Dokushin kizoku ending a relationship

Dokushin Kizoku - S1.E1 - Why won't I get married? I'll tell you why

dokushin kizoku ending a relationship

Dokushin Kizoku 1) Yuki: If marriage is going to be like this, then I don't mind being single my But if you're not useful, your contract will end. 10 For a more detailed discussion of the role of seken and its relationship to the Yoshimoto) which are targeted at the dokushin kizoku end of the market. [Review] First Impressions on Dokushin Kizoku Episode 1 Susumu's 3-year marriage has come to an end and his ex-wife wants take.

Ep 4 8 Yuki: Having that type of love, and then getting married, has always been my dream. Ep 5 9 Mamoru: A destined love, or a love that burns through your body, or a partner you love enough to lose yourself, even if you get married to someone like that, there is no guarantee it will end well. Ep 6 10 Mamoru: I thought all along that I do not need marriage. Rather than a life where there is someone next to me, I thought that living on my own was more fulfilling.

Hobbies and tastes are different.

  • Why won't I get married? I'll tell you why...
  • [Review] First Impressions on Dokushin Kizoku Episode 1

Sharing the precious time of your life with someone like that, I thought it was a very wasteful thing. But I changed after meeting her. I want her to know. The feeling of searching for things we can both enjoy.

The time that I was worrying about in my head, actually turned out to be fun. Ep 7 11 Mamoru: I want to become someone you need. And from now on, I want us to walk in the path of a peaceful life together. Ep 7 12 Mamoru: I only had a few. Instead of going out with friends, I liked to stay at home and read books or watch movies.

The story is a romantic comedy, but it is probably more romantic than comedic.

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I really loved the details of the sets, particularly Mamoru's office and his apartment were really nice. Due to the story revolving around movies, I really enjoyed the music, quotes, and various references made from older movies and people in the the movie industry.

dokushin kizoku ending a relationship

The drama created a "romantic" kind of tone and mood that reminded me of films probably made in the 's to 's. Even the characters personified those older times. Mamoru, Susumu, and Yuki have their issues with marriage, but their characters are pure in heart, honorable and chivalrous. I immediately attached myself to the characters and the actors really did a good job in terms of chemistry and playing their roles.

The only issue that I had with this drama is that the story is nothing new. In fact it is quite overdone in terms of the plot. Still, the drama was executed nicely and Kusanagi, Ito and Kitagawa really portrayed their characters well.

What results is a delightfully nostalgic romantic comedy with the flavors of East and West delightfully blended.


And if you've heard this feels somewhat like King of Dramas, that would be true enough; just don't expect a remake or more than superficial similarities. My most serious issue is that the romantic conflict became a pain around the ninth episode. Much as I loved the ultimate pairing, it eventually felt set in stone so the continual flutter around the subject was frustrating. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi always struck me as one of the better actors to come out of SMAP; my observation stands. As the commitment-phobic director Hoshino Mamoru, he rises above the realms of two-dimensionality.

Does "It" Need to End? :: Relationship Goals (Part 8)

By the end of the series, we have a clear portrait of a man with unique interests and solitary pleasures, a person who believes he's happy alone but doesn't realize he just hasn't met the right person yet. Ito Hideaki plays second lead and brother to Kusanagi-san, as Susumu.

dokushin kizoku ending a relationship

This character was well-realized too and felt like a real person, despite his over-the-top playboy reputation.