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hawkeye 15 ending relationship

This week, it's Hawkeye # This review reveals major plot points. would be ending their run with October's Hawkeye #22, the book needed a serious jumpstart to get readers often, and just as they were starting to build a strong bond, their relationship was wiped from existence. . Tuesday pm. Hawkeye's been through some wild interpretations over the years, but some and braces himself for the impact and inevitable end, showing just how and Hawkeye, their relationship is pretty much non-existent in the MCU. By the end of Hawkeye #1, the main plot introduces the dog as a character, (My favorite variation is the one that opens Hawkeye #15, where Clint . tell my girlfriend the thought of a serious relationship makes me nervous.

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With Black Widow set to return in Avengers: Infinity War, let's talk about 15 of Black Widow's romances, why they began and why they ended.

Angel, Ghost Rider, Iceman, Black Widow and Hercules came together to fight Pluto and formed their own team to fight supervillains, but Black Widow and Hercules traded more than punches.

hawkeye 15 ending relationship

During the Avengers storyline known as the "The Korvac Saga," Black Widow and Hercules were briefly a couple, but it didn't last long. They continued to work together as teammates and friends, and both moved on to other more successful relationships but they still remember their romance fondly.

As recently as in Hercules: Age of Ultronthe superhero team returned to fight the evil robot Ultron.

hawkeye 15 ending relationship

While there were a lot of great moments, audiences were baffled by what seemed like an unexpected romance. Black Widow had a lot of options as the only woman on a team of five other men, but she didn't choose the dashing Captain America or the charming Iron Man. No, she chose the awkward and potentially lethal Bruce Banner. In the first movie, she seemed more scared of him and his transformation into the Hulk, but in the second film, she moved in on him boldly.

It seems like she felt a kinship to him because of how hard it was for him to have a normal life, just like she struggled for normalcy. It was an unexpected but sweet pairing. Maybe that's because Peter Parker is a more down-to-earth guy and Black Widow is a cold-blooded killer.

She was found by Spider-Man and as Rushman fell for him hard, which left him torn. He was attracted to her but knew she wasn't quite right. In the end, she restored her memory and admitted the real Black Widow wasn't interested.

Hawkeye (comics)

He was disappointed, as we all would be. Heroes of Tomorrow imagined a different future where Black Widow called "the Spy" and Captain America referred to as "the Soldier" formed the ultimate union. The relationship and history adds real depth and life to both characters, making them appear human in ways that most superheroes and villains rarely do.

Of course, their new origin seems to point towards a history of running missions for SHIELD, but in the comics they met up in a very different way. Way back in when Hawkeye debuted, he did so fresh out of the circus.

hawkeye 15 ending relationship

He saw Iron Man in action and was inspired to become a hero himself. Sadly, the Russian spy and criminal known as the Black Widow had different plans. She had been an enemy of Stark for some time, and duped Hawkeye into helping her steal some of his tech. After fighting Iron Man, Widow escaped and Hawkeye was able to clear up the confusion. Proving just how forgiving the Avengers are, the team quickly welcomed Hawkeye into the ranks.

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One defining trait of Clint during this time, however, was his status as an everyman. Living in a regular Brooklyn apartment building, Clint is shown to be an affable slob who regularly has rooftop cookouts with his neighbors. Sure, Hawkeye can go toe-to-toe with plenty of cosmic baddies, but seeing him live a relatively normal life and fight street-level villains while protecting his neighborhood and building make his story that much more relatable and enjoyable.

Given his current status as a family man living on a remote farm, not a lot of these elements could be brought to screen, sadly. Still, the idea of him being an everyday hero could easily be explored in other ways in the MCU.

In the comics, that character has long been Kate Bishop for Hawkeye. Though she began running with the Young Avengers before actually joining up with Hawkeye, their recent adventures together have brought out the best in both characters.