To heart 2 dungeon travelers ending a relationship

To Heart 2 Dungeon Travelers

to heart 2 dungeon travelers ending a relationship

The original To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers released for PSP back in As in the first game, Dungeon Travelers 2: Ōritsu Toshokan to Alicia Heart (Ai Kayano) is a knight-in-training who just graduated from The first ToHeart2 Dungeon Travelers inspired a two-volume video anime series that just ended in its central relationship, even if individual chapters are hit or miss. The overall story centers on Akari Kamigishi's blossoming relationship with the protagonist Hiroyuki. Different ending themes were used depending on the location of the broadcast. An anime television series for To Heart 2 was produced by Oriental Light and Magic and directed by .. To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers.

Gameplay[ edit ] Average dialogue and narrative in To Heart 2 depicting the main character Takaaki talking to Manaka. To Heart 2 is a romance [1] [2] "novel-type adventure game" in which the player assumes the role of Takaaki Kounowho begins his second year of high school after reuniting with a childhood friend.

to heart 2 dungeon travelers ending a relationship

The text in the game is accompanied by character spriteswhich represent who Takaaki is talking to, appearing over background artwork. Throughout the game, the player encounters CG artwork at certain points in the story, which take the place of the background art and character sprites.

to heart 2 dungeon travelers ending a relationship

A gallery of the viewed CGs and played background music is available on the game's title screen. To Heart 2 follows a branching plot line with multiple endings, and depending on the decisions that the player makes during the game, the plot will progress in a specific direction.

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The game divides each school day of the storyline into four segments. These segments illustrate the events that occur during Takaaki's commute to school, during school, after school, and after he returns home at the end of each day.

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Text progression pauses at these points, and depending on the choices that the player makes, the affection rate of the heroine associated with the event will either increase, decrease, or remain the same. This is expanded to ten plot lines in the Windows and PlayStation Portable versions with the addition of Sasara's scenario, [5] [6] [7] and further expanded to eleven scenarios in the PlayStation 3 version with the addition of Mio's scenario.

In all versions, the game also contains a bad ending in which the player is unable to pursue the other scenarios. This ending serves as the basis of the Another Days scenario in To Heart 2 Another Days, which allows the player to pursue an additional seven heroines. In both minigames, the player controls one of the heroines from To Heart 2's storyline, [10] who is made available upon the completion of her scenario in the main portion of the game.

List of To Heart 2 characters To Heart 2's story revolves around the male protagonist Takaaki Kounoa high school student who has an aversion to most girls around him, and focuses on his interactions with his schoolmates.

The story begins on March 1,when Takaaki's parents leave for an overseas business trip. Konomi is a cheerful and innocent, but childish girl. She is one year younger than Takaaki, who often views her as a younger sister. Despite being the son of a wealthy and prestigious family, Yuuji has a frivolous and carefree personality, and often flirts with the girls at school.

Tamaki has a strong and dominant personality, and tends to act as an elder sister figure to those around her. She later transfers into Takaaki's high school upon the beginning of the new school year. Throughout the story, Takaaki meets several other heroines attending his school.

The first is Manaka Komakia timid, clumsy, but accommodating girl who is the vice class representative of Takaaki's class. Similar to Takaaki, she is inarticulate around the opposite gender.

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Manaka is also close friends with Yuma Tonamian aggressive girl who commutes to school by a mountain bike. Karin Sasamori is a schoolmate of Takaaki's and the founder of the school's mystery club. Karin has a cheerful and energetic personality, and has an odd affection towards the occult and objects such as egg sandwiches.

She first meets Takaaki early in the story, and later deceives him into joining the mystery club. Sango Himeyuri is an underclassman who takes a liking to Takaaki. She is lively and innocent, but also intelligent. She is in particular proficient in computer-related subjects, and designed multiple humanoid maid robots as an engineer for Kurusugawa Electronics. Ruri Himeyuri is another underclassman of Takaaki and Sango's younger twin sister.

In contrast to her older sister, Ruri has a bad-mouthed and hostile personality. She is very protective of Sango, and often regards Takaaki's interactions with her in bad faith. Lucy Maria Misora is a girl whom Takaaki meets one day on his way home. She has a calm personality and opens up to very few people except him.

She was one of Takaaki's classmates in elementary school, but has since transferred away because of her parents' divorce.

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Two heroines were subsequently added to To Heart 2's story in later versions of the game. Sasara Kusugawa becomes the student council president of Takaaki's school during his second year.

She inherits her position from the previous president Ma-ryanas she is the only remaining student council member after the latter's graduation. Sasara is very diligent, often completing all of the student council's tasks by herself. Konomi Yuzuhara appeared in the sixth Omake of To Heart: Remember my Memories as Akari Kamigishi's opponent.

No one knows who won though. However there is presently a one man translation team out there that has translated a good number of the routes.

It's a rather rough translation the translator admits to skipping the proofreading because everyone wanted the patches so badly but it gets the job done. Takaaki's Harem gets wind of the news that both him and Manaka are apparently on a first-name basis thanks to Yuuji, who was acting out a hilarious sketchand they all chase him around to get him to use their first names in some cases, it's dropping any honorifics entirely. Some particularly Ruuko, Yuma and Konomi don't quite realise they were already on a first-name basis with him.

Gets especially hilarious in Tamaki's case, as he ends up using a much more distant "Tamaki-sama". In fact, the robot maids even get in on it, and more surprisingly, Konomi's mother, Haruka gets in on it as well. Genre Shift - To Heart 2: With lots more fanservice.

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For starters, Tamaki dons an outfit with something close to an Absolute Cleavage while Yocchi sports a Chainmail Bikini. Genki Girl - Marianne. Also Yocchi, particularly in Another Days.