Zuko and iroh relationship counseling

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zuko and iroh relationship counseling

I love Iroh and Zuko's relationship. Iroh served as the best fatherly figure he could to Zuko after he lost his son and Zuko's father rejected him. This page is comprised of Iroh's relationships with other characters in the World of Iroh offered Zuko advice on how to defeat Zhao when the two faced off in an . The secret force of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Uncle Iroh has dark and mysterious past. This lie would prove beneficial to Team Avatar when Aang and Zuko would seek Then he gave me tea and some very good advice.” .. Harry Potter: 24 Ridiculous Things About Ron And Hermione's Relationship.

This short-lived belief shook Zuko enough that he even contemplated abdicating the throne. Zuko was amicable toward his step-father due to his intense loyalty to Ursa and Kiyi, his half-sister through Ursa and Noren.

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Noren felt enough familial loyalty and respect to Zuko to allow him and his friends to dine with his family, and to apologize to Zuko as Fire Lord for not telling him the truth from the beginning. The two built a solid relationship, though it was not particularly affectionate.

And I'm gonna beg for his forgiveness. He's the one who's been a real father to me! Iroh was Zuko's uncle, mentor, firebending teachercaretaker, and father figure.

The tolerant and even-keeled foil to Zuko's impulsiveness, Iroh tempered Zuko's anger with practical advice and a wry sense of humor. Though Iroh was a hard instructor, his merciless drilling in firebending basics served to improve Zuko's skill.

Although he often teased Zuko, who impatiently balked at his advice, they cared deeply about each other.

Is There a Better Redemption Arc In Television History Than Prince Zuko’s?

He even thought of Zuko as his surrogate child, his own son having died, and worried over him accordingly. Iroh was considered a traitor by the Fire Lord, blamed for the failure of the Siege of the Northern Water Tribe after he attacked Admiral Zhao for killing the mortal form of the Moon Spirit. Zuko left, believing that they no longer had anything to gain from traveling together, stating that he needed to find his own way.

zuko and iroh relationship counseling

Their reunion was cut short, however, when Iroh was severely injured by Azula, over which Zuko grew visibly distraught. Once Iroh had healed significantly, he began to teach Zuko how to channel lightning through his body; however, he refused to actually execute the technique for practice due to the risks involved.

While Iroh's words were harsh, Zuko ultimately seemed to respect the sentiments behind them, opting to release Appa, knowing the bison would return to Aang. After leaving the underground base, at his uncle's suggestion, he dropped his Blue Spirit mask into the lake and watched it sink from view. During Zuko's illness, Iroh gladly took care of his nephew. Iroh turned his head away in disappointment, signifying that he was ashamed of the choices that his nephew had made. Signifying that although his nephew had betrayed him, he still had faith in Zuko, Iroh gave Zuko a crown which Sozin once gave to Roku: He would ask for his uncle's forgiveness for his previous betrayal at Ba Sing Se.

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However, Iroh escaped from prison himself long before Zuko arrived and Zuko was forced to leave without him. He told an Iroh-like proverb to Sokkathat apparently made "no sense at all". Zuko and Iroh reunited in the White Lotus camp for the first time since Zuko learned of his ancestry.

zuko and iroh relationship counseling

Zuko expressed his guilt over betraying his uncle on several occasions after joining Team Avatar. Zuko reunited with his uncle before the final battle and sobbed as he begged for his uncle's forgiveness.

Iroh embraced his nephew in an emotional hug, stating that he was never angry with Zuko, just sad that he had lost his way and was now happy that Zuko found his way to him. He was proud to find that Zuko has finally found peace with himself and his destiny and the two finally made up.

zuko and iroh relationship counseling

Iroh refused, as Zuko was the far more suitable heir: Zuko was unsure due to his history of misdeeds, but Iroh assured him that since Zuko had learned from his mistakes, he would know how to rule as a man of peace and love. Zuko was emboldened by his uncle's wise words and asked Katara to join him in the facing of his sister. Zuko even helped Iroh serve tea to their friends, just like old times. The young Fire Lord wanted to ensure that Iroh could live a peaceful and quiet life after the War, and did not wish to bother him by visiting Ba Sing Se frequently.

After the crisis was subdued, Iroh wondered why Zuko had not come to him sooner. General Iroh Zuko is a source of guidance for his grandson, much like his Uncle Iroh was to him, and is held in high regard by him. As such, General Iroh based a decision on the words of his grandfather, stating that he would respect the Avatar's instinct since that was something that Zuko had done as well.

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Although Zuko was unaware of this when they first met, he immediately displayed brother-like affection toward her and catered a protective streak of her when Azula threatened to destroy her doll. In return, Kiyi had also grown fond of Zuko, begging him to come back to visit some time before he left to venture into Forgetful Valley.

The bond they shared was one of trust, as Zuko was able to convince Kiyi to listen to their mother when she initially refused to after Ursa had readopted her original features. Some particularly narrative-heavy episodic adult comedies, like your Arrested Developments and your Parks and Recreations, also get the nod. The Last Airbender, a name unfortunately besmirched by the race-swapping travesty of the M. In an entry on anti-villains —think anti-hero, but more villainous!

Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender had so many heroic traits and plot lines not to mention horrific backstory that fans were at a loss as to what to call him before this index was created. If not for the fact that he was constantly trying to capture the protagonist, he would be the most sympathetic character on the show.

zuko and iroh relationship counseling

And to many viewers, he is anyway. This raises an interesting question: How can the crown prince of a genocidal nation—gifted with power over an element painted as inherently destructive, whose anger is barely controllable and whose motivations toward the protagonists are nefarious at best and world-ending at worst—possibly become both a fan favorite and the most sympathetic character on the show?

Take it away, TV Tropes! In fact, their ups and downs provide the emotional arc for the entire series. The climactic showdown at the end of the first season is defined by Iroh explicitly telling Zuko he thinks of him as a son.

The season two premiere ends with Iroh and Zuko symbolically cutting their hair and, with it, their allegiance to the Fire Nation.

The third season finally brings Aang and his friends to the Fire Nation, where they are finally able to see its people as something other than hot-blooded conquerors. Zuko, too, returns home, and finds something different: After all Iroh had told Zuko of balance, it was impossible for him to continue as the son of a conqueror and feel whole. Suddenly, Zuko discovers himself. Ozai cruelly taunts him about the disappearance of his mother before attempting to kill him by bending lightning at him—which Zuko, thanks to a technique Iroh taught him to defend himself against Azula, deflects right back at him.