdinand Marcos issued Proclamation No on September 21,declaring martial law. While wielding this powerful martial authority, Marcos was able to railroad the promulgation of the constitution, which in effect allowed him to stay in office indefinitely as well as to issue decrees with absolute impunity.

Indeed, until about the mids, both countries were under the grip of autocratic rulers. South Korea was under a military dictatorship while the Philippines was under a dictator supported by the military. In particular, both nations have endeavored to establish a political framework founded on a written constitution replete with provisions on rule of law, respect for fundamental rights and freedoms, and significant restraints on government. In fact, the launching pad for this undertaking for both nations was the revision of their respective martial-law constitutions in — the Philippines in February and South Korea in October.

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Latest constitutional reforms Amazingly, as if on cue, both nations are currently undertaking constitutional reform. Notably, during the presidential election, the South Korean electorate made it clear to all the contenders that they wanted this change to happen. Padilla, 19 January - 31 December Raul Ch. Rabe, 23 April - 07 April Francisco L.

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Benedicto, 14 June - 16 May Ernesto S. Gidaya, 8 January - 31 August Juanito P.

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Jarasa, 21 May - 12 June Aladin G. Villacorte, 30 September - 31 June Susan O. Castrence, 27 January - 20 January Luis T. Cruz, 15 February - 7 February Raul S.

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Hernandez, 28 May - present South Korea is currently a major trading partner of the Philippines. Many Koreans, per Ambassador Han, are gung-ho in visiting Bohol but would later find out there are not enough rooms.

south korea and philippines relationship to

Some of the available ones are also quite expensive, the Koreans have noted. The Koreans are active in rice technology and are participants in projects in Bilar and Pilar. Looking at local tourism, Ambassador Han, who is also a Communications graduate noticed the absence of unique cultural shows which are very big attractions in many other countries. Likewise, he was impressed with the uniqueness of the Baclayon church which he compares favorably with such iconic churches as the Manila Cathedral and the San Agustin Church in Intramuros Manila.

The ambassador suggested to highlight the century-old churches here in our promotional portfolio to attract the 10 million Catholics among the 60 million South Koreans. Meantime, he also said that security in the country has improved in the first two years of Duterte.

Ten Koreans were killed in the previous years, only two in and one this year. The Korean envoy was visibly pleased with the return of the good relations between North and South Korea punctuated by the participation of the Nokors in the recent Sokor Winter Olympics.