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DISCLAIMER: I don't own Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, or any of it's characters. Warning, if you don't like M/M relationships, then I suggest you leave it's not Anubis) after the game has ended, and let's just imagine that. Menes is an antagonist in Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy. Contents[show] Relations, Tutankhamen (Victim) Set (Master) Menes is one of the few major antagonistic characters in the game who's fate is left unknown by the end of the game. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sphinx and the Cursed This game is awesome once you get into it, and even though the ending is left.

Set wasn't taking over the world anymore at that moment, anyway and Sphinx was lying peacefully on his own private ledge in Heliopolis. He didn't have anything to worry about, there shouldn't have been anything on his mind. And yet there was. But the way that Horus — "Dammit, Sphinx, you're doing it again! He was just glad there was no one else around to hear him… Sighing, the demigod decided it was about time to head back to the Sun Shrine.

He took one last long gaze at the sky, then dived into the water and began to swim. Sometime later, after the sun had set and all the candles had been extinguished, everyone in the Sun Shrine was asleep. Well, one person was. Imhotep was asleep, and Sphinx was awake, and they were the only 2 in there, after all. Sphinx was in bed, and he was dreaming. Or should it be 'awake-at-night-time-dreaming'?

Alright then, Sphinx was fantasizing. I can't think of any stupid jokes about that, so we'll stick with fantasizing. And you can probably guess what comes next. Yeah, you got it. He was fantasizing about Horus. In fact, Sphinx was fantasizing so vividly, he could hear Horus's voice. He couldn't ever remember Horus saying 'please', the closest the demifalcon had ever go to being polite was a sarcastic 'thank you very much'.

And Horus's voice sounded so weak. It had always been loud, powerful, demanding. Not the hoarse croak Sphinx could hear; "Master Imhotep?

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He heard a sigh from the other side of the door. Suddenly, his brain had had enough of it. Hang on, you've been spending Ra knows how long fantasizing about Horus, and now you're not even going to let him into where his own master lives? Sphinx stepped forwards and undid the bolt on the door. Gripping the handle, he pulled it open to see a silhouette walking away. He had been too uncertain, inexperienced, too sheltered to take on the responsibilities of safeguarding an entire kingdom.

The symptoms of that had been visible even to Sphinx when they had first met face to wrapped face for the first time in Uruk. Such was certainly no longer the case. Death had matured the young Prince, as death was wont to do, and over the course of their adventures he had certainly gained quite a lot of experiences.

Despite his death and maturing, Tutankhamun was still physically young, his face smooth and void of any whiskers.

He had a somewhat narrow face, which was a trait that held true throughout his body. Shoulders, waist and hips, Tutankhamun was built slender as a reed. Sphinx had always known him to be slight, as the wrappings he had worn had never left very much to the imagination, but he was beginning to suspect that the linen had done more to bulk out his frame than to diminish it. Standing in a simple tunic and kilt of white and blue, topped with a headdress at his brow and sandals on his feet, Tutankhamun seemed even more slender than before.

Though with so much in the way of bare limbs showing, Sphinx could see that the reed did have some muscle. It seemed strange to him that someone in line for a throne, and therefore expected to lead armies at some point, would not be trained how to fight for himself. But such was the case, and the Mummy had no way to defend himself from attack.

As someone who was technically already dead the Mummy had no real reason to defend himself, as there was very little that anyone could do to make his lot even worse, but Sphinx felt the deficiency keenly.

They eventually came to an agreement. Not to say uncomfortable on the part of the one redistributed around the scenery. So Sphinx had taught him some basics. Tutankhamun would never be a great or powerful warrior, but he was capable enough, and no longer so easy to brush aside. The method of staff wielding agreed with him more than blades or bows, and it also served as a focusing point for the spells Imhotep had troubled to teach him.

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In a little less than a year he had gone from a green, somewhat comical figure of a young man, to a lean, discerning man, possessing skills in battle and in heka - who was still at times a little comical, he had to admit. A Pharaoh may leave much to his men if they are good and trustworthy. Sphinx lowered his eyes, and then looked to a side, uncertain if Tutankhamun would wish such a subject brought up so soon, but feeling the need to acknowledge it at the very least.

His tail lashed back and forth. How he hated social niceties! She must stand trial, and to do that there must be a Pharaoh to pass judgment, so it will wait until I wear the double crown. Just how much of her actions were truly hers and not that of… the other one. That is what the trial must decide, and I cannot foresee what that decision might be. How hard she had worked, in tandem with the others, to ensure that he would return at all.

It was only her choice of allies that had undone her, and by extension nearly everyone else as well. It was for that one unwise, desperate choice and all that had stemmed from it that she was to be judged for. As is the law. There was much for Tutankhamun to do now he was returned home and in possession of a pulse - the rebuilding of much of his political infrastructure as a beginning, as well as the building of his own seat of power.

There was much which would fall on him in the wake of Nefertiti, much that would depend on his being wise and firm in his decisions. A year ago Sphinx would have been concerned. Now he felt as though he could return to his own world with no need to worry for his friend. He had followed Tutankhamun on an impulse and an excuse, and now the thinness of that excuse had shown itself, and there was nothing which he could use as a reason to stay.

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He would have to go home. I should get back to them, before Imhotep hunts me down for shirking my duties. You wish to leave already? He tried to still his lashing tail, but it would not be calmed. This ability allows the Mummy to split into three separate entities and perform a variety of tasks. The player is then able to use each mummy in turn to achieve a singular goal. Switching between the three apparitions is done by using the 'Swap' tool found on the control display in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

This ability is unique because as it has no Ability Bar denoting how long the ability can be sustained. Therefore, it can be assumed that the Mummy may remain split for the remainder of the mission.

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Paper-Thin Mummy At times the Mummy is caught in between crushing walls causing him to become paper-thin and slip through tight spaces. He can be blown by fans in this form. Ends after a certain amount of time. Fire Mummy When the Mummy is encased in flames, he will catch alight as well.

While on fire, he runs as though in a state of panic. This ability then acts as a 'walking lighter' which allows the Mummy to burn flammable obstacles such as wooden fences. It also allows him to walk on lava and navigate safely through flames. This ability is 'doused' when the Mummy touches water. Electric Mummy This ability turns the Mummy into a walking conduit for electricity. In this state, both his running and his idle animation are jerky and imply that the electricity are causing his undead muscles to spasm.

This can then be used to activate inoperable machinery and electrocute enemies. Like the fire ability, the electricity will disperse as soon as the Mummy touches water. Smoke Mummy Once incinerated, this ability allows the Mummy to walk through corporeal objects. Thus the Mummy can walk through any obstacle, excluding boundary walls, unhindered.

Bat Mummy Whenever Tutankhamen stands in front of special statues, he will be transformed into a skeletal bat. He can fly, but as he lacks legs in this form, this is his only mode of travel. Standing in front of similar statues can change him back.

Story Edit At the beginning of the game, Sphinx's ally Horusa fellow demi-god with the head of an eagle, is aiding Sphinx in his quest to retrieve the Blade of Osiris, but is shot at by the Eye of Ra tower and is thought to be killed.