Dawn of war 2 tau ending relationship

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dawn of war 2 tau ending relationship

2 Reception; 3 References; 4 External links. Campaign[edit]. Chaos Rising is set ten years after the events of Dawn of War II and the defeat of the This is a conscious choice in the gameplay and will affect the ending of the game as well as. It is the sequel to the Warhammer 40, Dawn of War video game series. . Avitus: Avitus leads a squad of 2 Devastators, heavy weapon specialists. His default armament - a pair of arms ending in massive power fists, with a flamer A new DLC emerged giving players a chance to use the Shas'O Tau commander. Been reading up just a little on the Tau, and they really seem to be the good through a catastrophic, devastating war to subjugate their planet.

As the Commander and his forces gained the upper hand, Araghast calls for Eliphas to open another portal to help him escape, but Eliphas betrays Araghast and refuses, leaving a furious Araghast to the mercy of the Blood Ravens.

dawn of war 2 tau ending relationship

With Araghast slain, Eliphas takes command of the Black Legion forces. Enthralled by the silencing of Araghast, the Blood Ravens remark the fitting end that a leader of traitors was, ironically, destroyed thanks to a traitor. Martellus, analyzing copious amounts of data, reports to the Force Commander that Apothecary Galan is still alive and also within the Honor Guard of the Blood Ravens.

They also find yet another coded transmission from the traitor to Galan. But despite the threat posed by Chaos, Captain Diomedes orders all the Blood Ravens to leave the sub-sector immediately. Gabriel Angelos, unwilling to simply leave the Blood Ravens recruiting worlds to be corrupted by Chaos, orders the Force Commander and his squads to disregard Diomedes' orders. Angelos travels to Calderis where Diomedes is operating out of, and confronts him regarding the retreat order.

Diomedes, acting in the name of Kyras, declares Angelos and his men traitors to the Chapter, and sends out a notice to all Blood Ravens to kill him on sight. Knowing that Gabriel is no traitor, the Force Commander and his squads infiltrate Captain Diomedes's fire-base on Calderis. Within, they locate Apothecary Galan along with a host of Honor Guards that they find have all been corrupted by the forces of Chaos.

The strike force attacks Galan and defeats him; in his dying moments, the Apothecary thanks them for freeing him from the influence of Chaos and tells them that everyone who had gone aboard the Judgment of Carrion had been corrupted, along with most of the men in the fire-base. Only Captain Diomedes himself is found to be pure of corruption, but is blinded by his pride. The strike force proceeds to the Honor Guard's Command Center where they hope to access its logs to expose the traitor on the Retribution.

The Command Center is unfortunately destroyed and Captain Diomedes appears on the scene, branding the Commander and his men as heretics for what they have just done.

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The Commander and his squad explain to Diomedes what had transpired and the events on board the Judgment of Carrion. Diomedes was shocked to hear about it, along with the name of the daemon, and allows them to escape.

Meanwhile, logs from Galan's dataslate that was found on board the Judgment of Carrion reveal that Kyras had fallen to Chaos long before the expedition. In addition, the Daemon Ulkair was imprisoned on Aurelia and they finally realize that Eliphas is planning to release him. On Aurelia, Eliphas explains that just before the planet was taken by the Warp long ago, Kyras managed to imprison Ulkair after Kyras' master Moriah was killed in battle.

Soon after, the warp descended upon the planet taking both Kyras and the Planet. Kyras, trapped within the warp, made a deal with Ulkair to guarantee his escape; Kyras returned centuries later aboard the Judgment of Carrion. Ulkair thanks Eliphas for releasing him and promises him more power and control under its service.

As the player and his squad return to Aurelia, they discover the identity of the traitor. The traitor varies based on the Corruption level of the squads under the player's control. The one with the highest Corruption is the traitor. If none of the player squads are corrupted, the traitor is Techmarine Martellus. The traitor immediately leaves the Retribution and joins with the Chaos force on the ground, and the Commander leads his loyal squads in pursuit to destroy him.

After they kill the traitor, he tells them that Ulkair has been revived and confirms that Kyras was corrupted by Chaos. Gabriel arrives with his battle barge, the Litany of Fury, and is informed by the Commander and his men of the traitor and the corruption of Kyras.

Gabriel, wasting no time, launches a grand assault upon the ancient Blood Ravens chapter keep on Aurelia, where Kyras bound Ulkair. Making use of Predator tanks to secure a beachhead, numerous Chaos bases are destroyed as the Force Commander and his squad gather to assault Ulkair.

As they begin to approach the Daemon, they are intercepted by Eliphas, who guards the only way to reach Ulkair. Before they can deal a killing blow, Eliphas is saved by the warp and escapes death yet again, leaving the Commander and his forces free to battle Ulkair.

In a long and difficult battle, the Daemon is finally vanquished and sealed again. However, Ulkair remarks that no prison may hold him forever and that he will eventually return and slaughter them all.

dawn of war 2 tau ending relationship

He tells though of the greater challenges that await them, since Azariah Kyras has been corrupted by Chaos, the only thing that the Blood Ravens may do now is slay him.

Gabriel then speaks to the Commander and his squad about their actions which depends on the Corruption level of the Commander and his squads, and whether they chose to redeem Captain Diomedes or slay him on Calderis.

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Meanwhile, Eliphas awakens in a prison of some sort, where he is met by Warmaster Abaddon, the lord of the Black Legion. As Abaddon advances on him, Eliphas swears that as he promised, the Blood Ravens will fall. Ending[ edit ] Once the player reaches the end of the game, it gives out five endings that the player may receive depending on the player's redemption and corruption levels.

Full Purity - If the player does all the redemption missions and kills Apothecary Galan and not Captain Diomedes, and only one of your squad leaders was corrupted before turning the traitor, the player's character and his squads will act as Agents of Purification within the Chapter and with the help of Gabriel and Diomedes after learning the truth about the Corruption within the Blood Ravens.

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The player's character is bestowed the position of Brother Captain of the Fourth Company. Purity - If the player kills Galan and spares Diomedes, but the corruption level of your squads is above zero, the player is marked as a renegade along with Gabriel, who commends the player character for being willing to oppose Kyras' command and for purging the corruption within his ranks, and calls for a rallying of others in the Chapter with similar courage to oppose Kyras and the forces of Chaos.

Neutral - If the player does both redemption and corruption in all of the missions Killing all the Blood Ravens, and not killing both Diomedes and Galanthe player's character will be banished from the chapter and exiled to the Eye of Terror for a hundred years and sentenced to pay for his sins with his blood or the blood of his enemies. Corruption - If the player has greater corruption points than his redemption, player's character will be executed for heresy by Gabriel using his Thunder Hammer.

After being critically injured by a Tyranid warrior, Davian Thule is placed in stasis until his condition is stabilized. Afterwards, due to his grievous injuries, he cannot fully recover, and instead becomes a Dreadnought - a cybernetic combat walker. Although powerful, Thule is slow and more vulnerable to anti-vehicle weapons and explosives.

His default armament - a pair of arms ending in massive power fists, with a flamer fixed under one of them - is geared for melee.

However, by replacing one of the arms with an assault cannon, Thule can be turned into a devastating ranged unit. Skirmish[ edit ] Dawn of War II includes a skirmish game as well, playable either as single-player or multiplayer, and uses the Games for Windows - Live online gaming service for multiplayer games and matchmaking. The various commanders are used to complement different strategies.

dawn of war 2 tau ending relationship

For example, a player who chooses the Space Marine army can choose among the offense-oriented Force Commander, the support-oriented Apothecary, and the defense-oriented Techmarine. Unlike most contemporary real-time strategy games, including Dawn of War, most of the unit and research production in Dawn of War II is done from an army's headquarters building, and unit upgrades are performed on the field of battle itself.

There is the standard Victory Point Control mode where the key to winning is controlling the critical victory points on the map until the opponent's victory points run down to zero, and in unranked custom matches there is also the annihilation mode where players attempt to completely destroy their opponents' units and structures. In both modes, players fight to control requisition and power nodes which supply factions with required resources.

In online ranked play, players compete in 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 matches. Annihilation games are not supported for ranked play. Players take control of either a Space Marine Captain, an Eldar Farseer or an Ork Mekboy, and co-operate with two other players in order to take on waves of AI controlled units.

As the players play, they gain experience points which unlocks 'wargear' for their character. This was further improved with the release of Retribution which added an Imperial Lord General to the fray.

Later on in March a brand new DLC was announced and released as part of a 5th birthday in which the Necron Overlord became playable. Plot[ edit ] The game opens with the player and Sergeant Tarkus deep-striking onto the desert planet Calderis to aid Captain Davian Thule and his initiates.

As they drive away the Orks they are confronted by Mek Badzappa and his wartrukk. Although the Mek escapes, the Space Marines collapse the mine through which they are coming and achieve victory. After this they strike from the cruiser Armageddon into a hamlet where Scout Sergeant Cyrus is waiting for them. They manage to fight their way to the defender of the hamlet, Sergeant Avitus, rescue him and save the hamlet from Orks.

After this they receive word that Orks have attacked two more key locations and assume someone is leading them. After this the Marines obtain information from Skykilla and Gutrencha and find that both have visited Felhammer Mine recently.

They also learn that Mek Badzappa is there as well. However Cyrus remains on board the Armageddon to provide technical support. When they enter the mine they see a Warp Spider Exarch and his retinue vanish, and the Space Marines are rescued from Ork gunners by Sergeant Thaddeus. They also find Badzappa and his platoon under attack by an Eldar Warlock and a company of Guardians. Badzappa used a specialized goggle and saw that Eldar were deceiving them by thinking that they were Orks.

Apparently, the Eldar planned to use the Orks because there is a bigger threat. Although they kill the Warlock, the Mek escapes once again.

As the Warlock dies he speaks of a greater foe threatening them all, but the heroes remain unconcerned. They travel to the jungle planet of Typhon Primaris to stop Eldar activity. A Warp Spider Exarch is stirring up the Orks into revolt and must be eliminated. He mentions nothing of the so-called "greater foe" but Thule asks them to return to Calderis as Mek Badzappa is launching an attack against the capital, and citizens are reporting plants mutating and small purple creatures killing livestock.

This was the "greater threat" the Eldar Warlock talked about. The Tyranids are feared since they devour worlds for the so-called biomass.

The Space Marines arrive and finally kill the Mek, but they are soon attacked by the Tyranids. Thule is mortally wounded by a Tyranid Warrior and Techmarine Martellus leads them back to safety after they destroy the Tyranid attack force. They kill the Eldar ranger Nemerian, who has been stirring up trouble, and return to Calderis to kill the Tyranid Warrior that mortally wounded Captain Thule.

After this they are voxed by Captain Gabriel Angelos the protagonist of the first game who tells them that he is bringing his company to aid them in their battle to stop the Tyranids, and gives them the three primary objectives of the game.

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To gain victory they must: These can be completed in any order desired. Securing the Astronomic Array will grant the player orbital bombardment and deep-strike, defending Angel Forge will allow Sergeant Tarkus to use Terminator Armour, and gathering the bio-toxin will allow the grievously injured Captain Thule to fight on as a Dreadnought. Upon completion of all three objectives, the Tyranid poison is ready for delivery.

However, Captain Angelos's ship Litany of Fury and the rest of his fleet are psychically assaulted by the Hive Mind and are in grave danger of becoming lost in the Warp. This effectively takes the reinforcements out of the picture - but the Hive Mind is weakened from the exertion and goes to planet Typhon to feed. The player's entire strike team deploys on the planet and administers the poison to the Hive Mind through its feeder tendrils.