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As described by Vera Claythorne, Mrs. Rogers is 'a respectable-looking ghost of a woman' who was terrified of . What do Lombard and Blore think is happening to General Macarthur, mentally? Philip Lombard . reading exam study guide. Vera Claythorne thinks she was offered a job by a Nancy Owen, a woman who doesn't exist. Philip Lombard is hired by a third party, a Mr. Issac Morris, for a job . On the test, you will have to identify all of the following characters by their various Miss Vera. Claythorne. Captain. Philip. Lombard. General. John. Macarthur What relationship is there between the “Ten Little Indians” nursery rhyme, the.

It can be hard to keep the 10 characters straight, and in this lesson, we will look at Vera Claythorne. When she first gets the invitation to go the mysterious island, she comments on how much she is looking forward to seeing it. When she finally arrives, she says that it is lovely. We again see her positive nature when she first gets a glimpse of her room. The narrator tells us that after the door to her bedroom is opened ''She uttered a quick exclamation of pleasure.

Another interesting aspect of Vera's personality is her judgment of other people. One example of this is when she meets Mrs. Vera thinks to herself, ''What a white bloodless ghost of a woman! When Emily Brent, an older woman, gets someone's name wrong, Vera thinks to herself that it is ''Funny how elderly people always get names wrong. When Emily says that black people are her brothers, Vera says to herself, ''Our black brothers - our black brothers.

Oh, I'm going to laugh. However, each person also committed the murder in a way that escaped the justice system. Vera's murder can be seen as one of the most heinous. Worked with another person to kill someone. Conducted the purchase of Indian Island for an unnamed third party. Drowned herself after becoming pregnant. Knew a murder had been committed in order to win his love. Drowned when allowed to swim too far out to sea.

Captain of the boat that took the guests to Indian Island 2 Choose the correct answer to each question. What hangs above the mantelpiece in each bedroom in the house on Indian Island? Of what crime does the voice accuse each person? Who faints when they hear the accusations?

Who is the one person who refuses to tell the group about the charges against them? Who is the only person who admits they are guilty of the crime they are accused of and that they were not wrong to commit the crime? What is in the center of the dining room table?

At the Scene of the Crime: Ten Little Indians: Captain Philip Lombard

What seems to be Dr. He is hired to kill people during medical procedures. He is a plastic surgeon. He cons rich women with fake diagnoses to imagined illnesses d. He assists terminally ill patients commit suicide. What conclusion does Wargrave come to about the owner of the house? Owen stands for unknown b. He is a rich man pulling a publicity stunt. He will be arriving late to confront them face to face. The owner of the house is really Rogers using a phony name.

After searching the entire island, what do Armstrong, Blore and Lombard conclude? The murderer must be hiding in the cave on the South side of the island. There is no one on the island but the occupants of the house. The murderer must have left using the steps carved into the cliff. There is no murderer; the two deaths really were suicides. What is the purpose of the nursery rhyme? It offers clues to the murderer s identity. It is the theme of a murder mystery party and no one is actually dead.

It gives clues to the murders and is meant to scare the guests.

And Then There Were None Test. a. Mr. Rogers b. Vera c. Macarthur d. Emily Brent e. Lombard

It meant nothing; it is merely coincidence. Why does Vera shoot Lombard? He confessed to being the murderer. He threatened to testify against her for killing Cyril.

He plans to frame her for the murders on Indian Island. She thinks he is the killer because they are the only two left. Who is the red herring? The mansion has been burned down. Philip Lombard barely alive, but breathing. Ten dead bodies and not a living soul. The island is completely deserted. What makes the inspector absolutely certain Vera Claythorne had not committed the murders? She was not strong enough to have killed the men on the island. She was one of the first to die.