Subarashiki hibi ending relationship

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subarashiki hibi ending relationship

Subarashiki Hibi: Furenzoku Sonzai (素晴らしき日々 ~不連続存在~ lit. tried to solve the mysteries between the relationships of the death of the students, . Some part of the chapters has more than 1 ending, which you can consider one. Subarashiki Hibi Vndb Just finished Subarashiki Hibi. I'm speechless, I honestly don't know what to say. 11/10, best VN, end of post No, but. I am mid-way in 'Its My Own Invention' and I am still lost. Spoiler Fan of H2O VN here, didn't see a connection when reading Subahibi.

subarashiki hibi ending relationship

Except she is not that strong of a character to do this she is actually quite uninteresting and ends up being mostly a plot device in the endwhich ends up working against this chapter, as it is all about trying to get you to sympathize with her situation and feel bad….

It is possible to make a believable and interesting character even out of someone who harbors these naive ideas and ideals as Zakuro did, so I feel there is really no excuse for how uninteresting she actually was, especially when she is of such big importance to the plot during these first chapters.

Anyhow, there are still some really good aspects to this chapter like the aforementioned Kimika and Zakuro relationship, the Cyrano de Bergerac and Alice refs or rather how well they are applied to the storyforeshadowing for the twist in Jabberwocky, and the ending songwhich made all of those drawn out bullying scenes worth it. And what does speaking of bullies remind me of….

No quotation marks, obnoxious caps lock…. You get the point. Anyways, put in less vague terms, this is where you start seeing what or rather who Subahibi is really about fully. This chapter provides the biggest perspective shift so far which almost makes up for how little Looking Glass Insects did of thatdue to the twist that is revealed making you see things completely differently from before, adding a whole new layer to the situation and letting you know that Subahibi is way more than met the eye during those first 3 chapters, as it sets itself up for getting into the real meat of the story.

Tomosane the narrator for this chapter is the best character in the visual novel and it is from here that we begin to see his development from up close, as he gets his due spotlight. It is remarkable how easily the vn is able to change your impression of him, without feeling like it is just trying to get you to forcibly like a character, through his inner conflict which is easy to understand and feel sympathy for.

The scene with Ayana and Tomosane has to be one of my favorites, with the whole thing with the blessing and curse of birth just being extremely…. That together with the one where Tomosane confronts Takuji again are the highlights of this part for me.

subarashiki hibi ending relationship

I should add that I really like Hasaki as a character, though Jabberwocky II is what really cemented that. The entire screen fills up with the words Reject the Black Surge, forcing the player to click on it.

subarashiki hibi ending relationship

This is hammers in Takuji's mental state at the time to the player. Cannot Tell Fiction from Reality: Early on in It's My Own Invention, rejecting or accepting Takuji's erotic delusions determines which path you're put on for the chapter. For added emphasis you're repeatedly given the choice to accept or reject the delusions during the scene in question and continuing to accept it leads you onto the main path for the chapter. If I had such a realistic delusion like that, I wouldn't I wouldn't even be able to tell the difference between reality and my delusions!

Mamiya Takuji is stated several times to be an Otaku and something of a loner. His 'fantasies' and hobbies further confirm this. Zakuro seems to be like this at first. In her chapter most of the nonsense she's babbling about makes sense to her. Mamiya Takuji starts one in preparation for the 'End Sky', as more and more of his predictions come true his following grows. Incredibly, the entire game is this once you get past the first chapter.

As well as Hasaki. Takuji tells Zakuro he's burning a manga because the heroine isn't a virgin, invoking this trope.


Later, Zakuro herself gets extremely anxious over this while being raped, worrying that Takuji won't love her if she's been defiled by other men. The idea that she could get a 'new' body if reborn as an angel plays a big part in her agreeing to do the Spiral Matai Demoted to Extra: The Yokoyama siblings Kiyoshi and Yasuko were prominent supporting characters in Tsui no Sora, with Kiyoshi being Takuji's first follower and Yasuko being a major follower as well and the one who served as Takuji's second-in-command.

Both of these roles are given to Kimika, and the two end up very minor characters with only a few lines each. Shows up quite a few times.

Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~

Takuji and Kimika falling to their deaths is treated very calmly and even happily as they accept their situation and hit the ground. Rape, Female on Female: The sexual harassment and abuse Megu and Satako inflict on Zakuro and Kimika is shown to be horrifically traumatizing.

Some of the 'daydream' scenes early on in It's My Own Invention wind up like this. Takuji tries to take over Tomosane's body to fulfill her mother's prediction of the end of the world. The game has quite a few sex scenes, but a fair amount of them involve rape, harassment, bullying, torture, or happen during hallucinations turning plenty of them into this.

subarashiki hibi ending relationship

Loads towards the two biggest twists in the game, that Yuki, Takuji and Tomosane are three personalities inhabiting the same body and that Kagami and Tsukasa are actually just a projection on Hasaki and her stuffed rabbit: Despite being supposedly a notorious delinquent, Tomosane is never mentioned over the course of Down the Rabbit Hole. Because, from the perspective of everyone aside from Takuji, he's the notorious delinquent.

Same goes for the suspicious absence of Hasaki in It's My Own Invention, as well as the lack of references to the twins from other characters aside from Yuki and Takuji.

Explaining Subarashiki Hibi’s Narrative | 空と世界

As it turns out, Yuki is a boy, or more precisely the Split Personality of one. When Hasaki is introduced, she makes a bizarre joke where she multiple times gives Blatant Lies regarding her relationship with her brother.

As shown outright later on, she's deliberately lying to gauge which personality she's talking to. Yuki's sudden, abrupt Freak Out! Jabberwocky reveals that Yuki and Takuji's minds have built themselves to reject anything that would controdict their mental perception of the world, meaning the bizzare blackouts were just their minds going into shutdown. Takuji mentions that Shiroyama and his friends stopped tormenting him after Tomosane asserted control over them. This is because Takuji and Tomosane as the same person.

Every CG is meaningful here, even the bizarre and surreal one. As for the background, one of the thing that made me believe that Subarashiki Hibi won't be as good as if being adapted in other medium is there's one scene that trolled me hard with using the background tricks, which is in Jabberwocky I. I'm pretty sure that other mediums can't or will have a hard time to do this. Honestly I've never expected this as what VN excels of compared to other mediums, for me this is another proof that SubaHibi push itself on the limits on what a Visual Novel can do, or maybe transcend it.

subarashiki hibi ending relationship

Subarashiki Hibi also being a master of manipulating the reader feels. Yes, this Visual Novel succeeded in making me from getting excited due to the GL relationship, to thinking hard of what happens along with Yuki as well as confused for having so much things left unanswered, and then horrified, depressed, then laughing after seeing the depressing moments, then extremely depressed once more that I need to get out of my apartment to smoke some cigarettes and breath some fresh air, and finally being satisfied after seeing the endings, which honestly I never expected to be since there's still quite much questions that pops out in my mind that's left unanswered even after finishing Jabberwocky II.

Sound department plays a wonderful role in delivering this part, it succeeded making the readers flow with the story stream, which applies to both the insert OSTs and voice acting. Like how can you also make a thing that's supposedly being the plot twists as a comedic part and still succeeded in making me laugh if it's not because the greatness of Yuki's voice actor? Albeit Zakuro's voice is kind of noticably underwhelming compared with others, it is still a top notch voice acting overall.

Another thing to note is that all the dramatic or comedic moments this story produced is totally natural a. Not try to being an extreme fanboy but I think if you have read all the way through the VN and still don't feel anything, you're probably a robot or a monster that will survive any other stories without feeling anything. As for the ending after Jabberwocky II, I consider all of them being satisfactory in their own ways, depending on the readers. Wonderful Everyday being the one that gives you the best conclusion after the events of Jabberwocky II as well as more philosophical views, Hill of Sunflowers gives you the most heartwarming feels out of the 3, while Tsui no Sora II answered the rest of the questions that might still pops in your mind and mine too, hence why this is my personal favourite ending.

As for the closing, do I recommend SubaHibi? You want GL relationships of Yuki x Wakatsuki twins? You want great psychological angst? You want great philosophical themes? You want a set of interesting characters? You want bunch of references to other works? You want depressing stuffs or tearjerker? You want your mind screwed? You want nice fanservice? You want a surreal story?

You want a wonderful obscure stuffs from the obscure medium to look hipster?