Twintail ending a relationship

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twintail ending a relationship

And women who look good with a twintail as adults are rare. And it's silly for Actually, several times we decided to break up.” English is not. Erina has long, blonde hair tied into two side-twintails with black ribbons, she also put black pins making an "X" cross on her bangs. By the end of episode 5 Soji was found out to be Tail Red and turns back in front of Relationships Edit. Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! or in its short form OreTwi (俺ツイ), is a Japanese light novel series . She usually slips marriage registration forms in the boys' test slips with her name on them, or she will try . The ending theme is "Twin-Tail Dreamer !.

Maybe she breathed in some fumes from her machines. Maybe I'll ask her later if she is feeling okay. Back at the Tsube residence, the living room, Aika was on the floor, laughing so hard that she felt like some kind of metal weapon had pierced her stomach. After Twirl made fun of her again and again and another million times after that! Getting turned down because of something like that was just too good.

I should have used interstellar FedEx to get rid of her. She might count as an endangered species, the only human that is shaped like a perfectly smooth pole. Whatever, enjoy staying f- wait, what did you say? I've liked Sora for far longer than you have even known about earth!

Why would I have a problem with s-s-sleeping with her. Twirl just stood there with her mouth open. Before she knew it, Twirl was dragged her up the stairs. For Sora, it had been a scenario where she put forth an unreasonable request in an attempt to get out of the whole thing and then it blew up in her face, making her unable to say she was just kidding.

For Aika, the future of being no longer a washboard was on the line, so she let Twirl sweep her along. The first night together with Twirl had been very awkward as well. After hating each other for months, sleeping in the same bed had been really weird for both of them. Since that first time the three of them didn't manage to even talk about doing it again. Aika and Twirl managed to endure with just cuddling at night, to which Aika got used surprisingly quickly. Morning arrived with a cold that was usually reserved for the lower layers of hell.

It was already six in the morning and even though it was the height of summer, it was so unbelievably dim outside, that through the curtains on Aika's window, it felt like night.

Laying flat on her stomach, her head resting on the pillow she shared with Twirl, Aika glanced to the side. It wasn't unusual for her to be awake so early in the morning. The alien girl was still sound asleep, her large chest moving with each breath she took. Aika had never really thought about what Twirl wore to bed before all of this, but as it turned out it was just a large black tank top. She felt somehow let down by that. Watching twirl's chest rise and fall for a little while, Aika slowly crawled backwards towards the foot end and got out of bed from there without having to crawl over Twirl.

And immediately she stepped on Twirl's clothes. She is such a slob. How can someone so smart be so much of a deviant and also so much of a slob?

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Picking up the lab coat and the dress, Aika just put them on her desk. The chair was already occupied with her own clothes. Sleeping in just her underwear, Aika anticipated looking into the mirror every morning. It was a slow, grueling process of getting just a little bit bigger every day, but there was no good way to explain suddenly having enormous breasts anyway.

Checking herself out in the mirror, Aika bent forward and put her arms together, squishing her breasts to exaggerated the bit of cleavage she had now.

I haven't measured them yet… I can tell they're still less than Sora's, but I'm definitely above Erina now!

twintail ending a relationship

Feeling much more confident about her body than before, Aika struck a few more poses before she checked up on Twirl, making sure she wasn't caught doing this sort of thing. Before all of this, she would have just slugged her and gotten angry if she was caught, but as it turned out, Twirl was not actually as bad as she thought.

Without her constant attempts to screw Sora, and without the also constant washboard insults, Twirl was surprisingly interesting.

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Hearing about other planets and some scientific stuff went a little over Aika's head, but Twirl liked a lot of the same things that Aika did. Sweets, fashion, movies even.

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She did still have extremely strong tendencies towards raunchy material, such as wanting to visit a cat-ears busty maid cafe with Aika, but nothing that made Aika want to hit her or break her into so many tiny pieces that even the world record holder in puzzle games wouldn't bother trying to put her back together.

But it wasn't just Twirl that was different. Without the endless self-conscious worrying and loathing, without the constant washboard gags from Twirl and some other people around her, Aika found herself a lot more balanced and at peace. There was still the occasional gag for which Twirl was punished, but it never really accompanied lasting pain anymore. Most of all, it was the cuddling, Aika told herself. Spending every night with Twirl had been really awkward for the first few days, because Aika kept expecting her to do something stupid or abuse her position.

Twirl tossed a lot in her sleep and that was the worst of it. One time, Aika woke up with her face buried in Twirl's boobs and she didn't really care.

The tossing stopped after Aika had ended up kicked out of bed the third night in a row. A solution was found promptly; putting her arms around Aika's waist did generally result in Twirl's hands ending up further up or down that Aika wanted them to, but at least Twirl didn't toss anymore. But despite this arrangement, they always ended up separated by morning. Feeling a bit excited after the posing and seeing that Twirl was still soundly passed out, Aika grabbed Twirl's dress and threw it on.

She was far, far from filling it properly so it didn't look that good on her yet, but for Aika, it was like a promise of the future. Stepping back in front of the mirror, Aika pulled on the top part a little, making it look like she had roughly the same size as Twirl. She was missing the remainder of the outfit, the white belts across her hips and the red skirt with black rim.

And of course the lab coat. About a minute long Aika indulged her fantasy and then took the dress back off, putting it back where it belonged. At this rate… it'll be winter before I'm that big. I guess only everyone in class will be able to tell. Crawling back into bed, because it was still early in the morning and she didn't want to sneak out of her room, Aika laid back down next to her former arch-nemesis.

She's… kinda cute when she sleeps. With her eyes closed and her long white hair all messy, Twirl's face made Aika's heart race just a little. I can't believe I'm thinking Twirl is cute. But if you try it on, you should try on all of it, so it looks-" Twirl was forced back on her back when Aika literally jumped on her, pulled the pillow out from under her head and smothered her.

It wasn't visible in the dark but her face was lit up like a Christmas tree. Grabbing the girl's ass, Twirl successfully defeated the former wooden plank category wrestling champion and threw her off. I can tell right away when you're pissed off or embarrassed, Aika. The absence of bone breaking pain is an indicator clear as day! Why am I even covering up like this?

I sleep next to this nymphomaniac every night! But it's still somehow embarrassing right now. You're basically my girlfriend and- oof! We just share a bed! And we have bathed together. And you try on my clothes.

And I wear your underwear. I am wearing your panties though! Aika calmed down and dropped the comforter when she realized there really was no point in keeping getting upset about the things Twirl said. Not that they made her angry, but instead of pissing her off, Twirl had really taken to embarrassing her. Although she mysteriously avoided doing so when they weren't alone. So I tried on your clothes, what's the big deal?

I'll fit them eventually! Hugging the pillow, Twirl just kept sitting there on the floor. You said… gimme a second.

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I'm sure she said something! Skirt, dress, belts, coat. And keep your hair down. And there's no deadly encounters of the gorilla kind either! That one was getting too small like a week ago. Like, get a bit bigger than Sora and the stares will get pretty intense. Get as big as Tail Yellow and it'll escalate. Once you finished growing you'll better be used to stares or you're gonna melt out there. Now that I can, I suddenly want to grope her though.

Getting back on the bed with all speed of a snail in slow motion, to annoy Aika, Twirl's heart felt like a ten string guitar that was smacked over someone's head. Seeing Aika just barely cover herself, half embarrassed and half anticipating a real estimate, her legs neatly put together, sitting like a real girl would have sat; all of that really made Twirl aware that she was pretty attractive, even with her chest still this small.

Sitting in front of Aika and reached out, Twirl's face was covered by a gorilla paw. From the back, the back! Twirl was barely in position when she hesitated. She looks so good with her hair down. It's a pity she's so used to twin tails now. We could have matching hairstyles otherwise. Reaching around Aika's waist, Twirl approached from below, her hands slowly enveloping Aika's breasts; or rather trying to. They were already a little too big to fit completely into her hands.

I guess my hands are smaller than I thought. How long is she gonna fondle me for? It's already been forever! Aika squirmed a little and was starting to feel turned on, even though Twirl was hardly doing anything at all. It was more like her breasts were being covered than fondled. This would probably go a lot faster if we had more contact, like fuc-" Twirl was surprised that she was cut off not by a punch but by Aika leaning backwards against her.

What is she doing? It had been over a week since Twirl had even made an attempt. Getting shot down immediately because she had no twintails really had hurt her. What do I say? I could joke about her being there anyways, so it's like I am getting in some practice, but that's not really how I feel. When did my life become so complicated? And without warning or funny comment, Twirl bent down and kissed her straight on the lips.

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More than just a brief kiss, there was real emotion behind it. This was not just a means to transmit her attribute better, this was because she wanted it, without knowing she did. Their lips parting and welcoming each other again, Twirl tried to back away when she realized what she was actually doing and that Aika was probably going to tear off her head any second now. And I've gotten so used to no pai- shit, I'm too lat-?!

twintail ending a relationship

Aika did indeed reach for Twirl's head but not to hurt her. Keeping down down, bending her back dangerously far, she forced Twirl to keep the kiss going. Her mind had already went on vacation the second Twirl had started kissing her and it was all instinct now, consequences be dammed.

Spending more than just a moment like that, both girls finally parted, eyes hot with fiery lust and lips hotter still. Twirl was quick to recover from the daze she had been in for the last half minute and sat back up.

Well, not that that would be hard, but you know what I mean. When it comes to twintail maintenance, Aika knows far better than the fanboy. But yeah, you can do much more what you want with short hair, without messing anything up too badly. It looks weird when someone cries that much from tentacle eyes. Someone got a power upgrade. Also, those are twelve limbs. But they also had a worm with limbs, so whatever looks neat, I suppose.

In which everything comes in pairs. I think this is the first time I find her looking significantly different. Well, what Aika noticed aside. Much older than Red. Unruly and unhelpful hair. Can certainly relate to that. I think it might the first time I see it appear in anime, persistent bed hair aside. If she's just starting, low-hanging twintails are the easiest.

twintail ending a relationship

Less need to worry about gathering up the hair at the right spot. I find that the pragmatic interpretation of that Imagine Spot is that love is not a finite resource in that you cannot love two things at once. It's kind of obvious who's going to win when the Theme Music Power-Up goes, "Never give in, twintails! Small hint, to quote from the entry for that game: Yami, Lord of Eternal Darkness. The name of the song: If they take a haremy turn?

Isn't that's the way it's been going for eleven and a half episodes now? Two planes in the background. This was a somewhat funny and odd series. She enjoys teasing Aika with her large bust and often ends up grievously injured for it. Before arriving on Earth, she was the original Tail Blue but gave up her twin-tail hair style to make the Tail Red gear after her world lost all its attributes.

She is secretly a big fan of Twoerle and stalks her often. After Twoerle disappeared, she joined the Ultimegil organization in attempt to find Twoerle under the name Dark Grasper or Dark Glassper. Once she found Twoerle, she betrayed Evil Gill. In battle, she is known as Tail Black. She is aware of her son's identity as Tail Red and openly supports him as she herself once dreamed of being in his position.

She has an outstanding physical ability despite her work as a maid. Because her full name is long, Anko calls her Megane Japanese for glasses for short which she dislikes. She tries to fix arranged marriage meetings for Erina which the latter dislikes. Although they are the villains of the story, the majority of them are rather silly and comical and behave much like otakusoften admiring cute girls, collecting dolls, and even adoring the twintail heroines.