Usagi and seiya relationship problems

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usagi and seiya relationship problems

Even Sailor Moon Crystal did this scene but. there's a problem but in Crystal they Portray Usagi and Mamoru's relationship as an "Actual. The problem with Sailor Moon Crystal is that it is getting distracting, plot and less manufactured relationship drama (Mamoru and Usagi never. What I have issue with is when Mamoru sometimes comments on her not Still, for the overall time when they are in a relationship, Mamoru has always been As the series goes on, both Usagi and Mamoru start developing.

usagi and seiya relationship problems

Seiya even ends up inviting herself into Usagi's home in episode Not only does she help herself to Usagi's food, shower and to Chibi Chibi's towel, she finds secretive ways to further shove Mamoru OUT of the picture. While protecting Usagi from a town burglar seemed on the surface to be a noble idea, it actually gave Seiya all-to-easy access to Usagi's home, as Seiya thinks nothing of camping out on Usagi's lawn, while her parents, younger brother and Chibi Chibi are asleep.

You would think that would be all Seiya needed, just to see Kakyuu again. But even after she is reunited with her princess She still won't let Usagi go. She fawns over Usagi like a remorseful spouse, in the arms of the woman she cheated on In fact, in the manga it is revealed that Kakyuu had her own lover, who Galaxia murdered.

And the more Seiya tried to hold onto and force herself onto Kakyuu, the more Kakyuu would just smile, and give her the "aren't you sweet" routine.

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But being shot down by the most gentle princess in her life didn't deter Seiya too much. Not getting to be with one prey, only drove Seiya to resume stalking another.

usagi and seiya relationship problems

In both the anime and in the manga, Seiya continues pursuing Usagi, going so far as to kiss her, knowing that at this point, she had uncovered Usagi's tender, crybaby side. Easy to manipulate, Seiya knew she could play with Usagi's emotions, and work her like clay.

She was not only going to attempt to have her way with Usagi, she was going to trick Usagi into thinking this was the right thing to do.

usagi and seiya relationship problems

So why take it out on Mamoru, who was given Usagi's blessing to go overseas, and his death in the first place!?? They met on the earth.

Then again on the moon.

usagi and seiya relationship problems

Their love started to blossom, and then, tragedy. The Dark Kingdom attacked, putting an end to their eternal love They would remember everything on earth, and thus their love would re-start anew. So their relationship never ended at all, but it was tested time after time and made them even stronger together. No matter how much Seiya would flirt with her.

No matter how much people wanna draw fan art of Seiya and Usagi and really believe that they are a canon couple. Destiny favored Mamoru, not Seiya, to be with Usagi for all eternity. Usagi reminds Seiya of his own princess. Why did Seiya and the other starlights come to earth in the first place?

usagi and seiya relationship problems

To find their own princess, Kakyuu, after what Galaxia did to their home planet. For all the "Seisagi" fans to say that the two are a better couple, they forget an important reason why Seiya was attracted to Usagi in the first place: Because she gives off a much similar presence as Princess Kakyuu!!

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The songs that the Three Lights sung were a way to communicate to their princess, not Usagi. Maybe the reason Usagi reminded Seiya of Princess Kakyuu was because they had similar personalites.

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So perhaps Usagi just filled the void left by Kakyuu until Seiya was reunited with her. I already stated above why Seiya, Yaten, and Taki came to earth in the first place. Yaten and Taki started noticing Seiya caring more about Usagi than finding their princess.

If the other two knew eventually that Usagi had Mamoru, then wouldn't you too in their shoes be scolding Seiya for not focusing on the task at hand? Here's Usagi worried to death about Mamoru, and yet here is Seiya not taking a hint, not knowing when to stop getting in between that relationship. Also please know that this blog is offensive at some points and even though it is only my opinion I would not like to argue with any of you but if you do like this Ship, that's great just know that I'm only stating my opinions towards this couple, now with all of that said onto the blog!

Also to all you lovely hardworking creator's and leader's please Featurethis I have worked so very hard on it, I am not asking much of you all I want is for you to feature this on the front page.

Even Sailor Moon Crystal did this scene but I mean if we keep telling children or other teens the same troupe over and over then how would they feel if a certain girl or guy that they happen to like or that are in a relationship with starts seeing other people like friends instead of them?

Why are you talking to that other girl???!!!??!! Giving the sign that she wants him to pay attention to her and ONLY her and let me just say you can't just order your boyfriend or girlfriend around!

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Usako" or when he's in pain or actually getting hurt like in the original besides the fact he does get kidnapped and hypnotized twice in both Season 1 and 2 of Crystal and Mamoru never shows signs of wanting to defend himself against being controlled by "Said Villain" and he never tries to fight them back or resist the erge of getting hypnotized witch is a very weak move from his part and as for Usagi she not only gets hypnotized but she also gets Undressed and redressed while becoming a victim of being Kidnapped and kissed by a freaking Stranger!