Supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship questions

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supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship questions

Amanda and Mike are so Cutie Together and they are toldly made to be. They are going to be together in the show. Also they are like both in love. Amanda was . Mike and Amanda are currently close friends. This is currently the only canon almost-relationship on the show. Mike has an obvious crush on Amanda. To Mike's distress, Amanda is going on a holiday in Paris. He decides to ask Amanda out to the School dance and finally be out of her 'friends zone'. Things ta. .

I will distinguish between episodes. Mikanda shippers leave immediately.

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She worked for people she had no clue did bad things. She and her brother ran away as soon as they found out what they where trying to do. Running away and enrolling in Benjamin Rush High School she hoped they wouldn't find her. It's Mike's 16th birthday Party, what is on for the eventful evening of the Sweet 16th?

Julie-Mike Relationship

Rated T for Romance. T - English - Chapters: Revamped by Bye Felicia reviews "You've done nothing but destroy me for 40 years! But in a few days, I'll have everything I deserve.

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And I'll take everything away from you. I'll leave you with nothing, just like how you left me with nothing for 40 bloody years.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship questions

T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Hopefully it will ahve a lot of chapterstrying myb est ty for reading. T for some kisses etc Rated: Nothing is out of the realm of the possible. But nothing is in the realm of the believable. Takes place after 'X'. Mikanda in later chapters. Rated T for violence. Amanda and Owen rush to save Mike but he is different now, changed, darker. The ninjas are going to have to use all they've got to save Mike Amanda and Owen must find their friend before Death does first.

Will the help of unexpected allies be enough to save their best friend, or will his death be the price for that alliance? Will they be able to pull threw or will something or someone get in there way.

They finally go out, but things aren't that easy. All this was when Amanda was being controlled by dollhouse though. X Amanda asks Mike about his "Intergalactic Con" shirt. When he tells her that it's a convention that will be held this Saturday, he asks if she will come with him and his dad. Although Amanda says that "Si-fi" is not her thing, but she keeps asking Mike about the Intergalactic Convention.

Amanda seems jealous when Julie and Mike fistbump. She questions who she is, asking if Julie likes "Si-Cons", probably jealous that Mike and Julie have something in common. Amanda and Mike dress up as Pletinous and Electornia, the space couple.

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Mike is jealous when Amanda flirts with Mr. Amazing and tells him to get lost and stay away from Amanda.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship questions

Amanda asks about the story of Pletinous and Petinous. Mike implying himself and Amanda says that Petinous was in love with Electornia but Petinous had no clue. Amanda asks why Pletinous didn't tell Electornia how he felt, and Mike replies that Electornia was sucked into the blackhole, and Pletinous went in with her because he would never let her go.

Amanda says that that must have been one special guy, and Mike replied that it was one special girl implying Amanda.

supah ninjas amanda and mike relationship questions

They had a small moment smiling at each other. Mike and Amanda are both jumping on trains. When Amanda falls he holds her with both hands. Amanda tells Mike to save himself, but Mike yells that he will never let her go referencing to Pletinous and Electornia When Owen pulls both of them to safety, Amanda was holding on to Mike's shoulders with both hands and smiling. Mike turned to Amanda and smiled at her.

In the end, Mike says that he will never let her go referencing to Pletinous and Electornia, and the incindent on the train.