Saber and shirou ending a relationship

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saber and shirou ending a relationship

For example, a part from Fate route, does Saber love Shirou in UBW and This is reflected in the UBW anime ending (and better yet, in Nasu's. However, Shirou recognizes Rin and uses his Command Spell to stop Saber before she . They are also officially in a romantic relationship in this ending. In the. Shirou and Saber fall in love and it is revealed that Saber's lost sca As Fate/ Stay Night has three main routes there are three possible endings to Fate/Stay Night: Shirou and Sakura's relationship has given them the self worth they were.

However, when Shirou and Rin approach her, they find her already dead. In the meantime, Archer and Saber debate over how Rider was killed; while Saber claims she died in honor protecting her Master, Archer claims she was a weakling, once again creating a rift between him and the others. Rider's death makes Shirou suspect that there is another Master in the school, one other than Shinji.

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He suspects his friend Issei Ryuudou at first, but it turns out that the Master is their teacher Souichirou Kuzukiwho controls Caster. When Shirou and Rin ambush them, Kuzuki surprises them with his innate fighting abilities, enhanced by Caster's enchantment spells, which are able to cripple Saber.

In order to make it easier to plan and strategize, Rin comes to stay at Shirou's house. The next day, Rin takes Shirou on a date, bringing Saber along. On returning home, they find Caster holding Taiga hostage, demanding that Shirou and Saber surrender to her. After a tense but brief negotiation that ends in violence, Caster releases Taiga and strikes Saber with Rule Breakerbreaking her contract with Shirou.

At Saber's urging, Shirou and Rin flee. However, Shirou insists on helping and follows them despite Rin's objections. Meanwhile, Caster tortures Saber in an effort to break her and make her submit completely. However, Saber's magic resistance proves to be an obstacle for Caster's Command Spell.

Shirou follows Rin and witnesses her confronting Kuzuki and Caster in the Kotomine Church, their new base of operation. To her shock, Archer suddenly betrays Rin and attacks her. Shirou saves her and confesses his feelings for her, and although she is reluctant and embarrassed, she eventually thanks him and accepts his help again. With Archer gone, both decide to ask Illya and Berserker for their help.

saber and shirou ending a relationship

Unfortunately, they arrive too late and find Shinji and Gilgamesh have gotten there first. Gilgamesh makes short work of Berserker, then rips Illya's heart out. Both of them then leave the castle, leaving Shirou and Rin in despair until Lancer suddenly emerges and offers his help, which they accept.

They return to the Kotomine Church, where Lancer fights Archer again. Archer admits defeat and retreats into the church. Meanwhile, Shirou and Rin team up to fight Kuzuki and Caster, ending in a stalemate.

Caster tries to turn the tables and use a spell to completely dominate Saber and send her against Shirou and Rin. But before she can, Archer arrives and attacks Kuzuki.

Caster dies protecting Kuzuki, who Archer then kills. He reveals that he was only faking his loyalty to Caster in order to eliminate her, as well as use her Rule Breaker to remove his contract with Rin and allow him to do what he has planned since the beginning — kill Shirou.

Archer defeats Saber easily and is about to kill Shirou when Rin makes a new contract with Saber, restoring her powers. Archer then kidnaps Rin and takes her hostage to the Einzbern Castle, where Shinji attempts to sexually abuse her. The next day, Shirou, Saber and Lancer head to the Einzbern Castle, whereupon Archer reveals that he is an alternate future Emiya Shirou, the hero who is betrayed by the ideals he fought for, and now seeks to escape his fate as a heroic spirit by killing his past self.

He considers this an act of mercy, not wanting Shirou to see his ideals betray and crush him like the way they crushed Archer. While Shirou fights, Lancer goes to rescue Rin. Kirei suddenly appears and orders Lancer to kill her. Lancer refuses, and Kirei instead uses his Command Spell to make Lancer stab himself. Rin is about to submit to her fate as Kirei approaches to kill her, when suddenly Lancer stabs Kirei in the back.

Shinji, now believing he is free to do whatever he likes to Rin, is also stabbed and driven off. After setting Rin free, Lancer activates his Ansuz rune, burning the room as he dies.

saber and shirou ending a relationship

It isn't questioned but I'm gonna address a few doubts the OP may have. You may think that even though it's the canon epilogue written by Nasu, it is also fanservice because of how happy it is.

Actually, reality is that all happy endings if you reach the end of the game are strongly criticised by the VN community as fanservice.

saber and shirou ending a relationship

Last episode makes a lot of sense as Fate's true ending epilogue as Nasu has created it because: When asked if Archer comes from the fate route in interviews he has denied it. It makes perfect sense for Shirou to look for Saber and for Saber, who loves him deeply, to suffer waiting for him risking suffering for all eternity.

After that they reach their happily ever after. Her attitude towards the rest of the people remains the same though. She also sacrifices her Holy Grail dream for him. The only difference between the good and true endings is that in the good ending Shirou gives love points to Saber, so she wishes to stay. As I said the only difference between UBW true and good endings is that in the Good ending Shirou gives points to saber.

After knowing this it makes perfect sense for Arturia to wait for Shirou risking suffering for all eternity as Merlin says. This is the first epilogue Nasu wrote. My VN experience is very limited but I am definitely catching the bug and picking up Ataraxia soon. The traditional route, the Saber route. I think the relationship between Saber and Shiro comes through a lot more, though it seems like there is a LOT of pressure to make something with Rin as well.

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The bonus final chapter follows this up with Shiro and Saber meeting beyond time and space and all of that I think? Likely the best H-scene with the 3-way with Rin, Shiro, and Saber, though its done as two separate things more than one big thing but whatever. I believe this is the path in which Shiro becomes the Archer we see as a servant. He sets out to pursue his goal as he thought and ends up turning into the Archer from UBW who wants to kill Shiro. He gets a happy end in the last chapter, but a sad as hell one normally.

Saber's end without last chapter kind of sucks, but at least she gets to know love. But that brings up a weird plot hole. Saber was supposedly a virgin before the recharge 3 way,hence the blood, but later she knows "how to please a man" and Gilgamesh calls her out on not being a virgin.

She also according to the lore had a Son who wasn't a son? Their thoughts on Mordred are weird in the lore, saying the kings son but but not, so no idea whats going on there. So unless Shiro is dramatically rough this seems like either a translation error or something. She never loved as Arturia and was supposedly know by almost everyone as a man, but this doesn't mesh. She identical to Shiro in so many ways, but I think they are bad for one another, though the final chapter bonus thingie makes up for it.

Still crummy to wait forever for Love and be unhappy until however many eons pass. Caster's Assassin was pretty noble and cool. That was the greatest post I have ever read on these boards, Effy. I laughed, I cried, I ate a whole gallon of ice cream.

A lot happened in this route, and I still feel its the closest to the true route. Rin is what Shirou needs, someone to call him on his crap. Caster shows her darker side, but is almost sympathetic and the outfit she has saber is in dang nice.

Archer plays the long con, Rin figures it out, Shirou changes into something that will NOT become Archer, and the archer is very likely the Shirou from the fate route, before the final chapter where he eventually gets to Saber in spirit heaven or whatever.

Both endings are ok, and I do enjoy it having the only "Good" ending, where everyone is kind of chilling and happy.

I do like the epilogue in the TV series where Rin and Shirou are in London living together, but the ending with everyone seems pretty dang nice here. Shirou here is not becoming Archer, he is turning into a happy person who can learn to love himself, others, and have value in life.

He finally gets happiness. Sadly this had the most awkward H scene, and Shirou is rough and almost mechanical, but I assume Rin will train that out of him. Rin is adorable enough that I think there is no way he doesn't learn. Shirou grows a pair and isn't as wishy washy, and he turns out alright here. I wish him and Rin many sorcerous children to make their lives crazy.

Lancer is friggin awesome.