Taylor and turtles relationship in the bean trees

A summary of Themes in Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees. catharsis, Taylor realizes that if Esperanza asked for Turtle, Taylor would give Turtle to her. the intimate relationship between the land and indigenous peoples when Taylor. Jun 2, The Bean Trees, written by feminist author Barbara Kingsolver, explores the mother-child relationship held together by the maternal instinct that causes Putting herself in Turtle's shoes, Taylor is able to empathize with her. Esperanza's silent watchfulness also reminds Taylor of Turtle. Taylor describes Get the entire The Bean Trees LitChart as a printable PDF. "My students can't.

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Original and completed music poured out of his mind and his music scores showed little correction. Turtle is smiling, and may have even laughed at the sudden movement of the car. Taylor does not understand the constant danger that Estevan and Esperanza are in due to their status as undocumented refugees. If they are stopped by the police, Estevan and Esperanza will be sent back to Guatemala. Active Themes Lou Ann and Taylor try to see what made Estevan stop, finally noticing a family of quail crossing the road in front of the car.

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Taylor, Lou Ann, and Turtle freeze as they watch the baby quail swarm in all directions around the mother quail, until final the mother manages to corral all her children safely into the bushes. Estevan taps the brake once more, as if winking the lights, and then continues driving. Taylor feels as if she is going to cry, but thinks that she must be about to get her period. Lou Ann mentions that Angel would have given himself two points for every quail he hit.

The quail, another instance of symbolic birds in the novel, are in a vulnerable position because of the road that humans have built through their habitat. This moment makes Taylor even more attracted to Estevan, though she refuses to admit it to herself. Taylor also identifies with the mother quail, desperately trying to keep her babies safe like Taylor tries to keep Turtle safe. Even though she has suffered more than any child should, she can still experience joy. Like a bean, which is small and ordinary at first, Turtle has the potential to grow into a beautiful plant.

Active Themes Turtle speaks her first word, bean, while she and Taylor are helping Mattie in the garden. Taylor decides to show Turtle a bean, which looks the same as the beans they eat, and Turtle names it accordingly. Active Themes Mattie suggests that Taylor take some beans home for Turtle to play with, and Taylor agrees though she worries what Lou Ann will think of the choking hazard.

Taylor explains to Turtle the difference between playing-with beans, eating beans, and putting-in-the-ground beans. Turtle seems to understand, playing quietly with her beans and then finally burying them in between two squash plants. Turtle, for her part, associates the beans with their potential to grow.

Active Themes At home, Lou Ann is cutting her hair again, something that has become an almost daily habit. Taylor warns Lou Ann that she will be bald if she keeps this up, saddened by the fact that Lou Ann probably never noticed that she had the type of perfectly straight blonde hair that all the high school girls envied. Instead, Lou Ann focuses on her flaws.

Lou Ann wails that her hair looks like it has died, and Taylor hesitates to either agree or contradict her, as Lou Ann manages to turn even compliments about her appearance into insults. Taylor wishes she could give Lou Ann a lucky shirt like she did for Turtle, to remind Lou Ann how beautiful she really is. Kingsolver laments the ever-changing standards of beauty for American women as Lou Ann struggles to understand that she is beautiful without even trying.

Taylor managed to escape those worries, probably through the unwavering support of her own mother. Lou Ann invited them over to watch Mattie who was appearing on the evening news, forgetting that Angel had taken their little TV when he moved out. The extra-familial bonds give each person something that they cannot provide for themselves, as Edna and Virgie bring the TV, and Taylor provides the food.

Kingsolver suggests that this type of sharing may be uncommon in large cities today but is an important component of human society. Active Themes As Taylor cooks dinner, she mulls over the arrangement she and Lou Ann have made over household chores. Taylor wants to make sure that Lou Ann feels repaid for the times she watches Turtle. The two women also split the bills, with Taylor working and Lou Ann drawing from savings that Angel left.

Turtle is thriving in this environment, and each new veggie that she pronounces seems like another sign of her emotional growth.

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Active Themes Lou Ann worries about what to wear for the party, considering that she is heavier after giving birth to Dwayne Ray. Lou Ann is still preoccupied by the weight she gained while pregnant, not seeing that these extra pounds are a normal outcome of her new role as a mother. Lou Ann likens this to a strange episode in high school, when she worried that she was going to throw herself off of the dome at the Kentucky state capital.

Her boyfriend at the time called it a fear of heights, but Lou Ann knows that it is something else. Taylor just shrugs, saying she saw a Star Trek episode along those lines. Lou Ann, who sees disaster everywhere, takes it one step further by thinking that just imagining these things my cause them to happen. Taylor is able to meet Lou Ann at a deeper level than any of the males in her life have, even though Taylor continues to joke about this connection.

Active Themes Estevan and Esperanza arrive. Taylor seems jealous of how completely Esperanza belongs to her own culture, as Taylor has never been entirely comfortable in her American homes. Active Themes The women from next door finally show up with the television, and Taylor helps Edna Poppy set it up. Edna is dressed entirely in red, while Virgie Mae looks like she is in her formal church wear. The program continues to explain the plight of thousands of Guatemalan and Salvadoran immigrants who flee civil wars but are not granted asylum in the United States.

Taylor finds it all hard to understand, made worse by the hubbub of the guests still getting comfortable. When Mattie starts talking on the TV, Kingsolver specifically does not explain what Mattie is talking about. Esperanza looks like she has been slapped. Taylor claims Turtle as her own, proudly stating that Turtle is a wild Indian, and ushers the group into the kitchen for dinner.

Virgie lets her fear rule her life rather than seeing the human element of immigration. Estevan understands this and tries to pass himself and his wife off as Americans with American names. Edna has two red bobby pins in her hair, and Taylor imagines the sweet older woman finding them in the drug store and trying to share her excitement with Virgie only to find Virgie lecturing the check-out boy.