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Volition: Gat Out of Hell Will Not Impact Saints Row Cannon

Relationships: fast and loose Gat Out of Hell canon · Gat Out of Hell Spoilers of Hell. It wasn't exactly the place she expected to end up (and let's be real, she was expecting the void), but it was warm, and people were nice. In the Saints Row IV standalone expansion pack Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Johnny is a Johnny later hands Aisha a bouquet of flowers, reconciling their relationship them a suitable new hideout[ and canonizing new members into the Saints. . Ending 3: Johnny and Kinzie find a new homeworld for humanity to live on. Relationships: (See the end of the work for more notes.) We'll stick to canon as Closely (not really) as possible (no, the writer might cut a few Kinsey in Gat Out of Hell) has me as both an unlockable speed-dial sociopath.

When he does, Satan gleefully boasts and praises Johnny, naming him worthy of marrying Jezebel. When Johnny refuses to listen, Satan forcibly makes a deal with Johnny to let Kinzie and the Boss go if he marries Jezebel in the Boss's place. Johnny shoots Satan at the wedding to no effect, so Johnny and Kinzie take out Satan's minions to force Satan into fighting them.

They defeat Satan, who surrenders. Satan banishes them back to the mortal realm, along with Jezebel and the Boss. Johnny, however, is detained by God Nathan Fillionwho explains that Satan was plotting an invasion on Heaven since Zinyak hastened the Apocalypse by destroying Earth, hoping to use the Boss as the general of his army, and offers to repay Johnny for stopping him.

Johnny is given one of five choices by God; go to Heaven to be reunited with his girlfriend Aisha, return to Hell to become its new king, find a new home world for the Saints so humanity can be rebuilt, recreate Earth, or be told the secrets of the universe.

Volition: Gat Out of Hell Will Not Impact Saints Row Cannon

Recreating Earth leads to the timeline of Agents of Mayhem. The universe of Saints Row is retconedand Johnny becomes the lieutenant of the Seoul police force, hoping to find his friends. They teased an image which depicts a Ouija board with the Saints' fleur-de-lis on it.

Gat out of Hell. In an assassination attempt against Dane Vogel, Johnny used a sniper rifle to shoot at the surrounding guards while The Protagonist planned to personally murder Vogel, although Johnny was spotted by a security guard.

When Vogel escaped to his office atop the enormous Ultor tower, Gat stayed below at the entrance, buying The Protagonist time. After Vogel had been killed, Johnny Gat did what he says he loves to do: After they encounter heavy resistance from unknown men and women dressed in red, they begin to question who owns the bank.

Johnny Gat

After Birk sets off the silent alarm and flees, SWAT storm the bank, and the Saints are arrested after a large-scale shootout.

When The Protagonist is brought to Shaundi and Gat's cell, Johnny expresses disappointment over what the Saints have become, saying there's much more to the Saints name than "body spray and ass-tasting energy drinks".

Two high-ranking members of an organization called The Syndicate, Viola and Kiki, take the Saints aboard a plane owned by the Syndicate to meet with Phillipe Loren. After a heated discussion, Johnny breaks out of his chair and bashes Loren's head into a plane window, decompressing it; he then says he'll hold off the gang members and commandeer the plane while The Protagonist and Shaundi make their escape.

Before The Protagonist and Shaundi are about to jump out of the plane, they attempt to contact Gat on the intercom. He says "Right on, I'll see you in Stil-", before being cut off by the sound of automatic gunfire.

Johnny goes on to tell the crew that Zinyak abducted him years before the invasion as Zinyak believed Johnny alone could stop his plans. The Protagonist discovered that Johnny may be alive after Zinyak flooded Simulation 31 with past enemy gangs such as Vice Kings, The Ronin and Morningstar, which Kinzie discovers from Shaundi that they fit the profile of Johnny.

Later, The Protagonist enters into Johnny Gat's mind, where he has to relive the death of Aisha in the style of a 2-D sidescroller game. They head to Aisha's house to face off with Jyunichi.

During this time The Protagonist tries to talk Johnny round, but he refuses to listen. After defeating Jyunichi, Johnny is freed from his container. Zinyak sends his Zin army to track down Johnny. The Protagonist manages to catch up with Johnny, who stabs a Zin soldier that is wearing his sunglasses in the back of the head with a knife, before putting the sunglasses back on. After his rescue, The Protagonist can partake in a Genki Arena created by Matt Miller with Johnny, and they catch up on what has been happening.

After finishing the arena and killing a recreated Phillipe Loren, Johnny becomes a super homie after getting superpowers.

Johnny begins helping the Saints on their quest for taking down the Zin and going after Zinyak.

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When meeting in Simulation 31 where they end up being ambushed, Johnny teams up with The Protagonist, Kinzie, Shaundi and Fun Shaundi to fight through the Zin invaders. Johnny along with the Saints come to The Protagonist's aid during their stand-off, and eventual defeat of Zinyak. There are multiple endings that Johnny can choose after defeating Satan. Johnny reunites with Aisha in Heaven. Johnny becomes the new king of Hell. When asked by Dane Vogel if he misses his friends, Johnny replies that he doesn't as they would be joining him soon anyway.

However this new world is homed to a very hostile race, but Johnny takes pleasure in the prospect of a new battle. Johnny asks God to bring back the earth, but at the expense of retconning the whole world of Saints Row. In this new world Gat appears as a cop on his way to an interrogation of a prisoner. Johnny learns about the secrets of the universe from God. Gallery Add a photo to this gallery Trivia If The Protagonist is female in Saints Row 2, people of Stilwater speculate that she may have romantic feelings for Johnny Gat, as some civilians can be heard saying "Now that Aisha is out-of-the-way, are you gonna get with Johnny?

In the official Prima guide, in the development section if you choose to kill Killbane, there was originally to be a coda after the closing credits where an enigmatic figure was flying into Steelport on a Syndicate jet and the person accompanying him was Johnny Gat. In the second mission of Saints Row 2, Jane Valderama states that Gat has been convicted of one count of attempted murder and counts of first-degree murder.

Undoubtedly, that would send him to death row, and if not for The Protagonist's interference, he would have been executed. During the curtain call at the end of the game, Gat lacks the ability to dance, performing a few silly-looking dance moves before storming up to the camera and punching it in a rage.