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Vincent Nightray (ヴィンセント ナイトレイ, Binsento Naitorei) is the younger brother of Gilbert Vincent was born as a Child of Ill Omen, which lead him and his brother down a dark Relationships Partner, Echo (Servant) . Quotes. To Gilbert Nightray. "You don't remember? . That's good." "Brother, that girl is no good. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Levi Baskerville, Jack Vessalious, Oswald Baskerville (Glen), Elliot Nightray, Vincent Nightray, Oz The Pandora Hearts Pandora Hearts Break, Vanitas, Photo Charms, Manga Quotes, Heart Art .. Render Echo Pandora Hearts - Pandora Hearts - Animes et Manga - PNG image sans fond - Posté par Relationship.

Noise was shown to have always cared for Vincent, as she'd run to console him when she found him crying on the Baskerville estate one day, becoming one of her most cherished memories.

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As a result of this, Noise became more so obsessively in love with Vincent; being tasked by the Baskervilles to act as Vincent's valet among the Nightray Dukedom in order to keep her under control; as he appears to be the only one she'll listen to. Vincent however doesn't appear to return Noise's feelings of attraction, though he does still view her as his friend. Instead, Vincent treats Noise in a more nurturing and sympathetic way as a means of exploiting Noise's weakness in order to keep her doing as directed by him.

Believing Vincent's feelings to be true, falls prey to his manipulation quite often, though it's now garnered jealousy within her because of Vincent's relationship with Ada Vessalius.

With her jealousy at a boiling point, Noise formulated a plot to show Vincent that humans and Baskervilles differ from one-another and that he should be with her instead; something which involved kidnapping Ada and Xai Vessalius and following Vincent to Sablier and to the past; now vowing that if she can't have Vincent then no one can, because of Duldee's interference.

As such, when Oz returns from the Abyss after ten years, she takes it upon herself to use Duldee to take control of Gilbert Nightray and use Raven to cast Oz back into the Abyss. Since then, Noise has inflicted a fatal wound to Oscar in front of Oz in order to truly see Oz suffer; which she makes a point of relishing in.

Oz also found Noise in Sablier when he's attempting to stop Oswald from altering the timeline; managing to confront her and stop her from killing Ada. After everything they've been through together, Oz truly does hate Noise, as does Noise to Oz; however he also seems to feel conflicted and guilty when it comes to fighting Noise, knowing that Echo is in her subconscious as well. Noise, on the other hand, takes every opportunity she can to cause Oz pain; going as far as to use Duldee and Duldum to control Ada into stabbing Oz and threatening her own life; forcing Oz to withdraw from his battle and allowing Noise to slap him.

Unfortunately for Noise, her plot is brought down thanks to Xai's intervention, which only makes her hate for Oz burn with a fiercer intensity. Noise's frustration with Oz for interfering combined with her sense of failure has made Noise breakdown, while Oz is still left unsure of what to do with Noise; as he can't stop her without hurting Echo.

It's not clear whether Noise and Gilbert's paths crossed prior to the Tragedy of Sablier, but their current relationship is fueled by a mutual desire for revenge.


Gil has hated Noise ever since Oz's Coming of Age Ceremony, where Noise kidnapped him and used him to hurt Oz - something which motivated Gil to hunt down Noise and kill her. Until their reunion, Noise seemed rather impartial to Gil, taking pride in taunting him emotionally, as she does with all of her victims.

However, after Gil managed to defy Noise's control and shoot her, thereby ruining Noise's plans to return Oz to the Abyss after his escape, Noise felt a sense of resentment toward Gil. At times, it seems like Noise wants nothing more than to relish in Gil's pain and to apply pressure to his failure to protect his master.

This appears to be something that Noise is exceptionally drawn to, as shown when she elects to abandon her mission in Sablier in order to hunt Gil down and destroy him. Although Noise is willing to stray from the path in order to clash with her nemesis, Gilbert appeared to have been rather satisfied with his and Noise's reunion, no longer driven to seek Noise out and murder her. Unfortunately, Gilbert's feelings toward Noise have since complicated more drastically, as he hates her for her hand in Oscar's death, but he's unsure of what to do now that he's aware of Noise's connection to Echo - knowing that if he kills Noise, Echo dies alongside her.

Lottie Noise and Lottie are comrades through the Baskerville Clan. Despite this, Lottie does not appear to be very impressed with Noise. Due to the different qualities of Noise and Echo's personalities, Lottie seems to be more fond of Echo than Noise - acting defensively when Echo was being beaten by Vincent, as compared to her common complaints about Noise; which are mostly because of Noise's tendency to wander off and act on her own.

This was because Echo had been an incarnation of Duldum without much interaction that exposed her to her own individuality, leaving Echo as nothing more than an empty doll meant to carry out her purpose as Duldee had intended. As such, Echo also kept all her inner thoughts to herself, as she felt that they had no place within her line of work as valet to Vincent and disciple of Duldee.

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What made Echo different from her predecessors was how long she'd existed without being disposed of by Duldee, allowing Echo to not only absorb the fragments of Noise's heart that her predecessors had passed down to her, but also new fragments lost by Noise over time - thus making Echo the Duldum that possessed the most of Noise's heart within her.

This allowed Echo to have her own will, though she did not act upon it until after meeting Oz. Oz treated Echo as a person rather than just an empty doll, which made Echo reassess her priorities and expand on her own identity.

Though Echo's loyalty was still absolute, she was suddenly able to make her own decisions based on what she believed was right, such as saving the antidote Sharon Rainsworth needed after Vincent had poisoned them both and attempted to destroy it, spending time with Oz during the St.

The more that Oz treated her as a person, the deeper the connection between him and Echo seemed to get. As a result, it seemed as though Echo may have developed romantic feelings toward Oz, which flourished more and more as the series progressed. In the end however, such potential went unnoticed, however Echo's death hit Oz harder than most - encouraging him to don Noise's Baskerville cloak and pursue Oswald with a greater sense of purpose Unfortunately, as Noise had adopted a more aggressive persona based on observation of both Vincent and Duldee, she was mostly antagonistic toward Echo, making Echo more vulnerable, sensitive and scared when around Noise.

Even so, because she had not forgotten her true purpose of protective Noise's heart - Echo acted against Duldee at the pinnacle of Noise's destruction in order to save Noise's heart for what it began as rather than allowing Duldee to destroy it in order to break Vincent's hold over Noise.

Though Echo could see that Duldee only wanted to save her Contractor in a more misguided way, she still couldn't allow such a thing to pass, thereby sacrificing herself so that she could restore Noise's heart before both of them died - showing that Echo's individual development of self had come full circle and allowing her to die peacefully alongside the true Noise.

In battle, Echo's preferred weapon was twin blue-bladed short swords, which she'd kept in the sleeves of her dress at all time in case she ever needed to use them. Curiously enough, Echo also drew a projection of her short swords within Noise's subconscious while fighting Duldee. Additionally, while Noise appeared to be right-handed, Echo herself appeared to be ambidextrous, wielding both short swords equally skillfully with both hands.

Abilities and Powers Possession: As a split personality created by Duldee, Echo had the ability to take the place of Noise as the active personality. However, due to Noise's adopted aggression, Echo tended to only take on her role as the active personality whenever Noise was ordered by Vincent to recede into her subconsciousness.

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Like her predecessors, Echo was capable of picking up the broken pieces of Noise's heart and absorbing them in order to keep them safe until the day that Noise could reclaim them herself - as was her duty as Duldum. Echo had been a skilled combatant, often making use of a unique acrobatic technique whilst sparring against opponents with her twin blue-bladed short swords.

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However, in battle Echo tended to focus moreso on the exact orders she'd been given, and would even on occasion be compelled to take action in certain situations without consciously being aware of why she'd done so.

All Baskervilles possess enhanced speed, strength and endurance as an effect of being chosen to act as messengers of the Abyss. Thus, due to her connection with Noise, Echo possessed such qualities as well - allowing her to carry on in battle without tiring and endure against extreme conditions that regular humans would have difficult coping against.

As a Baskerville, Noise was able to heal from her wounds at a rapid pace - even moreso than her older colleagues because of her young age. As such, Echo could also heal her wounds - only when serious wounds were inflicted on either personality, Vincent would have them switch so that either Echo or Noise could heal fully without interruption while their counterpart continued to do his bidding. Quotes "Echo is a servant of the Nightray house.