Was lc and jason relationship realistic expectations

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I thought I knew a lot about life before being a father, and the first night of parenthood I realized I knew nothing. I see my career, life and the world through a different lens now. Stay focused on your family and let them drive you. Be honest with your spouse so you're on the same page with your family goals and what's important, and work together to achieve them.

was lc and jason relationship realistic expectations

You can find balance if you communicate proactively and you have a plan in place. Life is about finding happiness, and identifying the right balance creates euphoria! Every day is an adventure. Watching my girls light up when they learn something new or see something for the first time is a great feeling. I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Patience is a virtue! Every child is different in how they see and learn things, just like every person on my team. Understanding this and creating a customized plan around each personality and learning curve has helped me be a better manager.

Someone once told me about "quality time vs quantity time," and I couldn't agree more.

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They'll learn from this and emulate it, giving them a strong work ethic. Seeing how hard my father worked and not seeing him every night before my bed time didn't bother me because I knew he was working hard for us. There is a small but significant difference between being kind and being gullible. Look at everything and treat it like it is the first time. Being proactive is important, but always be prepared with a back-up plan.

This happens in our careers all the time, too. Being able to anticipate and role play as much as possible before a call or meeting is so important, but being able to respond to the unanticipated in the moment is just as crucial. Establish rules and stick to them.

was lc and jason relationship realistic expectations

I have been able to clear up previous gray areas with coworkers or clients, and I've established fantastic foundations to base professional relationships off of. Being present whenever possible is important, but truly interacting with my son and making sure he knows how important he is to me is my goal.

I just love the grind.

Happy Father's Day to our LaSalle Dads!

That means I'm fairly selective with who I work with and even more selective when it comes to who I give my hard earned money to. The quality of candidates I get sent over is astonishing. Just by chance, Jason and I set up our firms within a week of each other and its beautiful to see how far we've both come in these 8 months.

We joked the other day that we should really be aiming for adjacent 'Judge' and 'Connolly' Towers. I've always said its important to align yourself with those on a similar path to you but now it's super cool to have that in a professional working relationship too rather than in a personal capacity only.

J Managing Partner London Jason is enthusiastic and dedicated to achieving the best result for you and will be realistic when determining expectations. W Partner - Private Client Sussex I want to say a big thank you to Legion for all his hard work and efforts over the last few years.

was lc and jason relationship realistic expectations

Without you we wouldn't have grown to the size we now are, and also wouldn't have the great work force we do today. I cannot recommend Legion enough. As well as being extremely friendly and helpful she was with me every step of the way and made the entire process so much easier. G Solicitor Kent Jason, I wanted to say how brilliant and refreshing you are.

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I'm loving working with you. Thank you already for the speedy and excellent match making and curating S. C Corporate Commercial Partner London Charlie has been absolutely vital in securing me two great interviews at very prestigious law firms in Bristol.