Watanuki and doumeki relationship questions

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watanuki and doumeki relationship questions

This relationship could be defined as "practically canon." CLAMP is not afraid of shonen ai, and there's tons of hints that Doumeki and Watanuki are meant to be. "No, got any problems with that?" he said furiously. He turned around violently and threw another set of fits, causing Doumeki put his fingers in. Contents[show] Appearance Doumeki is depicted as a tall young man with a After the time skip, his relationship with Watanuki seems to have improved Most of their communication though is serious talk about the various problems facing.

Watanuki clenched the knife he was holding and gritted his teeth. This guy is getting on my nerves, he thought. He turned around violently and threw another set of fits, causing Doumeki put his fingers in his ears and think of raged cats with arched backs. He really does a good imitation of those kinds of animals, Doumeki thought. After Watanuki finished his tirade, Doumeki smirked again.

He leaned closer to Watanuki and put his arms on either side of the boy.

watanuki and doumeki relationship questions

Watanuki's eyes grew round as he stuttered in his speech. Watanuki was surprised with what Doumeki did and let a faint "Oh! When he reached the edge of Watanuki's lips, he stopped and felt the thin boy's breathing against his cheeks. Watanuki stared at him open-mouthedly, eyes rounder than ever. His breathing was short and he didn't know how to react. He just stared at the tan man in front of him. Not…here…now," he said, regaining part of his common sense after a few seconds. He pulled his face away and tried to push Doumeki away but the other man held his arms in place.

Watanuki looked at him and inhaled deeply. Doumeki backed a step, but didn't let go of the man. Watanuki turned around and tried to return to his neglected ingredients. He was now viciously chopping some parsley when he felt Doumeki's hands round his slim waist. He backed a bit, causing him to bump to the other man and Doumeki tightening his embrace more.

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What are you doing!? Doumeki just leaned his head on Watanuki's shoulder. I want your punishment," he answered. Watanuki sighed in defeat. Doumeki didn't answer but just buried himself in Watanuki's touch.

Once in the series he does actually smile but Watanuki quickly tells him it is creepy. In the manga his eyes are more of a golden color but in the anime they appear to be a dull green.

watanuki and doumeki relationship questions

He is often shown with a bow which he uses to defend against spirits. His clothing generally consists of his school uniform which is a simple black set of pants and a high collared shirt, the clothing worn for his archery club which consists of a loose white shirt and dark blue hakama a type of trousersand sometimes a kimono. Later in the series when his grandfather is introduced, it is shown that they look almost identical. The main difference between the two pointed out by Watanuki is that Haruka tends to smile much more.

He has a cool, calm, rather serious and often sarcastic demeanor which catches the attention of many females in the series. He also has a deadpan sense of humor that is often dark and somewhat cynical. Much to the annoyance of Watanuki he seems to pop up everywhere, especially when Watanuki gets a chance to be with Himawari though it is later revealed that this is intentional.

He often replies in a one word phrase like "Hn" or "Oh".

watanuki and doumeki relationship questions

He is also very observant. Even though he does not often show it, he seems to care for and be very protective of Watanuki. For example when he stands in the rain for hours digging for Watanuki under a bush or when he gives up a significant amount of blood to prevent Watanuki's death.

Biography Shizuka Domeki is a teenage boy who lives in Tokyo Japan and lives in a temple with his family. Not much is known about his family except for his grandfather.

It is implied that Shizuka is not close to his family since he spends most of his time with Watanuki and often says that his parents wouldn't care if he stayed out too late or if he did something dangerous. Shizuka's best friends are Himawari and Watanuki even though him and Watanuki are always fighting and disagreeing. Shizuka is one of the only people in the world who are not affected by Himawari's bad luck since Shizuka has the power of repelling all bad spirits.

This power is also the basis of his friendship with Watanuki. Since Shizuka repels bad spirits and Watanuki attracts them, Yuko told Watanuki to spend time with Shizuka so that the spirits will leave him alone. At first, the two just stayed together for this same reason but as time passed, a real friendship developed between the two and they are now friends because they choose to be. Shizuka often helps Watanuki out with many tasks that are set upon Watanuki such as accompanying him to Himawari's friend's school because of the Angel Game or going with him to see what was wrong with the hydrangeas.

Shizuka is known to be extremely loyal to Watanuki even if he does call him an idiot or a fool.

watanuki and doumeki relationship questions

When Watanuki fainted in xxxHolic Season 1, Shizuka sat beside him for ten hours until Watanuki woke up and he didn't even leave to eat something. Also, in the case with the hydrangeas, when Watanuki was in the middle of completing his task, it started raining and Shizuka waited for Watanuki once again, out in the rain for about six hours.

Later on in the series, while Watanuki is helping Shizuka clean his temple, Watanuki gets caught in a giant spiderweb and so Shizuka frees him by tearing apart the web.

Because he destroyed the spider's home, the spider developed a grudge on Shizuka and closed his right eye with a magical spider web. When Watanuki learned what had happened, he got the same spider angry and so the spider's grudge shifted to Watanuki and let Shizuka free.

Shizuka was furious about this because he didn't want to see someone he cared about get hurt because of him. Later on, Shizuka gives half of his right eye to Watanuki and so from then on, both share an eye.

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One day, after helping Watanuki with his task of collecting water from an old well, Shizuka gets paid by Yuko. Yuko gives Shizuka an egg and says that nothing will be born of the egg. However, she does say that there will come a time when Shizuka will have to use the egg in an important decision.

Shizuka takes the egg but is confused. When should he know when to use it, and more importantly, how can this egg help him with this decision.

Even ten years later, in xxxHolic Ro, Shizuka has still not used the egg and is still curious about when he should. The ring showed that Shizuka's spiritual energy is symbolized as a bow and arrow which also gives clues as to why he is a such a talented archer.

Relationships Kimihiro Watanuki Watanuki and Doumeki are always seen arguing over minor things such as Doumeki asking him to cook food which are either out of season or are not existing anymore.

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This can be proven in the fourth volume of the manga at the end of Chapter 24 in the series where Watanuki asks him of what he wants to eat as a way of thanking him for telling him about how one of the Twin Sisters could change by confidence. He demands for chestnuts but to Watanuki's despair, they were out of season at that time. So to replace that, he decides on "Feudal Udon" but Watanuki still complains claiming that the particular dish is no longer existing.