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aldona zero 12 ending relationship

I would still say that, on the whole, the second season of ZERO comes to an end, and it's a fitting finale for a series that has been predictably unpredictable and .. Asseylums path felt like a wild relationship which is sacrificed for a career path. .. March 29, at pmWorldwideDepp. stylized as, is a television and print series created by Olympus . She temporary serves Lemrina, Asseylum's half sister, and near the end of the episode, . Her relationship to her half-sister is not close. . and designs by Takako Shimura.'s production committee, Project AZ. Yuki x Inaho is the Aldnoah Zero OTP. Mar 29, AM Inaho and Slaine got NTR'd!! deal with it end of shipping.. fuck the writers.

A new government is formed on Mars with the assistance of Earth and the Princess Asseylum becomes one of the many ambassadors. The nobility are stripped of their privileges to prevent another government led by those entitled to power.

So, all of the Orbital Knights and the royal family are forced to live like normal citizens to their dismay. The corruption within the government is also revealed publicly.

With close negotiations, Earth assists Mars in its resource problem, shares its resources in exchange for technology, and starts an exchange program. This program allows children from both planets to learn of the opposite one. The lack of knowledge of the opposite side may have lead to the war, so understanding of the different cultures may prevent future conflict.

And the Democratic government of Vers uses its the advanced technology to search for other planets that can be colonized by humanity to prevent resource shortages and to become self reliant. Slaine- Slaine, as a count, is put into jail for a few months with the various actions he committed against Earth.

But once he is released, he visits his home planet once again. Meeting with Inaho and his sister, he finds out that they have more in common than they previously thought.

He lives on Earth for the rest of his days and marries Lemrina, enjoying the beautiful sun and sky. But, his father's research may be useful in traveling to other planets without using Aldnoah, so he unearths this data and uses it in the project for finding other planets.

Inaho- Inaho, now no longer having to fight, has his robotic eye removed. He works for the Japanese government as a teacher of the Martian culture and as head of Mecha studies. For his strong contribution in the war, he is given a variety of privileges, but decides that they are mostly unnecessary. He marries Asseylum as she no longer is part of the royal family.

Together, they work to continue to bring peace between Earth and Mars. Asseylum- Asseylum, the former Vers princess, is glad about having her new status with the new freedoms she is given. Working as an ambassador and as a teacher on Martian and Earth culture, she hopes to educate many in the wonderful aspects of both planets. She also uses her Aldnoah power to power the new generators and is researching on how to give the power of Aldnoah to all people.

Lenrina- Lemrina, gets proper medical care on her legs on Earth from specialty doctors. Slaine visits her during these treatments to her delight.

At this moment, she continues to deal with her disability, but is working on how to fix the spinal cord to give back people the use of their limbs if function is lost. No longer feeling resentment toward her sister, she enjoys life on Earth and travels to Mars every once in a while.

And possible other character endings But by episode 20, Eddelrittuo starts to worry about him after Asseylum wakes up and tries to remember her time on Earth, and with Inaho. She even defended him to Asseylum in episode How he views his imprisonment at the end of season 2. He's lost his appetite and even the will to live, and would have preferred to die instead. Flipped in the second season, Slaine was promoted to protagonist.

In the last episode where he's imprisoned for life, he's so far into this after losing Princess Asseylum that he's stopped eating and repeatedly begged Inaho to kill him. Of course, the last shot implies he's at least happy to hear that Asseylum still cared about him enough to have Inaho spare his life. Did Not Think This Through: Much of the pain and suffering of the show would not have happened if Slaine would just consider the consequences of his actions.

For most of the series, he would only ponder the consequences when they jump up to bite him somewhere sensitive, and he tries to shoot them. The Dog Bites Back: He takes a lot of verbal abuse from Trillram in Episode 2 for his hesitation to kill. In the next episode, after Trillram angrily snaps at him to come with him to kill the princess and insults him again, he snatches Trillram's service pistol out of its holster and guns him down on the spot.

Saazbaum gets this as well as revenge for shooting Asseylum. Soon after Inaho shoots him down at the end of Episode 7, Cruhteo picks Slaine up and tortures him.

Dude, Where's My Respect?

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Cruhteo even slaps him for even asking to see combat to avenge Asseylum's death. Ultimately averted in season two: He has been able to amass so much power that he's on his way to becoming the next emperor of Vers. Even Barouchruz, who has contempt for Slaine because of Fantastic Racism and killing Marylcein, acknowledges that nothing can stop his rise to power.

Despite being the one to literally solve the assassination plot, he is the one to blame for all of it instead. Decides to defect to the Earth after finding out of the Martian conspiracy to kill the princess. And gradually takes control over more and more of it as the second season rolls on. Even Evil Has Standards: While he doesn't initially object to the VERS Empire invading Earth, he doesn't take it too well when he learns Princess Asseylum was killed, only to later be found alive. And Trillram wanted her dead to conceal the justification for their invasion.

He lets people constantly abuse and mock him for his heritage as an earthling, and even participates in the invasion of earth despite wanting peace. The former is a bit distressing because he's very close to the princess, someone with the authority and reason to stop any bullying he may face.

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Unlike the other characters Slaine doesn't have any pupils. Unusually enough in the flashback where he first meets Princess Asseylum he is shown having them, it most likely was an animation error. According to his profile, he's this to Inaho. While one controls his emotion and is logical, Slaine is meant to be emotional and intuitive. At least the initial intent seemed to be during conceptualization. In actual execution over the course of the series, though?

Because he acts on his emotions rather than thinking things through, he just ends up making things worse.

Cemented further in season 2. Saazbaum seemingly killing Princess Asseylum makes him snap. He then repeatedly shoots Saazbaum and executes Inaho.

From Nobody to Nightmare: He was an ex-Terran upon arriving on VERS territory, so was viewed with disdain and skepticism about his loyalty. Near the end of the second season, he has more or less attained Big Bad status and likely would have succeeded in conquering Earth were it not for the universe trying to fuck him over as much as possible. Framing the Guilty Party: Is hit with this at the end when he's publicly declared as the one behind the assassination and the whole war, even though he was really charged with using extreme methods to end the latter by conquering Earth.

Everything became so complicated by the end that it would have been easier for everyone to believe he did all of it instead of some of it. His motive for continuing the war is due partly to the mistreatment he suffered at the hands of Martian nobles along with their mistreatment of lower class Martians. And partly because he feels wiping out Earth's forces utterly so they can no longer oppose him is the only way to achieve peace. Never mind that Asseylum would never approve of that, and she attempts to stop him in episode 21 after learning that he's changed for the worse since she last saw him.

Realizes this in episode 19 when he begins lying and manipulating Lemrina, forces other knights to swear fealty to him, and begins a new offensive on Earth. Despite this, he recognizes that he's too deep into his Gambit Roulette to turn back, even if Asseylum ends up hating him.

Tries to in Mars, as an immigrant from Earth. It doesn't work out too well largely because most of the Martian knights view him as a lesser being due to his origins on Earth despite being Asseylum's tutor about the planet.

Saazbaum adopts Slaine in episode 15 after some irate Martian knights insult and even attempt to attack Slaine for being a Terran despite him working with the Martians all this time. He immediately tells everyone within shouting distance this, lest someone think that he was just lying.

This comes back to bite Saazbaum's behind when Slaine ends up killing him later in the episode, then uses his new father's death to take up his position within the Martian knight's ranks.

One of his character descriptions in the official website, as the most kindhearted character at core of the show. Once he finds out about the plot to kill Princess Asseylum, he kills Trillram on the spot, and later helps Inaho against Femianne Unfortunately, Inaho shot him down afterwards.

He Who Fights Monsters: Though he was hoping for a peaceful coexistence with Earth as well just like Asseylum, by the second half of the show it's obvious he's more than willing to wipe out the Terrans if that's the only way to get the fighting to stop. Unfortunately when he explains this to Lemrina in episode 21, she disapproves of it.

Then she reveals herself to be the real Asseylum. One happens to him in episode 8, after being subjected to torture by Cruhteo, the latter finally realizes that he was actually trying to be loyal to Princess Asseylum, and orders his men to tend to his wounds.

He also vows to get to the bottom of the conspiracy and punish those responsible for starting the war. Deconstructed to hell and back. Slaine's actions in season 1 firmly establish what happens when your entire game plan basically boils down to "I've got to get to the princess, no matter what the cost.

While he does snap out of this and actually engage in some long-term planning, and actually considers the consequences of his actions briefly in Season 2, specifically in episodes 15 and 16, when Princess Asseylum wakes up he goes right back to it and shows what happens when the entire game plan is basically nothing more than "I won't let the princess out of my grasp again, even if I have to put her in a cage.

He feels indebted to the princess and the Vers family for saving him and his father five years ago. Pulls off some pretty incredible maneuvers with his sky carrier, including a Pugachev's Cobra followed by a rapid vertical climb.

Pretty impressive for a transport plane. Much like Inaho, Slaine deeply cares about Asseylum and is willing to achieve her dream of bringing peace between Earth and Mars, even if it involves conquering Earth. At the end of the series, he was sentenced to life in prison, but is still glad she is safe and happy. In episode 7, he deflects one of the Hellas' fists away from Inaho and crew in the nick of time to save them. Can be considered a Big Damn Heroes moment.

How Asseylum saved him 5 years ago. Although many fans found his final fate excessive, everyone has to admit that it fits his many crimes perfectly. He tried to lock Princess Asseylum up in a cage for life while he marries the impostor, Lemrina, so he gets locked up in a cage while the world is told that he's dead.

Because he dashed the hopes and dreams of billions, and left Asseylum with no other option than to go with a Bureaucratically Arranged Marriage to end the war, all his hopes and dreams are dashed forever. Make It Look Like an Accident: Reports to Cruhteo that Trillram's death was the result of being caught in the meteor bombardment.

Since said bombardment would also vaporize the body, his story is airtight He sees right through his story and immediately investigates when details don't match up. Does it again with Saazbaum. With Slaine taking his position as Count, some of the other counts have raised suspicions as to how he did it. This realization hits him in full force right after Saazbaum guns down the princess and then smiles at Slaine, congratulating him for saving him. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! Had Slaine been a bit more honest about Trillram's death by saying that the Terrans found a way around his shield instead of lying to Cruhteo about the manner of Trillram's death by blaming the orbital bombardment, Saazbaum would never have been tipped off, and the report to the Emperor about Asseylum being alive might have been believed.

Shooting at Inaho in an attempt to force his way to the princess, when Inaho was acting as a proper bodyguard for Asseylum while being well aware that Martians were after heronly served to alienate the entire crew of the Deucalion, and place him at Cruhteo's tender mercies. Happens again in the final episode of Season 1 when he saves Count Saazbaum from being killed by Inaho, leading to Saazbaum being able to shoot the Princess right in front of him.

Near the end of season 2. He puts Asseylum and Lemrina under house arrest, in the same place, so when UE special forces infiltrate the base to try to assassinate Asseylum because of all the pro-war propaganda that Lemrina was doing disguised as Asseylum, Cruhteo's son comes along and sweeps her away in his ship.

Lastly, because he had Lemrina in disguise as Asseylum try to legitimize the Neo-martian Empire by marriage to himself, the real Asseylum had to marry the new Count Cruhteo to stop the war and bring peace and prosperity to both Earth and Mars. Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! Shooting Inaho, who was attempting to give Asseylum first aid, in the eye while trying to kill him had him replace the eye with a powerful processing computer that made him even deadlier in battle with Martian Kataprhacts, and gave him Aldnoah privilidges by being directly exposed to Asseylum's blood.

Protagonist Journey to Villain: The first season could be seen as Slaine being conflicted between the two sides before settling on the Vers' side. Following his killing of Saazbaum, it's made apparent Slaine is following his own path to reform Vers, but is still an enemy of Earth. He makes a snap decision to save Saazbaum right before Inaho is going to finish him during the battle in Castle Saazbaum.

aldona zero 12 ending relationship

It backfires on him. He does this to the Herschel, making a very surgical cut in its cockpit which forcibly ejects its pilot into space and allows him to take the machine with minimal damage. Episode 13 reveals that at the end of the previous season he told Saazbaum, at gunpointthat as long as the Princess lives Saazbaum is free to pursue his ambitions. In Episode 15, he happily lets Saazbaum get blown to bits by the trap Slaine had set up earlier, usurping Saazbaum's title as Count.

He had to briefly serve as this in the third episode after Trillram's surveillance drones were blinded by smoke and he couldn't see where he was going.

Whatever can go wrong for him, will go wrong. To Asseylum, to the point where he absolutely will not break under torture if it would endanger her life. Asseylum carries his and his father's prayers of peace. Subverted horribly throughout the show, until he's reached a point where he was willing to destroy the Terrans to bring about the peaceful world the princess wanted, and is reduced to a broken suicidal mess by the time of the last episode.

In season 2, he wants to bring Asseylum's dreams of peace between Earth and Mars, by prolonging the war and conquering Earth. Needless to say, Asseylum was not happy about it when she found out about his plans.

Asseylum Vers Allusia Voiced by: Sora Amamiya JapaneseErika Harlacher English The princess of the Vers empire, who does not subscribe to her religion's belief that Terrans are inferior primitives.

Instead, she pushes for peace between the two, but unknowingly becomes the catalyst for a new interplanetary war. Killed in the first episode by a missile strike from a terrorist group. Except it was a body double, and the real princess was hiding as a tourist when the fighting breaks out. Just look at her happy little smile after she just fired a grenade launcher.

She looks like a kid showing a finished painting to her mommy. Despite everything that happens to her throughout the series, she never stops trying to help and save everyone. Survives three attempts on her life, first by terrorists, then survives Saazbaum's gunshot wounds, and finally is saved from Terran special ops soldiers by Klancain. Despite her cute appearance, there is no denying the fact that she's a competent fighter herself.

She's perfectly capable of flipping and body pressing someone her size or bigger with little effort. / Characters - TV Tropes

In Episode 3, she volunteers to be the standing gunner in the counteroffensive against Trillram and manages to not only expertly handle a grenade launcher in her first experience with live combat, but also buys the group the time they need by singlehandedly driving Trillram back with sheer force of will and charisma.

When she does use a pistol pointing it at Slaineher grip demonstrates she knows exactly how to handle it. In addition to her assassination being the justification for the VERS knights to invade Earth, she is constantly reminded that it's her fault, whether directly with people blaming her for the war, or indirectly when she overhears people talking about how they lost friends and loved ones due to this conflict.

Despite her feelings for Inaho, she marries Klaincain who's a last minute character out of political necessity to end the war. Finally gets her chance in episode 10 to try and stop the war. She broadcasts an announcement that she's alive and well, and orders a cessation of hostilities from the Martians.

Unfortunately the Martians operating the moon base that receives the signal is loyal to the knights, and Saazbaum tells Slaine her message will go unheard by them. She wakes up in Episode 19, however. One can see that unlike Inaho, who gets shot clean through the head, Asseylum's head is only grazed by Saazbaum's bullet, so it is not unlikely she merely passed out from the shock.

Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Asseylum has long, blonde hair when not disguisedis shown to be rather naive and innocent, is one of the few non-racist Martians we've seen, and is doing what she can to end the Earth-Mars war and achieve peaceful relations with Earth. We even see her showing enough purity of spirit that she forgives Rayet for trying to kill her and then apologizes for the role her visit to Earth played in Rayet's suffering in episode ten.

Saazbaum shoots her in the back at the end of Episode It's All My Fault: She feels this as the war was sparked off thanks to the assassination attempt and wonders if it would have better off if she'd never gone to Earth in the first place. Despite that, she does accept the blame anytime someone angrily confronts her about it, though this has the odd effect of dissipating their anger at her, or causes confusion in the case of Rayet.

After the war starts she pretends to be an ordinary tourist caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Despite being in love with Inaho she in order to end the war is forced to marry Klaincain while whom she is amiable and friendly to, is not in love with. Has a rather optimistic attitude about wanting to patch up relations between Earth and Mars.

Unfortunately terrorists attack her convoy, and the Martian knights use this as a justification to restart hostilities. She quickly learns that War Is Hell.

Never Found the Body: The ending narrative of season one states that "the whereabouts of Princess Royal Asseylum Vers Allusia She wants peace between the Martians and the Terrans, and does not view Terrans as inferior beings.

Many people, both Terran and Martian, point out that had Princess Asseylum never come to Earth in the first place, the Martians never would have had a pretext in invade.

Asseylum hears these words while in disguise, and takes it rather hard. Not Even Bothering with the Accent: When she is disguised as a Scandinavian tourist, she doesn't even speak in an accent. Episode one lead us to believe she was assassinated by high-ranking members of the Martian government to get an excuse for a war, but it turned out to be a body double. She'd fallen ill because of the change in gravity.

aldona zero 12 ending relationship

Happens again in Episode 10, when after being choked out, she was still able to be revived within the crucial handful of minutes that passed before truly dying. A third time occurs in Episode In Episode 13, we find out the "Asseylum" who appears giving speeches is another Martian princess using a holographic disguise to stir up anti-Earth sentiment on Mars. The real Asseylum is being kept on the Moon base in a medically induced coma in a liquid-suspension tank. You'd never know this from watching the showbut the series timeline on the website tells us her father, second emperor of Vers, died while commanding his armies on the Moon when it exploded inand a post-season 1 interview with the show's director reveals her mother also died shortly after giving birth to her.

Season 2 eventually tells the viewers her father's fate but is silent as to her mother. She literally walks right up to Rayet's gun and kneels before her after Rayet reveals who she really is. The sheer contradiction of her attitude towards Rayet confounds her so much that she ends up not going through with it, though not before she fires a few shots which hits the ground around Asseylum.

She's a princess with long blonde hair, a beautiful and fancy dress and jewelry. Add in her pacifism, and it can be a real shocker how handy she is with several varieties of fire arms such as pistols and grenade launchers.

Royals Who Actually Do Something: Not only is she actively seeking to end the war as quickly as possible, her bloodline allows her to power the Aldnoah-based flying battleship the team found in the secret base at Tanegashima. After the assassination attempt, she uses Martian technology to hide its true length and color. She is confirmed to have feelings for Inaho over the series. They Died Because of You: She is constantly reminded of this by several people, even though she was just as much a pawn in the VERS knight's plans to invade Earth.

She attempts to fix things up, but faces potential stiff opposition from both sides, as well as the chance that no one may believe her.

Too Good for This Sinful Earth: What several of the VERS knights felt about her after the failed assassination. Cruhteo in particular, regrets being unable to have her reconsider going to Earth on a goodwill mission, which may have prevented her death in the first place.