Mondaiji tachi ending relationship

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mondaiji tachi ending relationship

Read reviews on the anime Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Ok, so the 10 episode anime has recently ended and I like the fact that studio. However, they share a close relationship despite that fact; Black Rabbit respects Izayoi for the number of achievements he has made towards the community and . Sakamaki Izayoi. Black Rabbit and Izayoi's relationship could not be good at first, in the Light Novels, groping her breast and legs when she was in shock after the battle with the Water God. However, as time went by Black Rabbit's opinion changed and she has shown appreciation for.

If you put the three together, it seems to almost like a dream team. However, this is not always the case as the group seems to have problems and ideologies between themselves. On the other hand, there are many adversaries in the series ranging from vampire lords to aristocratic individuals who claims themselves as Gods.

They set the premise of this series as being the ones causing the trouble and it's up to the problem children to stop them. Yet, there are many instances in which the show takes the wrong turn and make their encounter seem too eccentric.

mondaiji tachi ending relationship

However at other cases, I find the politics and rivalries to be entertaining; more often times with Izayoi because of his personality and speeches. While the series seems original, it does have a few issues. Personally, I found some of the jokes to be a bit too repetitive. This is especially true to our beloved little bunny-eared girl where she becomes the center of attention to lewd jokes.

Although amusing to watch at occasions, it becomes old and repetitive.

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Additionally, the theme of traveling to another world to fight in competitions is not new. The series' pilot episode also seems to be quite rushed with a lot of information thrown in at once rather than expanding them further.

I guess this can be related to the issue with the length of the series. It's only 10 episodes so pushing it throughout each episode might of just been too much.

Regardless these flaws though, it still makes its exciting point across. In terms of visuals, the series sets itself with the fantasy themes. The Little Garden, the way Kurosaki is dressed, and the mystical creatures are all proof of this. Additionally, the various games themselves revolves around events that are magical.

mondaiji tachi ending relationship

However, I do admit that the characters' designs are a bit too generic. For example, Kurosaki fits into the role of the typical bunny girl with her outfit. The rest of the world where most of the events take place have that fantasy feeling. Regarding the soundtrack, the series makes excellent use of its scores. The soundtrack works well in general and often or not, it's fun to hear it balance out between exciting moments the game competitions and some of the more lighthearted times.

She has also blushed several times when complimented or confessed by Izayoi. It is also heavily applied that Izayoi also cares deeply for Black Rabbit, as he always rescues her. He also told Black rabbit that her beauty is his type and that she is very attractive.

In volume 5, he also said that even when he looks at every other girl, Black Rabbit will always be the cutest girl in his eyes, which caused her to blush.

Their feelings are mutual, for Izayoi caring deeply for Black Rabbit and for Black Rabbit seeming to have develop feelings for him, but doesn't realized this because she still doesn't have much knowledge for love, and that of Izayoi always teasing Black Rabbit for it being hinted that it is his way of showing likeness and affection for her.

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For it being of an affectionate mutual understanding. Whatever that means, She thought. She knew that Black Rabbit doesn't want to face Izayoi after how much pain she has given him and decided that she, Asuka herself, would comfort Izayoi. After a long search, she found him near the edge of Little Garden.

Depressed and sulking while lying down, his arms covering his face. She was far but she could hear him cry very clearly.

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She guessed that he was trying to hold back the tears. She must admit, she did have a liking to him when they first met, despite the fact that they immediately bickered after only introduction.

Asuka tried to approach him quietly but Izayoi somehow sensed that she was approaching. She placed her hands on her hips and frowned. Help each other out.

mondaiji tachi ending relationship

She felt like a coward. She wrapped her arms around Izayoi who was still sulking and depressed. I love you you baka!

mondaiji tachi ending relationship

He had this feeling again. The feeling he had to Black Rabbit. Izayoi took a step back in shock, eyes still wide.

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He was shocked, he was rejected then he was confessed? Y-you s-still love Black Rabbit d-don't y-you? Izayoi's heart felt clenched at the sight of the crying brunette. She was here to comfort me, Izayoi thought. When Asuka turned around and started to walk away Izayoi grabbed her arm.

Just stay here for a bit with me. She was here to comfort him, and now It took a while, but in the end, Asuka was sitting on Izayoi's lap with his chin on her head. He was caressing her hair, stroking it softly. Causing them both feel butterlies in the stomach. They were both sitting down, watching the sunset.