Broken silence natasha preston ending relationship

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broken silence natasha preston ending relationship

The official website of New York Times Bestselling Author, Natasha Preston, author of the Wattpad sensation, The Cellar. "Silence" is a heartbreaking and tragic story that raises awareness to the type of things society doesn't pay attention to. Oakley' silence makes. It goes more in depth of Cole and Oakley's relationship. . I love happy endings! Just like the first book in the sequel, Broken Silence by Natasha Preston is an.

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Her mother emailed her best friend, Jenna Also Cole's Momand let her know they were coming back for the trials. Unfortunately, Jenna's internet went down and did not get the message so Oakley and her family showed up unannounced which took Cole by surprise.

When him and Oakley talked for the first time he yelled at her for leaving him behind because he would have went with her.

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She didn't want him to come though, because he had plans to go to the University. Cole was still very much in love with Oakley and eventually they got back together. During the trials Oakley's first time on the stand and looking at her dad for the the first time again she passed out and was taken to the hospital.

She just had an anxiety attack and had a concussion from hitting her head. The trials were rough because they couldn't find the evidence of her dad taking pictures of her on his computer so he tried to convince the jury she was doing it for attention and that's why she mute herself and then came up with this story.

In the middle of her giving her evidence though, a man came through the doors and approached the judge. The man had finally hacked into her dad's computer well enough and found the pictures. Eventually, her dad was sentenced to life and Frank changed his plea to guilty and was sentenced 10 years.

broken silence natasha preston ending relationship

After they went home to celebrate the police knocked on the door and arrested Cole because Oakley had to admit that they had sex when she was fifteen. Oakley got the whole town involved and eventually they let Cole go with no charges. Since the trials were over this meant Oakley would have to return to Australia but instead her mom went back to Australia, sold the house, and returned with her new boyfriend, Miles.

On this cover, you get to see some of Oakley's face as she's letting everyone into her world and revealing her secrets.

Broken Silence (Silence, #2) by Natasha Preston

It appears that she is on a beach, which is where she would go for walks in Australia in order to have some time to herself.

I actually liked this book more than the first one and stayed up all night to read it in one sitting. I liked it because she was letting people know what happened to her and she was finally giving the details that would give justice to her and anyone else affected by the abuses of her father and Frank. Of course, this was incredibly difficult for Oakley, and she had her moments when she didn't know what exactly what the right thing to do was.

broken silence natasha preston ending relationship

She decided that as long as she told the absolute truth, she would be able to find closure and hoped that the truth would be believed by the jury. And of course, there was also the situation between her and Cole.

broken silence natasha preston ending relationship

Unlike many authors, Natasha did not grow up as a serial book reader as she drifted through school often achieving average grades. After school, she found herself doing mind-numbing receptionist and administration jobs as there was nothing else she was qualified for. It was in that she accidentally stumbled into writing. She was looking for an app in the App Store when an amateur writing site named Wattpad caught her eye.

Book Review: Broken Silence by Natasha Preston

She had at last found something to do during her free time and for a few months lost herself reading stories from numerous little known authors. During this time an idea to put some of her own stories that had been forming in her head.

broken silence natasha preston ending relationship

Natasha who had previously only read school books and famously has few mentors if any became hooked once she started writing. She credits Wattpad for opening her eyes to what was possible by giving her an escape from her mundane life ,and then providing the confidence to dive into the world of authorship.

Broken Silence by Natasha Preston | Book Review | Juliann Guerra

The leads in the series are Cole and Oakley, both of whom tell the story from their own perspectives making for an interesting narration style. Oakley is a brave, smart, and strong girl who has undergone some of the most traumatic of events during her childhood. However, over the course of the series, she grows as she fights her abuser and tries to find justice.

Cole is a likable and fun person that loves Oakley and is afraid of ever losing her as he believes she is his soul mate. Another secondary character in the novels is Jasper who is brother to Oakley, that is similar in temperament to her boyfrind and is also very protective of Oakley.

The young adult novel is set in the modern era that it mentions several pop stars in the stories such as Justin Bieber and One Direction. The overriding theme of the novels is that tragedies and hard times are the lot of every human.

They assert that the best thing to do is to face up to them and be brave even when they suck you dry. The traumatic event had robbed her and her family of an important thing — her voice.