Student teacher relationship and motivational videos

17 Inspirational Videos to Help Remind You Why You Teach

student teacher relationship and motivational videos

look up inspitational videos for students My Favorite Inspirational Videos for What Students Really Need to Hear [Video] Middle School Teachers, School that get kids talking and start building relationships from the first day of school. There is nothing like a great video clip to inspire you as a teacher or to share with your students to encourage their passions. Here are seven. look up inspitational videos for students My Favorite Inspirational Videos for What Students Really Need to Hear [Video] Middle School Teachers, School of videos to explore the importance of human relationships and the power of.

I taught English language arts and my students kept journals, so I got to know them well. We never really talked about the stuff that mattered to him. How we can do better: From there, consider one of these resources: Study after study points to choice as a major factor in motivation. Most of us have probably heard this, but we may not have fully embraced it. After all, providing choice can be messy, with students completing different tasks at different rates, making it hard to be consistent with grading.

It can also mean a lot more prep work: I was pretty good about letting students choose topics for writing assignments, but I also required a lot of seat work as well. I wanted students to do their work at about the same pace, and I knew next to nothing about differentiation. If I had given Matt a more active role in his own learning, he might have been more engaged.

There are lots of ways you can allow more choice in your classroom without having to completely overhaul your way of doing things. Even adding a small amount of choice to what students already have is an improvement.

Consider letting them choose: Could students do some assignments on the floor? Or just in different seats? Some students thrive in groups, while others do better on their own. Are you relying heavily on carrots and sticks…or Jolly Ranchers? But for tasks that require creativity and complex thought, extrinsic rewards actually reduce motivation. In your class, how much of your motivational approach is extrinsic?

If extrinsic reinforcement is your primary approach, you may actually be killing off any natural motivation students might have otherwise had. I score myself pretty low here. As a teacher, my classroom management was a mess until I learned how to control students with names on the board, extra credit, whole-class rewards for good behavior, and the ever-reliable bag of Jolly Ranchers.

I did those things because they worked. Consider the difference in these two statements: The first ten are required, the last two are for extra credit. The first ten should be fairly easy, but I want to see how many of you can do the last two—those are the challenge problems. You guys have learned enough that I think you can solve at least one of them, maybe both.

If you have a tendency to go for the first option, you are going for the easy win, the extrinsic reinforcement. Do your words contribute to a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? It boosts their confidence, no? Teachers can have an impact on this mindset with the things we say to students.

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When I was in the classroom, I knew nothing about growth mindset. I thought kids would feel great if I told them they were smart or talented. Marvel at the level of difficulty she was able to handle on that challenging math problem. Point out how much preparation she must have done for the presentation she gave. When you have constructive feedback to give, follow the same principle and make it specific.

Is neatness an issue?

student teacher relationship and motivational videos

Does she need to read the questions more slowly? Is she doing the advanced math right, but messing up with the basic addition and subtraction? If a student knows what to work on, she will be far more motivated to do that work. Click here to view A few days ago, a student's parent and good friend, Kelle, sent this video to me. Even though I had a good idea of where the video was going, the reactions of the participants had me sobbing in a matter of moments.

I have a strong feeling you'll forward this one off to a few people after viewing. Click here to view After seeing this video shared on Facebook from an old high school friend, I've become hooked on Kid Snippets.

17 Inspirational Videos to Help Remind You Why You Teach

This video had me laughing so hard. I immediately called my own two kids, Riley and Jacob, into the room. They thought it was hilarious. As soon as it was over, both of my kids said, "Play it again! How fun would it be to take this idea into your own classroom?

During Robinson's keynote, he shared the power of student's creativity.

student teacher relationship and motivational videos

This video was highlighted as an example of that message. I was blown away! Click here to view A sweet friend and amazing teacher, JoAnn Delaneyshared one of her student's videos with me this year. After watching, I was speechless. What passion and love this young man had to put together such an inspiring message!

I had to talk to him. Luckily, JoAnn arranged a Google Hangout for the three of us to chat. Sullivan has such a special message to share. His video came about out of the work JoAnn is going in her classroom. If you'd like to hear more about it, please connect with her on Twitter.

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She's a fantastic resource to connect and collaborate with. Click here to view I first saw this video a while ago. I often find myself going back to it and watching. The message is so powerful and makes you think. I've shared it with several of my close friends and family.

When I taught middle school, I even used it in my classroom to highlight the power of student voice. Click here to view Don't let the title of this video mislead you. It is a must-watch for sure. Is there anything better than seeing happy children playing? What about seeing children apply themselves with an intense level of passion and dedication? This video has all of that. It tells the success story of a soccer team that overcame incredible odds.

I've used this in my classroom to motivate reluctant students and inspire them to put forth their best efforts.