Family guy return of the jedi ending a relationship

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family guy return of the jedi ending a relationship

However, how well do you really know Family Guy's least favorite child? she's found, Lois hurriedly puts Meg's hairy appendage back into the chest. During the end of the episode, Brian and Stewie sit in their living room and . the events of A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. This is the Family Guy Wiki (FGW) Episode Guide. The show premiered on January 31, and originally ended on February 14, After the overwhelming. After what felt like an eternity of waiting, Star Wars: The Last Jedi has finally You've been warned** Perhaps the most surprising part of Rian Johnson's blockbuster is the ending, Episode VIII Anybody can be, no matter your family. Read more. Mark Hamill reveals he had relationship with Carrie Fisher.

The barrage of insults and antics hurled toward Meg has become one of the program's longest running gags, and even though she's frequently used as the punchline to a joke, there's still plenty of things some fans might not know about the beanie-wearing teenager.

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Meg's life is anything but simple. Her diary is laughed at by her brothers, her looks are constantly made fun of by her mother, and Meg isn't even invited to her father's own birthday parties.

family guy return of the jedi ending a relationship

With such a terrible up brining, it unfortunately seems like the cycle will continue with Meg's offspring. In "A Fistful of Meg", the teenage Griffin opens her locker, and to the audience's surprise, it's revealed that she has a child which she keeps locked in there.

As the tiny baby excitedly greets his mother, Meg asks the baby what he's doing out of his box and then violently shoves her school books in the baby's face. It looks like Peter's bad habits had a lasting effect on his daughter.

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In "Screwed the Pooch", it's discovered that Meg might actually the offspring of someone named Stan Thompson. In the episode, Brian is put on the stand in court in an attempt to gain access to seeing his puppies. He's questioned by Peter, who says that he would be half the dad Brian is if he only knew certain facts about his children. Peter starts to question Brian about his kids, including who Meg's real father is, which Brian responds is Stan Thompson. Unfortunately, Meg is blasting her headphones during the revelation and unable to hear the answer.

A shame, as it might have saved the teenager years of torment at the hands of Peter, who hates Meg so much that he even wishes her out of existence in one episode. In the episode "Fore Father", Meg almost discovers that she was born with an animal-like tail.

While rummaging through some of the clutter in the Griffin attic, Lois finds a trove of Meg's childhood keepsakes. Lois digs through the chest, commenting that she's found Meg's little baby booties, her little bronzed hat, and her tail.

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As a startled Meg turns around and asks her mother what she's found, Lois hurriedly puts Meg's hairy appendage back into the chest. You never know what disturbing childhood secrets you might find in the Griffin family household. Meg is only seen a handful of times without her iconic beanie, and usually for short periods of times. While most fans might assume that Meg wears her hat because she's insecure, there's a much more disturbing reason.

It is discovered in "Friends Without Benefits" that Meg wears her hat because of a medical condition. The Ewoks believe C-3PO is a god and begin to worship him. Luke tells Princess Leia they are siblings, but Leia claims to have already known that.

Following Yoda's advice, Luke surrenders to Vader in order to confront him. Vader tries to convince Luke to turn to the dark side. Luke refuses and the two meet with the Emperor, who reveals that Luke's friends are walking into a trap on the forest moon.

family guy return of the jedi ending a relationship

When this revelation fails to anger Luke, the Emperor begins to mock actor Seth Green who voices Chris. Luke defends Green saying that he's been in successful projects, only to have The Emperor saying the negative side of Green's roles. Luke becomes enraged and begins dueling with Vader. Back on the forest moon, Han leads the rebels to the shield generator, however, the company is ambushed.

The Ewoks help the rebels escape from the Imperial troops and destroy the shield generator, while Lando and Nien Nunb lead the attack on the Death Star. Luke finally subdues Vader, but he refuses to execute him and join the dark side at the Emperor's request. The Emperor then incapacitates Luke with his powerful Force lightning. Because Luke asks Vader politely for help, Vader gathers his remaining strength and kills the distracted Emperor by throwing him into the reactor core.

Vader and Luke manage to flee the Death Star before Lando and his crew blow it up. Unfortunately, when Vader asks Luke to help him remove his mask to "look on you with my own eyes"Luke accidentally twists and breaks Vader's neck.

family guy return of the jedi ending a relationship

Everyone rendezvous back at the Ewok village to celebrate the rebels victory over the Empire. While the Ewoks kill the wounded Imperials, the spirits of Obi-Wan and Yoda appear to Luke, alongside the spirit of the redeemed Anakin Skywalkerwho angrily accuses Luke of murdering him and starts swearing at him.

The Griffins' power returns just as Peter concludes the story, Meg then asks Peter "What about the prequel trilogy? After that, the family starts arguing about whether Seth Green or Seth MacFarlane is a better artist.