Far cry 1 ending a relationship

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far cry 1 ending a relationship

Featured post Did you know the word barbecue is one of only a few But such an end isn't The End in Far Cry 2 thanks to the buddy system. open world games feel so empty and meaningless in relationship to the player. Far Cry 4 is an action-adventure first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft .. An Easter egg ending can be found at the beginning of the game. . Min has a complex relationship with the playable character, Ghale, as the team . Ubisoft considered the Far Cry series one of their most important brands, and they. Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details for Far Cry 4 follow! Read at your own of Far Cry 4. Along with Sabal, she is one of the leaders of The Golden Path.

far cry 1 ending a relationship

Woods returns to his home country of Kyrat to carry out Ishwari's final wish by returning her ashes to Lakshmana. However, his mission is interrupted when the bus he is traveling on is attacked by the Royal Army and he is taken prisoner by Pagan Min Troy Bakerthe country's eccentric and violent king, who claims to have been romantically involved with Ishwari.

After finding his way through Pagan's mansion, Ajay escapes with the aid of Sabal Naveen Andrewsa commander in the Golden Path, a rebel movement established by Ajay's father, Mohan Ghale. Ajay is not able to leave the country as the Royal Army has taken control of Kyrat's only airport and sealed the borders. After freeing a group of hostages and liberating territory held by Pagan, the Golden Path plan on breaking Pagan's stranglehold on power by targeting his three regional governors: However the Golden Path's newfound momentum is threatened by deep divisions between its commanders, Sabal, who favors traditional values, and Amita Janina Gavankarwho argues for progress, which includes relying heavily on drug trade.

Ajay is forced to intervene on several occasions, with his decisions influencing the direction the Golden Path takes. The first governor to fall is De Pleur after Noore helps Ajay find a way to infiltrate De Pleur's stronghold, allowing the rebellion to capture him. Amita and Sabal later task Ajay with confronting and killing Noore.

far cry 1 ending a relationship

She dies in her fighting arena, either with Ajay killing her, or with Noore committing suicide upon learning Pagan had her family executed years beforehand.

As the Golden Path secures Kyrat's southern provinces, Ajay is contacted by Willis Huntley Alain Goulema CIA agent who offers intelligence for the rebels and pages from his father's diary in exchange for killing Yuma's lieutenants.

After Ajay kills several of them, Huntley admits they were in fact CIA assets, and that he was sent to clean up after the CIA as the agency did not see Pagan as a threat anymore.

far cry 1 ending a relationship

Ajay ends up in Yuma's mountain prison, from which he manages to escape. In the process he finds out that Yuma has started despising Pagan, primarily because of his affections toward Ajay's late mother. Ajay is drawn into a confrontation with her and prevails, but tensions between Amita and Sabal reach new heights, and Ajay is forced to make a final decision as to who will lead the Golden Path.

Whichever leader he chooses then sends Ajay to kill the other to prevent them from starting another civil war, and Ajay can choose to either kill them as ordered or let them go. With the Golden Path now united under a single leader, Ajay joins them for an attack on Pagan's fortress and pushes on alone to Pagan's palace while the Golden Path holds off the military.

Endings[ edit ] Ajay encounters Pagan, who chastises him for fleeing at the start of the game, claiming that he only ever intended to help Ajay. Pagan offers Ajay a final decision: If Ajay shoots Pagan, the game ends immediately and the credits roll.

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If Ajay instead chooses to listen, Pagan reveals that Mohan sent Ishwari to spy on Pagan in the early days of the Golden Path, but they fell in love and had a daughter together: Mohan killed Lakshmana for Ishwari's betrayal, and Ishwari killed him in turn before leaving the country with the infant Ajay.

Pagan shows Ajay to a shrine containing Lakshmana's ashes, and Ajay places Ishwari's ashes inside. Pagan then boards a helicopter and departs peacefully, leaving the country in Ajay's hands. The player can choose to shoot down Pagan's helicopter as it flies away, killing Pagan in the process. In the aftermath, the Golden Path seizes control of Kyrat. The final ending depends on which leader Ajay ultimately sided with.


If Amita is placed in charge, she turns Kyrat into an authoritarian drug state, forcing villagers into work in factories and drug fields, and conscripting children into the group as soldiers to bolster their ranks against the remnants of the Royal Army; Ajay also learns that she has had her sister, Bhadra, taken away, "never to come again". If Sabal is placed in charge, Kyrat becomes a religious fundamentalist theocracy where all of Amita's supporters are executed, with Bhadra anointed as a religious symbol for the country to rally around.

The player has the choice to kill the Golden Path's leader or leave them alive. An Easter egg ending can be found at the beginning of the game. To trigger it, Ajay must simply wait at the dinner table in Pagan's mansion; when Pagan returns, he thanks Ajay during the ensuing conversation for being a "gentleman", and leads him to Lakshmana's shrine, telling Ajay of his family history before he plants his mother's ashes at the shrine.

After Ajay exits the shrine, Pagan invites Ajay to join him to "finally shoot some goddamn guns". It expands upon Ajay's escape from the Durgesh prison and return to the Golden Path, and on Yuma's planned insurrection against Pagan Min.

After tending to Ajay's wounds, Min leaves him in a tower in Northern Kyrat, as he is unable to return Ajay to the Golden Path directly.

far cry 1 ending a relationship

He then leaks news of Ajay's escape to Sabal and Amita, and allows them to secure a Royal Army helicopter so that they can extract him. However, word of this has spread to Yuma, who marshals the forces loyal to her and plans to attack the landing site once Ajay tries to escape. Because of this, Ajay only has a limited window of opportunity to escape, but can buy more time by attacking Yuma's forces.

In exchange for disrupting Yuma's plans for a coup, Min promises Ajay support and resources at the landing site. During his missions, Ajay overhears one of the guards of Yuma saying that she was sent to a valley in the northern mountains of Kyrat on an expedition after something of great power called "The Relic". After killing Yuma's lieutenants, disrupting her supply lines, and thwarting her plans to sabotage Min's communications, Ajay ventures to the landing site where he is forced to fight off Yuma's attack long enough for the helicopter to power up.

With the landing site secured and Yuma's forces in disarray, Ajay is successfully airlifted out contacts Sabal and Amita saying that he was heading to the valley to learn what is behind the expedition and the Relic.

Valley of the Yetis[ edit ] Valley of the Yetis is a downloadable additional chapter of content which takes place directly after Escape from Durgesh Prison. In his way to the Lost Valley to learn more about the expedition Yuma sent after the Relic, Ajay's helicopter is shot down by an unknown assailant. Ajay survives the crash, but awakens to discover that the pilot has been abducted and taken deeper into the valley. Loading Choosing to walk away, you and Sherrif Whitehorse - as well as Pratt and a reluctant Hudson - get into a cult pickup and drive out of the compound, leaving behind the residents of Hope County you've befriended throughout the game.

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As you drive away, Whitehorse reassures Hudson that they aren't abandoning Hope County - rather they're retreating to Missoula to alert the National Guard and return in force to liberate the area.

However, when the Sherriff turns on the car's radio for some driving music, Only You comes over the airwaves and your vision begins to burn red as the screen cuts to black and the credits roll. As "Only You" was the song Jacob used to condition you into fits of violent rage, we can assume that the radio broadcast triggered your brainwashing and you attacked the other occupants in the vehicle before they could contact outside authorities.

Secret Ending Easter Egg Similarly to the beginning of Far Cry 4, there's a hidden "ending" right at the start of the game. Loading Once the opening cutscenes end and the chopper lands inside the cult's compound, follow the Marshall and Sherrif into The Father's church.

Once the angry mob exits the room, the Marshall instructs you to arrest The Father. Instead of handcuffing him as the on-screen prompt suggests, you can opt to do nothing instead.

Weapons jam or break completely, ammunition depletes, malarial attacks might strike you down at any moment and even running a short way will leave you puffed and your vision a smear. A single mission might send you back and forth through the same guard post three times in only thrice as many minutes, and each time the goons are there waiting for you.

Minus those specific gripes, however, much of the meanness of Far Cry 2 is really its point. The result is a combat system unsurpassed in its generation of dynamic, chaotic inspiration. Everything teeters on the edge of your control. Just as things are at their most fraught, when your attention is most strained, the game gives you a little push — and over the precipice you go. Oh, sorry, were you too busy trying to dig that slug out of your forearm to notice the trio of gun-mounted jeeps skittering over the horizon?

Oops — looks like your rocket launcher has just disassembled in your hands! The game never lets you maintain the upperhand:

far cry 1 ending a relationship