Twilight zone midnight sun ending a relationship

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twilight zone midnight sun ending a relationship

My Favorite Episodes of The Twilight Zone. The Twilight Zone (–) Episode: The Midnight Sun (). TV-PG | 25 min | Fantasy. "The Midnight Sun" is an episode of the The Twilight Zone usually thought of as of the end, because even at midnight it's high noon, the hottest day in history. We call it 'The Midnight Sun' and we also recommend it most heartily. City and this is the eve of the end, because even at midnight it's high noon, the . will never again possess a meaningful relationship among themselves.

The only ones left are her and her landlady, Mrs. Electricity is gradually cut off, water is turned on in the city for only hours at a time, and the streets are deserted and full of looters. Both women try to support each other but grow weaker as the Apocalypse comes closer. Norma burns her hand on the windowsill and Mrs.

She begs Norma to paint something cold rather than continually drawing the sun and burning cities. A looter enters the building, but Norma and Mrs. Bronson lock the door. He begs to be let in, but Norma pulls out a gun and tells him to go away. Bronson unlocks the door and lets him in. He feverishly drinks all their water. Seeing their distressed faces, he breaks down and apologies for scaring then. He claims the oppressive heat and the deaths of his wife and infant son have driven him insane.

Norma meekly nods before he stumbles out of the building. In an attempt to console her, Norma shows Mrs. Bronson a painting of a waterfall she has made.

Delirious, she splashes in the imaginary water and praises how cool it is before succumbing to the heat and collapsing on the floor. Norma watches in horror as her paintings melt around her, and she screams and falls as well. The scene cuts to the apartment at night, with a heavy snowfall going on outside. Norma is bedridden with a high fever and being attended to by a doctor and Mrs. Norma's dreams of the oppressive heat were all fake.

As the doctor leaves, a delirious Norma tells Mrs. Bronson how happy she is that's it's cool again. In reality, the Earth is moving away from the sun, not towards it, meaning the world will freeze to death.

The Midnight Sun

The poles of fear, the extremes of how the Earth might conceivably be doomed. Minor exercise in the care and feeding of a nightmare, respectfully submitted by all the thermometer-watchers in the Twilight Zone. All Just a Dream: The Earth heating up. Not that the reality isn't just as bad. Already a Class 1guaranteed to become a Class X with the Earth spiraling closer and closer to the sun.

Even with the end revelation, you're still looking at either a 5 or 6. The episode is set in New York City. Except for one scene in the hallway at the beginning, the plot never leaves Norma's apartment.

40 Very Best Twilight Zone Episodes

The Earth isn't moving towards the sun Death of a Child: She blows a tire and when she takes her car in for repairs, we get a hint that something is amiss when the mechanic tells her she should have called a hearse, not a car repair service. She drives on, but keeps seeing a man hitchhiking, no matter how far she drives.

Shaken, she finally stops and calls her mother, only to be told that her mother had a nervous breakdown when her daughter was killed in a car accident six days ago. She is in disbelief, but returns to her car, where the hitchhiker awaits her. She realizes that the hitchhiker is death. What I see now that I didn't see then, you can't outrun fate.

twilight zone midnight sun ending a relationship

In a department store, there is a 9th floor for no one else, but the store's mannequins. Once a month, they take turns living as humans in the real world. When their time is up, they return to the 9th floor, except for the day that Mannequin Marcy decides she likes being human too much, and is not going back. My wiser take on it now, a taste of honey is worse than none at all.

twilight zone midnight sun ending a relationship

Water is running out, people are dying, and of those left, we find ourselves with a young woman and her aging landlady. They swelter and sweat in the heat, and just when their skin looks as if it will melt off their faces, we see our starlet awaken, fluttering back to consciousness and being told she had a fever. Then we hear on the radio that Earth is entering an ice age, as the sun pulls farther away from us. I ask myself now, how could Rod Serling have known of global warming?? The nightmares I had when I saw what Billy Mumy did to a man who refused to kowtow to him lasted for weeks.

You have to see it for yourself to believe it. My modern takeaway, we create monsters when we constantly praise and give our children everything. William Shatner plays a young executive recently released after a nervous breakdown. He needs to travel again for business, but still feels unstable.

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Though apprehensive, he goes anyway. The plane enters a turbulent storm and as Shatner looks out the window, he sees a creature dismantling the plane's engine. No one believes him, he has a second nervous breakdown, and as they walk him off the plane, we the audience see fire damage and evidence of tampering on the plane's wings. What scares me to this day about that is how real things can seem, even when they're not.

After a grandmother dies, a little boy Billy Mumy again is mysteriously given a phone. On this phone, only calls from his deceased grandmother come through. She tries to convince Little Billy to kill himself to join her.

And so he tries, several times in several ways. I can say without a doubt that today, this storyline encouraging childhood suicide would never be allowed to be aired. That's what happens when you watch a two foot tall plastic toy with dead eyes and nylon hair push an evil stepfather down a dark flight of stairs, saying, "I am Talking Tina, and I am going to kill you.

The devil embodies evil, and the possibility of the dark inside all of us. This episode is no exception. On a stormy night, Mr. Ellington, stumbles upon a castle for shelter. He enters, but hears howling from the cellar. He finds a bedraggled but eloquent man chained in a cell. The man claims to be a prisoner of an insane religious order, locked up for kissing his girlfriend in public.