Wade and neal relationship quiz

15 Things You Didn't Know About LeBron James and Dwyane Wade's Relationship

wade and neal relationship quiz

This is a phrase that is constantly thrown around when discussing the friendship of NBA superstars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade talks about how amped Goran Dragic and Gerald Green were to come out with a win in Phoenix and how the. In a CSN exclusive, Dwyane Wade shares the story of the Heat's He saw Shaquille O'Neal moved when that relationship went south.

But Wade went the opposite direction. Sticking true to their "Bigger Than Basketball" mantra, Wade actually turned out to be one of LeBron's biggest supporters.

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Of course D-Wade had every right to be upset at LeBron. He left what could've been the next great dynasty in favor of playing for Cleveland. But Wade realized that the happiness of his best friend was way more important in the grand scheme of things. However, not everyone was able to turn the other cheek. In fact, he took more of a Dan Gilbert approach than a D-Wade approach.

Since then, Riley has had some choice words not only for LeBron, but for his friendship with Wade, and anyone else who wants to call themselves friends in the NBA. We can't really blame Riley for this attitude however. He made his mark in the NBA during the s and '80s. It was a time where players exchanged fists and clotheslines rather than hugs and handshakes. Riley has been one of the loudest critics of this friendship and has often chided Wade during his Miami days for his involvement with James.

Riley doesn't have to worry about them anymore however, since both have since left the team. So they decided to place a friendly wager on the outcome. The loser would have to don the winning team's baseball uniform from head to toe. In an ironic and cruel turn of events, it was James' hometown Cleveland Indians that blew a lead sound familiar? It must've been a tough pill to swallow, but it'll go down as another chapter in this storied friendship.

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But since that's not the case, we can laugh at it. Wade's wife Gabrielle Union has admitted to watching James on several occasions order food for D-Wade at restaurants.

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She recalls that often times when the Wade and James' families go out to eat, LeBron will order a meal for D-Wade if he's not at the table and have it be spot on. Union admits that LeBron probably knows way more about her husband than she does.

As mentioned earlier, if LeBron were a woman I'm sure Gabrielle might feel a little threatened knowing that someone else was closer to her husband than she. But since it's LeBron, we can all sit back and enjoy how goofy of a story that it is.

Together they had two sons, but separated inbefore actually divorcing, in So after the emotional toll of a long court battle, Wade needed someone to lean on and be there for him. In comes his best friend LeBron. That's why I did my best to communicate with the powers that be.

wade and neal relationship quiz

And I told them what I was gonna do. As in not Riley, the man who saw the sacrifices Wade made to get players to Miami and try to keep them together. One offer was presented with love and respect, while the other was tinged with resentment. Making the decision to choose Chicago meant putting himself first, and he was asked if that was difficult. It's tough to make a decision when you know you get a couple days to make this decision and it's not gonna be the most popular decision because of X, Y and Z.

It's about doing what I want to do at this moment. Not saying I didn't do what I wanted, I always did what I wanted, but it's continuing to have the ability to do that.

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I put myself first for once. I didn't say, hey, I waited on Miami to come to me. At the end of the day, I could've come back to Miami and made great money. The contract they offered me was good.

wade and neal relationship quiz

By the time it got to me, my heart was somewhere else. The players come and go laughs. That's just not who I am, I've seen this business early on. I'm not that cocky guy like that.

I knew it was a possibility, either they might've gotten rid of me or I may have gotten an opportunity to go elsewhere. I did everything in my power to be one of those guys, and that's all you can do.

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And then it got to a point where, you know what, it was no more I could do. I had to go and do what's best for myself and my family and my future when it comes to my happiness. I want to feel wanted as well. Who doesn't want to feel appreciated? I love that guy. I know how he is. He's stubborn just like I am.