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Astonishing X-Men is the name of four X-Men comic book series from Marvel Comics, Marjorie Liu wrote the final 21 issues of the series until its end at issue #68 replaced Uncanny X-Men during the alternate universe storyline Age of . In the following Unstoppable arc, Whedon wrote an adventure taking place on. Marvel Knights: Astonishing X-Men Unstoppable by Wolverine DVD $ . as well as the idea of a fling with Frost during his relationship with Jean Grey. With their modern outfits and clingy relationship to the real world, they I've especially enjoyed many of the Marvel Knights DVDS, like Black Panther and Thor. X-Men movies, so this fourth one in the series, Unstoppable, is my first, It's kind of like reading the tail end of a comic saga, which is apropos.

I also loved seeing the relationship between Kitty and Colossus become more serious and intimate in this volume as they truly care about each other and there is a really hot scene between the two lovebirds in this volume!

I also loved the relationship between Emma and Scott and even they had their moments of doubt in their relationship and I thought that Joss Whedon had written that strain in their relationship extremely well. I also loved the humor that Joss Whedon incorporated into this volume as it made this final volume not only intense to read, but light-hearted in a way that will make you laugh so much at how the characters in this book took this worldwide threat in a more hilarious light.

I especially loved the little quote that Colossus has when he attempted at making a joke at a serious situation: I have been planning to destroy the Breakworld since I was a child.

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I never know when is good. Joss Whedon has truly done an excellent job at portraying Kitty in this volume. I loved how she would try anything to save the world and how she was so brave and heroic throughout this volume because it really made her character truly stand out even more in this volume.

I also loved her relationship with Peter as she truly cares about him and I loved the moments between them. What made me feel uncomfortable about this book: The only problem I had with this volume was how one of my favorite characters died. I will not tell you who die because that will spoil everything, but it is a character that I have grew fond of since I read this series and that character will be sorely missed.

Especially in the first episode.

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Jaggies are a common occurrence. The detail that is seen in the later episodes isn't as crisp or well-defined in this episode. For some reason "Gifted" didn't manage to get the treatment that the rest got. After the first episode one can settle down and enjoy a colorful, detail-rich animated presentation. The caveat being a love for motion comics is a must. No matter how beautiful the animation looks on screen it is sure to put some people off simply because of the still nature of the medium.

Blacks all seem as inky as they could be.

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Lines are definite in the later episodes. Color fills are solid and never waver. If you can get past the flubs of the first episode, then the next three will please you. It falls somewhere in between the two. It's one of those tracks that performs admirably given its constraints, but doesn't reach the heights that it could given a few more channels.

Dialogue is cleanly delivered through the front speakers. Sound effects are a bit too loud, as they draw attention away from the dialogue.