Streetcar named desire stella and stanleys relationship problems

streetcar named desire stella and stanleys relationship problems

A Streetcar Named Desire Problems arise when Blanche shows up with her elitist notions and criticism of Stanley and His Romantic Relationship With Stella Although Stella and Stanley fight, their physical relationship is the way that. Cicily A Streetcar Named Desire 1. The relationship between Stella and Stanley: Stella has the same background as Blanche. Stanley and Stella are married and their relationship seems to be healthy on the first glance. When Stanley hits Stella she instantly removes.

Their relationship is best illustrated in their big fight, when he "advances" whereas she "backs out", finally to the kitchen, the place which an obedient wife should belong to handout pp And there is also a striking contrast between Stanley's "lordly composure" when he was questioning Blanche's gaudy clothes with irony, and Stella's nervous explanation textbook pp All this implies Stanley's supremacy over Stella.

Nonetheless, Stella is very lenient with Stanley.

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She easily degrades herself and accepts her role as a sexual object. It seems that Stella has been accustomed to Stanley's frequent mistreatment. Eunice points out that their fight is not a single case: Despite the domestic violence, Stella keeps babying Stanley.

streetcar named desire stella and stanleys relationship problems

When Stanley gets regretful and comes to apologize, Stella soon "slips down" to get back with him, in disregard of Blanche and Eunice's opposition.

Her leniency towards him is also revealed when she totally forgives Stanley in her conversation with Blanche on the following day. She even "embraces him with both arms, fiercely, and full in the view of Blanche" handout pp In fact, she regards her life filled with violence as a norm.

When Eunice chooses alcohol over the police after being hit by Steve, Stella betrays her obedience to her husband in the comment "that's much more practical" handout pp And we can easily come to the conclusion that she has barely fought for her abuse by Stanley. Blanche is quite right when saying: Stella's Dependence upon Stanley Apart from her physical dependence, Stella relies greatly on Stanley psychologically.

streetcar named desire stella and stanleys relationship problems

She does not have a job and is expecting a baby. She has hardly any friends of her own: So it is hard to imagine where she could go or who she could turn to if she left home, which is the end of the film version. And that explains why she says: Eventually, Stella chooses to depend on Stanley.

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She would rather rely on her husband and send Blanche away than to believe her sister and leave him. Obviously, Stanley represents a much more secure future than Blanche or herself — a woman. People blame Blanche for her dependence on men to whom she is not married, but tend to forget Stella's dependence within marriage. In fact, Stella has more in common with her sister than she thinks.

Scene 3: how does Williams represent the relationship of Stanley and Stella?

It is also the case with Eunice, who represents a woman without much of her identity in such a low-class marriage. Stella's dependence upon Stanley, or rather, women upon men in general, is highlighted in this play as a theme.

streetcar named desire stella and stanleys relationship problems

According to SparkNotes editorsTennessee Williams exposes women's "total dependence upon men for happiness", but also points out that under such social circumstances a woman have hardly any other choices but to "puts her fate in the hands of others". In sum, Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire is actually in an unsatisfactory marriage despite her apparent happiness. Stanley and Stella are willing to forgive each other for mistakes they have made whereas Blanche and Mitch are trying to get to know each other more and perhaps lack the levels of trust that Stella and Stanley have.

How and why does Stella return back to Stanley? Although Stella and Stanley have conflicted in the play, culminating in Stanley hitting Stella, we see that they both truly love each other after they rejoice at the end of the scene. The surprise of Blanche that they have done this shows that even she cant believe Stella has gone back to him, showing that they truly love each other.

streetcar named desire stella and stanleys relationship problems

She cannot bear to think about life without Stanley and so will continue to love him no matter what he does. Williams leaves the reader wondering how far Stanley can push the boundaries and if Stella would ever leave him, no matter what he does.

How do the stage directions represent their relationship? The stage directions in Scene 3 show that Stanley is dominating force in the relationship, albeit a violent one.

These stage directions show how there are problems in their relationship and how Stanley struggles to deal with problems he is having. As his friends are also there, he could be warning them not to cross him; if he is prepared to hit his wife he is prepared to do it to them.

It also reinforces the idea that Stanley is the dominant force of the relationship as she depends on him so much that she will never want to leave him. The stage directions give and insight into their topsy-turvy relationship and that they depend on each other too much for incidents like this to break them apart.

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