Gekijouban bungaku shoujo ending relationship

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gekijouban bungaku shoujo ending relationship

Bungaku Shoujo is a project consisting out of four OVAs and a movie. And in the end, this turned out to be a huge red herring for the real subject what is Toko's relationship with Inoue? what happened to Miu and Inoue?. Posts about Bungaku Shoujo written by kafkafuura. It would be wrong for her to keep sticking to him after their relationship of upperclassman We'll see if the movie ending reflects something in later volumes (three left to go) or it was just a . Read the topic about Bungaku Shoujo Episode 1 Discussion on MyAnimeList, This is by far the best romance anime movie I seen so far. very well done [After the credits] but the way they ended the relationship before the.

Miu Asakura

His friends told him not to trust her and Konoha slowly began to try and figure out what she really wanted. While doing so he discovered her plagiarism and as things became clear in one visit to her hospital room she told him that she hated him and why. After going into depression over what she said he later got a message that led him back to where she had tried to kill herself years ago.

There she revealed her feelings that she wanted him to go where ever she did.

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Konoha agreed to this and the two almost committed suicide together. Luckily Tooko saved them in time and made Konoha come to his senses.

gekijouban bungaku shoujo ending relationship

On the way home that night Miu ran in front of a truck to kill herself but again survived. Konoha knew the only way to save her from herself was to be by her side and gave up on school and on being with Tooko and the others to be with her.

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When Nanase discovered this she attacked Miu to get her to come to her senses and to stop controlling Konoha. During the fight Miu confessed how she wanted Konoha all to herself and all of her emotional dependency issues with him. Tooko showed up in the hospital amidst this strife and revealed that she had talked to Miu on the phone before and that she knew how to make her happy. The group arrived at an observatory where Tooko explained the meaning she had gotten from Konoha's story and how it related to his relationship with Miu.

In the book the roles of the two were reversed but it was made quite clear that Konoha had thought the world of Miu from what he wrote. Tooko then explained how the author of the story that Miu and Konoha had loved as kids went through hardships in life, lost the bonds of those closest to him, and was never truly acknowledged until after he had died.

Tooko told her that this was Miu's true happiness. Miu explained how her parents were never happy and imagined how great it was to bring them happiness and become a writer.

Bungaku Shoujo Episode 1 Discussion

Miu realized at that moment though that she could not do this and instead copied from others and tied Konoha down. Miu said that she only had foulness and darkness within herself.

Tooko told her that people going through unhappiness and difficulty is what creates great stories but Miu said that those stories would never return to her. There is no promise tying them together. It would be wrong for her to keep sticking to him after their relationship of upperclassman and underclassman dissolves.

gekijouban bungaku shoujo ending relationship

Just what has she been doing all this time? Her best friend is gone, Konoha is going away, even Nanase for that matter. I think Nomura Mizuki has a time machine, and used it to travel into the future just so she could read my reviews after learning English and prepare her next book adjusting it according to my few and far between complaints.

Wow just look at my ego. The one thing that bothered me about the second book in the series, that was far improved over the first was that I thought that it relied way too much on connections established in the main series.

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She may have made major contributions when it counted in the previous books, but Nano herself, despite being the narrator — was often delegated to the side-lines. But as Konoha appears to approach that perfect-being status — probably partially a side effect of Nano-narration, he pulls away. What this all adds up to is a more complete picture of Nano.