Zim and dib relationship tips

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zim and dib relationship tips

This was when Zim showed up at Dib's house, and the professor told Dib that "his little foreign friend is here" while apparently having made a drink for Zim and. Dib and Zim are usually portrayed as mortal enemies, sometimes as rivals, and occasionally reluctant allies. As the series progresses, they both develop a. Dib and Gaz's relationship is very tumultuous, as Gaz hates her brother with every fiber of her being, and will go out of her way to punish him if he crosses her.

Her face grew mischievous. Gaz, come on-" Dib stopped once he saw Gaz's face, stone cold serious. Dib quietly snuck his way back to the window, like the world's worst ninja.

Gaz simply stomped up to the front door and knocked, wanting this dumb trip to be over with.

zim and dib relationship tips

Dib silently panicked and waved his arms, trying to stop Gaz from making their presence known. Just as Dib ran to his sister's side the door flung open wide, and there stood Zim. And it's considered polite to knock before entering something. Be gone with you!

zim and dib relationship tips

Gaz just watched, completely disinterested. Zim didn't say anything, and suddenly pulled the door open again, sending Dib sprawling onto the ground. Zim only pushed him further from the entrance.

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No doubt Zim would only laugh in his face and slam the door shut again if he just blurted out what was in his mind. You can't really control him, Irk knows I've tried Zim suddenly reverted back into anger, annoyed that he had revealed more information than he'd like to.

Whether or not he listens fully to commands, he still sees me as his master. Dib listened carefully to his word choice. It didn't sound as warm as Dib had believed it to be.

Gaz was at her wits end with this whole conversation, and let her eyes wander around the yard lazily. She could slowly feeling something shifting around her, and she half-glanced over to Zim, who was watching Dib think about what to say next with complete disinterest.

Gaz felt another shift, and noticed how Zim's eyes slowly lightened with a glint that she didn't like. Another rattle from down below. Zim's face had the ghost of a smile that was anything but friendly.

Dib's distracted mind didn't pick up in time. The stairs that Dib and Gaz stood on suddenly vanished.

zim and dib relationship tips

With a surprised yelp, they fell into a dark pit below. A frantic look upwards showed Zim glowering down at them, an evil grin spread wide on his face. Both can also be very determined in getting whatever it is they want, and can be rather stubborn. They also share common interests, such as a surprisingly high tolerance for GIR and his hyperactivity. Zim and Gaz during the escape-pod chase Their contact throughout the series is, unfortunately, very limited.

Not unlike Dib's disregard for GIR, Zim often brushes his mortal enemy's little sister off when dealing with the pair of them. It is hinted in " Future Dib " that he thinks she's "scary" and might be intimidated by her, which is not unlikely, considering that Gaz frightens most children and adults she comes into contact with.

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This fact becomes even more apparent later in the same episode, when the Zim-controlled Dib Robot-Spy appears to have a spastic fit in front of Gaz, enraging her.

Despite Zim's very real capability to obliterate the human race, Gaz finds him too "dumb" to take over the world, as she stated in " Gaz, Taster of Pork ". In the original pilotGaz seemed to show a bit more interest in Zim than she does in the main series. She smugly smiles at him when he is about to chew beans, and looks down at him when he is in pain from the allergic reaction.

It is notable that she recognized Zim's voice.

Zim and Professor Membrane's relationship

However, his voice is pretty easy to distinguish, and she's probably used to hearing it, considering all the fighting between Zim and Dib.

In " Dark Harvest ", Gaz didn't get upset that Zim took her organs, likely only because she was still able to play her Game Slaveand was "in the zone". In " The Wettening ", Zim held Gaz above his head to protect himself from the rain completely ignoring the umbrella that was in her hand. Gaz would have beaten him up if Dib didn't intervene with his puddle splash.

In " Planet Jackers ", Gaz didn't seem to care that Zim was in her house, but rather was annoyed about Dib yelling about it. In " Bloaty's Pizza Hog ", Dib asked Gaz if she even cares that Zim's trying to destroy mankind, but she flatly stated how: This is proven when Zim triumphantly told Gaz he expected to be amused by her "pitiful" attempts to get Dib out of an "impenetrable" containment tank that Zim made himself.

Gaz promptly kicked the tank lightly, causing the entire thing to shatter and flood the room. Later, Zim also showed outright condescension toward Gaz: However, this has been used by fans as a romantic nickname for her in various fan fiction which is not canon. Despite Zim's demeaning views of his nemesis' sister, Gaz proved herself to be more than superior to the maniacal Irken during her escape from Zim's Space Station.

When he learns of her plan through MiMi's memory disc, he merely states that "her little joke has gone far enough". However, he finds that getting rid of her is harder than it seems, and he ends up needing GIRDib and Gaz to defeat her.

During their final battle outside Earth's atmosphere, Tak attempts to explain that his mission on Earth was a lie, told by the Tallest to get rid of him. In the end, as he makes a report to the Tallest, Zim brushes off Tak's explanation as a "lie". Contents [ show ] First Encounter Early on in " Tak: The Hideous New Girl ", Zim doesn't recognize Tak as another Irken, but thinks that she is a normal human girl who has fallen in love with him a conclusion he draws when he misinterprets her gift of Valentine's meat and a poem as tokens of affection, rather than her making an attempt to blend in and insult him, and cause him great pain to boot.

Interestingly, Zim chooses to take this opportunity to learn more about the nature of human affection, and attempts repeatedly to win her "affection" - with each attempt leading to suffering on his part. It is debatable whether or not Zim himself has developed a crush on Tak, or whether it's his big ego that leads him to fancy the idea she loves him.

zim and dib relationship tips

However, the latter idea is the more likely. The writers never establish Zim's feelings towards Tak Jhonen doesn't approve of them getting together out of all the pairings, as he has confirmed countless timesalthough it is clear that she hates him.