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Also by the end he learns to just always put on the mask . to look up a strategy for 4/20 mode, it was very enjoyable to watch. . Maybe a 6/ . I just feel like Five Nights at Freddy's fails as a horror game, and a video game in general. . I mean, 20/20/20/20 in the first game can be beaten (although RNG. Game Theory: Why FNAF Will Never End This theory has been kicked around “ Five Nights At Freddy's” circles for 2) We're Playing In Scott's / The Phone Guy's House . a relationship with CC in the first place in order for the observatories Completing the various Custom Night modes on the hardest. Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location, Creepypasta, Tacos, Funny Fnaf, Pin this if you are a true FNAF 2 fan FNAF is like CreepyPasta and Chuck E Cheese fusion:) To bad the story ended. .. At Freddy'sFreddy 3Funtime Foxy Foxy And MangleFnaf Sister LocationRelation Ship .. Saw plays 10/20 mode on FNaF 2.

Upon completion, the player will be awarded with a third star on the main menu. Tips Watch Pirate Cove. Foxy will become active. Watch Freddy in the camera; he'll move a lot. Every laugh from him means he moved; the laugh is followed by a running sound. When he is in the Kitchenhis tune plays. Close your doors as soon as you start, then check cameras, if the animatronics are not moving much, you can open them. Freddy's laugh means he is moving spots.

You'll probably hear this laugh a lot throughout the night. Trivia Phone Guy doesn't call on this night. He doesn't call on Night 6 either. Foxy, Bonnie and Chica move in this Night, no matter what A. The Custom Night returns in Five Nights at Freddy's 2this time slightly more advanced than in the first game. The music box degrades so slowly on this night you won't even really have to worry about it until the Phone Guy mentions it that it's not a huge issue.

Night 2 Night 2 is a decent bit more stressful than Night 1. Not only do more animatronics start to wake up and bother you, the music box degrades more quickly than it did before. You'll need to be much quicker on your toes to stay alive. Start to get into a routine at this point: Repeat in roughly the same order. It is imperative you flash the hallway from time to time, as Foxy gets rowdy on this night, and if you don't shine a light on him now and then he'll attack you from the front and take you out.

Perhaps the greatest irritant on this night is the Balloon Boy, who can take out your light and expose you to attack from Foxy. Be sure to check your left vent whenever you hear giggling. He's usually not there when he giggles or speaks, but it's best to be sure.

Throw on the Freddy Fazbear Head if he's there, then wait to hear thumping in the vent to confirm that he's left. You may also run into the Mangle on this night, despite it being introduced formally on Day 3, though you don't need to worry about the thing unless it's in the right vent. If you hear a hiss of static, throw the head on and wait for it to go away.

Night 3 Now the game gets mean. Night 3 sees the end of the Toy animatronics for a little while, pushing them aside in favour of the older, meaner dudes. Though you may still see the Toy animatronics occasionally. It's just not likely. Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy are rather terrible opponents, especially when thrown into the mix with Foxy, the Mangle, Balloon Boy, and the ever-present threat of the music box.

Past this point you shouldn't attempt to look at any camera but Cam At this point it's wise to make a point of always putting on the Freddy Fazbear Head when exiting the cameras. The old animatronics have a tendency of popping up once you leave the monitor and sometimes they'll pull it down themselvesand you'll have barely a second to put the head on to avoid death. Get into the rhythm of doing this every time to save yourself a world of trouble in the long run. Your cycle of events past this point will probably look something like this: Check the left vent Check the hallway as you're scanning right Check the right vent Wind the music box for several seconds seldom all the way to the top Put on the Freddy Fazbear Head Repeat So long as you only flash the hallway once on each pass, assuming Foxy isn't there, you should make it through the night without running out of battery power.

Night 4 Night 4 is pretty similar to Night 3, only the animatronics have become more vicious and aggressive. Expect to run into the older animatronics a great deal more often, making the Freddy-Fazbear-Head-after-looking-at-the-cameras trick all the more indispensable.

Be sure to check the hallway more often, as well, as you can often spot Bonnie and Freddy skulking towards your position well in advance. Foxy is much more aggressive on this night, making the occasional hallway check all the more important.

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Overall the fourth night isn't that different from the third, but it is more fast-paced and difficult, especially given the degrading quality of the stupid music box. Night 5 Vicious, pure and simple. Night 5 is almost as harsh as they come, and for one terrible reason: Though inactive for Nights 3 and 4, the Toy animatronics abruptly make a return on this night and mix it up with the older crew.

You'll have a much harder time jumping from vents to hallway to music box to Freddy Fazbear Head and back again without biting the dust. Nevertheless, the procedure outlined on Night 3 continues to work here - you just need to move all the more quickly to get it done.

It is vital that you keep the music box wound as much as possible, as the animatronics in the vents particularly Balloon Boy like to linger in place for long periods of time.

You may have to risk death by hopping quickly into the camera to wind the music box. It's worth noting here that the old animatronics are pretty good at wasting your time, not just because their abrupt appearances force you to shove on the Freddy Fazbear Head, but because the lights take a little while to come back on after they disappear.

Don't wait for the lights to fully return after they flicker. As soon as the offending animatronic vanishes from sight, take the head off and get back to work. Only your initial hiding action counts towards your survival, not what comes after. Night 6 Yep, this game has a Night 6 as well. A significant jump upwards in terms of overall difficulty, Night 6 is the hardest challenge in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, save for what comes next.

Your tactics won't change at all, but you'll have to balance vents, hallway, music box, and mask quite effectively to survive the whole night. Relying on sound cues static, giggles, etc. The only new animatronic to pop up on this night is Golden Freddy, and it presents a significant threat - though one you can easily handle. If you spot it in the hallway, at any distance, immediately don the Freddy Fazbear Head. This should make it fade out of view fairly quickly. Once it's gone you can get back to business as usual.

Make the game even worse? Custom Night Once you've completed the sixth night you'll unlock the Custom Night, which, similarly to the original Five Nights at Freddy's, allows you to manually set the difficulty level of the various animatronics.

Setting an animatronic to zero will render it almost comatose during the playthrough; setting it to twenty will make it extremely, extremely aggressive. Note that a zero setting does not completely stop an animatronic from moving; it simply makes their inclusion in the round quite unlikely. In addition to the manual settings there are a series of presets which allow you to take on specific challenges.

Completing these challenges will award you with minor, aesthetic prizes for your office. They are as follows: Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy are all set to twenty. A throwback to the original game, this mode allows you to ignore the vents but forces you to jump into the Freddy Fazbear Head constantly after checking the music box.

Foxy will work danged hard to drain your flashlight, as well, but keep a constant eye on him. You get a star for completing this preset. Balloon Boy, Mangle, and the three Toy animatronics are set to ten.

This challenge is quite similar to Day 2, and isn't very difficult. You get a Toy Bonnie figure for completing this preset. Bonnie and Toy Bonnie are set to twenty. This challenge allows you ignore the left vent, but checking the right vent constantly is a must-do. The Freddy Fazbear Head will get quite a workout. You get a Bonnie doll for completing this preset. Balloon Boy and Mangle are set to twenty, while Golden Freddy is set to ten. You'll have to check the vents constantly on this one, and the hallway occasionally.

That said, you can largely ignore the right vent, as Mangle's static will herald its arrival quite nicely. Expect an excess of childish giggling.

You get a Balloon Boy doll for completing this preset. Foxy and Mangle are set to twenty. You'll have a vulpine presence in the hallway for most of the game, and Mangle will watch you from the right vent at every opportunity.

Swap between the two, as well as the music box, in a constant loop. You get a Foxy doll for completing this preset.

Chica, Toy Chica, and Mangle are set to twenty. Although they might not mean to be homicidal, they might just think they're helping you. While they are frightening and aggressive, they're never portrayed as true evil. Either they genuinely believe you're a naked endoskeleton who needs to be stuffed in a suit not realizing this can kill you or they think you're the murderer who caused their death when they were children. The Night Guards are barely characters to begin with it's really them who are the "stars of the show", but since they are Antagonists trying to kill you, you never get to see anything from their perspective.

Averted in the second game where you briefly get to see a cutscene from Freddy's perspective. Interestingly, before Sister Location the only way we could learn from their perspective are the Minigames in which you can control a few of them. In the second game, the original four animatronics were scrapped in favor of the "Toy" designs. However, Bonnie got hit with this hard, because his face save for his lower jaw is removed, he's missing his left arm with only wires taking its place, and his left foot and right hand are left completely bare.

Despite all this, however, the "scrapped" ones can turn themselves on at night, and they're even more dangerous. The minigames in 2 star Freddy, Foxy, and the Puppet, while almost all of the animatronics are playable in 3's minigames, the original four in the night-end games and one of the dead kids after night five, possibly the one that haunted Golden Freddy and the toy generation in the mid-night games, with Golden Freddy instead of Toy Freddy and Shadow Bonnie instead of Toy Bonnie.

Springtrap is the only main animatronic that is not a protagonist of any minigame, with good reason. Five Nights at Freddy's World promotes every single animatronic to playable, as you can set up a party consisting of almost any character in the series.

This not only includes all of the animatronics seen in the "Thank You!

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The game even includes never-before-seen animatronics such as Spring-Bonnie — that is, Springtrap before everything went to hell — and a non-mangled version of Mangle. Shoo Out the Clowns: The Murderer is obliquely mentioned in the first game; in FNAF 2's death games, he can occasionally be spotted parked outside the restaurant or leering at Foxy he may attack Freddy, but this is uncommon ; in FNAF 3's restaurant minigame, he systematically hunts down the original Fazbear mascots and disassembles them, leaving each in pieces for the next one to discover.

This is fitting since the mascots represent the children he nabbed in the restaurant, and the murderer himself later becomes Springtrap. The only 'working' animatronic left in FNAF 3 is Springtrap, and the oldies are left floating around as charred but essentially harmless ghosts.

The only animatronics who get voices are Balloon Boy who will occasionally say "Hello? The others either laugh, make disgusting noises usually akin to vomitingor scream when they kill you. Tropes Are Not Badthough, as it gives us character development in the process.

All of them except Freddy, although he's named Freddy Fazbear. Super-Powered Robot Meter Maids: For being a gaggle of animatronics built solely to entertain children at restaurants back in the seventies or eighties, these things are far, far, far stronger, quicker, and smarter than they have any right to ever be. To the point of possible sentience. Sympathy for the Devil: Why yes, they are murderous animatronics out for your blood Springtrap and the Nightmares don't have this, however, since Springtrap is possessed by said child murderer, and the Nightmares are nothing more than hallucinations.

Or rather, the soul; it's subtle, but it seems that the souls inside the various suits are constricted by the A. For example, turning the difficulty down to 1 in Custom Night mode makes them less aggressive, flashing Foxy resets him, and playing a sound-clip of Balloon Boy near Springtrap makes him walk towards it though it may help due to that particular soul being one of a child murderer's If the suggestions that they're possessed by the murdered children are indeed what the creator meant about them being "haunted".

And it is, with even the Puppet itself appearing to have been a suffering child. All this time, the children had been trying for decades to stop their murderer, only succeeding after the restaurant closed, and were unable to move on for a long time afterwards.

However, no such distinction can be given for Springtrap, who is their murderer, and the Nightmares and Circus Baby animatronics, all of whom are doing what they do more or less out of pure malevolence. Lefty certainly serves this role, both timeline and game order wise. They're likened to moving corpses.

On later nights, when they close in on your booth, their heads start twitching and jerking spasmodically in true J-Horror style. While this is a common trope concerning Suck E. Cheese'sthese robots take it one step further.

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The intent of the wandering Fazbear robots apart from Springtrap is to cram unwary security guards into the endoskeletons undergoing repair, essentially creating more of themselves. On a more comedic note, Purple Guy accomplished this feat on himself without anyone's help at all. The death minigames imply that the animatronics' malice against adults, in particular the night guards, may have been born from their desire to protect children, especially after the murders.

Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Once their origins are revealed, they become this. A group of children were simply visiting their favorite restaurant, only to fall victim to an Ax-Crazy Serial Killerand they were only trying to stop him. The problem is they go too far. Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Children mean everything to these guys, and they will resort to any means to protect them from potential threats. Following the corruption of their facial recognition software, they became murderous Knight Templars.

As of Sister Location, however, one of them was forced to make an exception, and another 's programming may or may not have forced her to kill William Afton's daughter. The Twisted Ones Animatronics that only exist in the book series, they are actually otherwise normal animatronics When activated, this device releases a sound that is usually too high-pitched for the conscious mind to perceive; this sound messes with the audience's brains, making them fully see the robot as what they believe them to be.

So to a normal person, Freddy the robot bear would simply be Freddy the anthropomorphic bear. However, to anyone that's afraid of these robots, they instead become the stuff of nightmares. Constantly emit one, which explains their appearance; once it's turned off, they go back to being normal animatronics.

It should be noted that the note in question isn't inherently malicious, but simply amplifies the person's natural disposition and perception of the object in question; i. There are hints in 6 that they might be part of the game's universe as well.

Unfortunately for them, they chose the wrong place to night watch. With only the tools at hand, some nerves of steel, and a strange persistent to come back every night, these night guards have to survive five nights at minimum to get their paycheck. Since The Child and Charlotte are so different from the night-guards, they aren't included in this folder.

If you play it right, the guards, with no weapons and having only equipment of limited help, can survive up to seven nights straight against a bunch of homicidal robots who get increasingly fast, smart, and cranky as the week progresses. Because the playable characters are Featureless Protagonists with no distinctive personality, players have interpreted them as either themselves, famous Let's Players such as Markiplieror popular fan interpretations such as Rebornica's.

They're normal guys up against a bunch of murderous, haunted robots, and their only lines of defense are the security cameras and either blast doors, a mask and a flashlight, and audio cues and the ability to remotely seal vents.

With a sufficiently skilled gamer, each of them can still survive. Subverted following The Reveal in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, that all of the guards were likely Michael Afton, who was undead at least post-Sister Location and determined to stop his father and let his victims move on, no matter what.

Bring My Brown Pants: Both Mike's and Fritz's pink slip list "Odor" as a reason for being fired. While it could be explained away as natural body odor due to sweat, it's more than likely referencing the now-soiled pants of the Fazbear Security Uniform. Following a Cerebus Retconthe true reason is likely that they're both the rotting corpse of Michael Afton.