War in iraq afghanistan and pakistan relationship

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war in iraq afghanistan and pakistan relationship

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have a long and complicated history that must be told in order to better understand the sacrifices of our volunteer army. The war in Afghanistan has become America's longest war. the context of U.S. policies toward Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan—because American war plans, postwar reconstruction, inter-agency policymaking, U.S. relations with allies. The gap has grown especially wide in the Afghan war zone, analysts say. attacks for the biggest public relations punch (al-Qaeda also uses the tactic in Iraq).

war in iraq afghanistan and pakistan relationship

While McKiernan was shifting U. McChrystal was brought in to implement a new strategy modeled after the surge strategy in Iraq—one in which U.

The strategy also involved trying to persuade enemy fighters to defect and ultimately encouraging reconciliation between the Karzai government and Taliban leaders. Barack Obama meeting at the White House with Pres.

Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and Pres. Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan, May Marines and Afghan soldiers in Helmand province, Afghanistan, Department of Defense Soon after assuming command, McChrystal concluded that he did not have enough troops to execute the new strategy, and in September he laid out his concerns in a confidential report, which was subsequently leaked to the press.

McChrystal predicted that the war would be lost within a year if there was not a significant troop surge. After an intensive Afghan policy review—the second one by the Obama administration in less than a year—the president delivered a speech at the U.

Military Academy at West Point on December 1 in which he announced a major escalation in the war effort, with 30, additional troops being deployed to Afghanistan by the summer of The new strategy led to an increase in U.

war in iraq afghanistan and pakistan relationship

Stanley McChrystal right and U. Department of Defense The surge in U. But the CIA also paid a price in late December when an al-Qaeda double agent detonated a suicide bomb at a Bagram air base in the eastern province of Khost, killing seven from the agency. Raven surveillance droneA U.

Iraq–Pakistan relations

Marine sergeant left and a corporal right monitoring the flight of an RQ Raven surveillance drone, Afghanistan, Marines achieved a relatively quick victory, even as McChrystal planned a more ambitious offensive in Kandahar. Obama visited Afghanistan for the first time as president on March 28, delivering a stern message to Karzai that he needed to clean up corruption in his government.

Karzai had won a new five-year term in an August election that was tainted by widespread allegations of fraud. Karzai vowed in his inaugural address to stamp out corruption in his government, but there were few signs in the short term that he had done so.

Department of Defense Meanwhile, Karzai announced that he would attempt to reconcile with the Taliban; he repeatedly invited Mullah Omar to meet with him, but the Taliban leader steadfastly refused. Under intense pressure from the United States, Karzai lashed out in April and even threatened to join the Taliban if the international community did not stop meddling in Afghan affairs.

But others, including Kai Eide, the former top UN official in Kabul, said Baradar had been a leading Taliban proponent of reconciliation and that the arrest was intended to scuttle efforts to end the war through a political, rather than military, solution. The military command structure in Afghanistan abruptly changed again in Junewhen Obama replaced McChrystal with Gen. David Petraeus after McChrystal and some of his aides made disparaging remarks to a Rolling Stone magazine reporter about Obama and other top administration officials, including Vice Pres.

war in iraq afghanistan and pakistan relationship

Jonesand special representative to Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke. The comments underscored festering tensions between U. Petraeus, considered the leading architect of counterinsurgency doctrine in the U.

Barack Obama announcing the resignation of Gen. Stanley McChrystal while surrounded by left to right Adm.

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Mike Mullen, Vice Pres. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange at a press conference, The operation, a raid carried out by a small team that reached the compound by helicopterled to a firefight in which bin Laden died. The next month U. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates confirmed for the first time that the U.

Then, on June 22, Obama announced an accelerated timetable for the withdrawal of U. The plan called for the number of U. Nicolas Sarkozy announced that France would also begin to withdraw its 4, soldiers from Afghanistan. In September, efforts to end the long-running conflict suffered a setback when Burhanuddin Rabbania former Afghan president and a key figure in reconciliation negotiations, was assassinated by a suicide bomber. It is His Majesty's Government's view that Pakistan is in international law the inheritor of the rights and duties of the old Government of India and of his Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom in these territories and that the Durand Line is the international frontier.

The members of the Council declared that their governments recognised that the sovereignty of Pakistan extends up to the Durand Line, the international boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and it was consequently affirmed that the Treaty area referred to in Articles IV and VIII of the Treaty includes the area up to that Line. The Soviet war in Afghanistan forced millions of Afghans to take refuge inside Pakistan. Pakistani officials feared that the Soviet Union began some kind of military show down and that Pakistan or at least its Balochistan province was next on the Soviet agenda.

During the early s, multi-national mujahideen forces consisting of aboutfighters from forty different Muslim countries in addition tolocal fighters found support from the United States, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Iran in the context of the Cold War.

They were trained by Pakistani military in its frontier region around the Durand Line. This was followed by the rise and fall of the Taliban government. Since lateas high asNATO -led troops were stationed in Afghanistan to train Afghans and rebuild their war-torn country. In the meantime, the Taliban insurgency began around I realise that's tough. Most of these events cannot be independently verified because news journalists usually have very limited access to reaching the areas where the fighting take place.

Pakistan's military responded with artillery fire on targets in Afghanistan, reportedly destroying three ANA border posts killing 32 Afghan soldiers. Azimi also accused the Pakistani military of using artillerysaying the alleged attack was a clear violation.

war in iraq afghanistan and pakistan relationship

An Afghan commander in Khost confirmed the exchange of fire and alleged that the incident broke out after Pakistani troops in Waziristan opened fire towards Afghan police posts in Gurbuz Districtclaiming the Afghan engagement as retaliation. However, a military official in Peshawar said Afghan troops fired on an army check post in Ghulam KhanNorth Waziristan and that the fire emanated from Afghan territory first.

At least 12 Afghan troops and one soldier from the Pakistan Frontier Corps were killed in the clash, although another source put the Afghan casualties at 8. The attack came just a week after Afghan soldiers had struck in Lower Dirkilling 2 Pakistani security personnel and 40 militants. Second, and of most interest, is whether the Taliban will listen to Pakistan. Pakistan is increasingly threatened by militancy on its own soil and fears the consequences of pressuring the Taliban to negotiate with the Afghan government.

Aziz said that Pakistan should not antagonize groups that pose no threat to it. In reference to the Afghan Taliban he argued: In a discussion with the author in early Dec. Lost credibility could form fractures within the Taliban leading to the creation of splinter groups.

war in iraq afghanistan and pakistan relationship

Even ideological differences within the Taliban may prevent the group from listening to Pakistan. While many militants join the Taliban under radical Islamic motivations, others join for financial purposes or to exact revenge for personal grievances. Illegal businesses — including the drug trade, timber, illegal mining, extortion, and taxing of development projects — not only serve as primary financial sources for the Afghan Taliban, but also inspire many to join the group. Afghan and international forces causing civilian casualties and insulting cultural and Islamic values also boosts the recruitment of non-ideological militants.