Wild arms 2 disc 1 ending relationship

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wild arms 2 disc 1 ending relationship

Download the game guide 'Walkthrough' for Wild Arms 2 on PlayStation Antenora will talk about her relationship with Vinsfeld and disappear into a blue light. . END OF DISC 1 (My time, 55 hours, but a lot of time was spent translating . For Wild ARMs 2 on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic Marivel's true looks (before disc 2, I think at the middle of disc 1). They have one of those "rivals that obviously will end up together" relationships. Previously on Wild Arms: We learned everything we ever wanted to know about . first boss battle since the final battle with Vinsfeld back at the end of Disc 1. But no time for chastising yourself for failed relationships now!.

I'm pretty sure they did but I want confirmation. Ashley has Zephyr Tim has Raftina Marivel seems to have Dan Dairam because of its location Uhhh Chapapanga might be connected to Kanon because it takes luck to learn her skills plus she seems to be the "thief" type character of this game who steals which needs luck.

I'm sure Terry liked Lilka.

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When Ashley came back from the dead, Lilka told Tim that part of her is happy and part of her is lonely. At Raypoint Flam, she said she liked someone. At Heimdall Gazzo, Lilka told Ashley not to look into places in her heart because there are things she hasn't told him yet.

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Sooo, he's not really "Brad Evans"? Was this just a symbolic-you-must-think-deeply-to-get kind of a thing? Brad has been referring to a "him" person. I'm sure that at one point, he used "he" to refer to Ashley but I might be wrong. Becca Becca 7 years ago 2 Irving and Altaecia are not right in the head. They ARE in love with eachother.

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Or at least Irving makes Altaecia think they are. He uses the people near him, even if it means corrupting his own sister. Yes, they have sex. Yeah, it's only implied in the English dialogue, at least but it's not really hard to guess that it happens since they're on the bed etc. Lilka had a crush on Ashley, that's all. She thinks of Terry as an annoying little "brother".

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Terry has a crush on Lilka. Lilka claims she is lonely because she likes Ashley but she knows that he and Marina are already in love. Part of her character's struggle is her feelings for Ashley and knowing she can't have him. Judecca is his inverse, as a Psychopathic Manchild who thinks cynicism is a substitute for wisdom, denigrating the very idea of the "hero" and caring nothing for the world beyond himself.

Brad and Ptolomea, as the Big Guy of their respective teams with penchants for massive melee weapons and explosives. Both turn out to be far more caring than their hostile exteriors suggest. Both also ended up in leadership positions that didn't turn out well for them - Brad is one of the only survivors of his old comradeswhile Ptolomea reverses things, asking you to be lenient to his men when he dies.

Lilka and Antenora, as something of The Chick for their teams. Both are apparently the only living members of their families, and are part of different love triangles - Lilka loses hers, while Antenora has already won hers. Lilka struggles to find direction for her life, overshadowed by her missing sister.

Antenora, meanwhile, has an abundance of direction, all toward the grave, as she intends on getting herself killed after winning Vinsfeld's heart, to then rip it out with her death in a long-delayed vengeance for the deaths of her family in the Slayheim revolution.

Tim and Caina, both androgynous-looking young men who tap into powers outside themselves. Tim draws on the world's Guardians through the spirit Pooka, gaining attack magic but also providing the team's Summon Magic. Caina is also Odessa's user of Summon Magicthanks to the strange power he draws from a magic key to call creatures and forces from beyond the world, rather than of the world.

The opening animation changes depending on how far into the game you are. You can buy upgrades for Ashley's and Brad's guns. You can't buy healing items though as with later games, this is justified as Filgaia is mostly a barren wasteland.

You also can't take back Personal Skill points once you've used them to buy skills. Did you buy a useless skill? Put everything into Up HP first and don't ever get the status resistances, with the possible exception of Ability Block.

However, see the Game-Breaker entry on healing items. One mission has you intercepting a "nuclear weapon". It gets unleashed and it's a nuclear breathing dragon. Also the Angel's Halo, which was used on the country of Slayheim prior to the start of the game and left behind nothing but endless plains of salt.

Getting Crap Past the Radar: Production[ edit ] Wild Arms was the first role-playing video game project of Media. Vision that had been known primarily for their shooter game series Crime Crackers and Rapid Reload. Vision to create a game that would combine elements of a traditional RPG with limited 3D graphics to promote the hardware of their newly released PlayStation console.

wild arms 2 disc 1 ending relationship

Utilizing a unique approach to setting and character design, Wild Arms set the standard for all future games in the series. Drawing inspiration from American westernsas well as western-themed manga such as Yasuhiro Nightow 's TrigunKaneko and Fukushima crafted a video game world that resembles the contemporary fantasy environment seen in similar titles, but with added allusions to gun-play, outlaws, lawmen, and wilderness tamers. The groundwork for the series' music was laid by composer Michiko Narukewho had previously only written the scores to Super Nintendo Entertainment System titles.

While classically influenced, the music of each game often diverges into other genres, including folkrockelectronicswingand choral. The usage of firearms factors heavily into the Wild Arms mythos.

Called "ARMs", these weapons are often associated with ancient technology and represent a more violent and warlike age; thus, a social stigma is often given to anyone possessing or using them. The practical usage of ARMs, either to protect or destroy life, is left to the user's discretion, and serves as a plot point within each game to establish a character's true motives. The governing forces of the planet are personified as "Guardians", spirit-like anthropomorphic creatures who act as the gods of natural aspects such as water, fire, and wind, along with human traits such as love, hope, and courage.

The primary heroes of each game often ally themselves with these Guardians to defeat technology-reliant or ecologically unconscious villains who would either subjugate or destroy the world to suit their respective goals. Several other land types and climates exist, including forests, mountainous regions, grasslands, and Arctic tundras, though their predominance varies from one game to the next.

Filgaia is also home to a number of different races including the Native American -inspired Baskars, nature-dwelling Elws, and vampiric Crimson Nobles.

Because of their close relationship with nature, the Elw live exceptionally long lives. Due to the destruction of the environment, the Elw population is extremely low. The Elw were the original inhabitants of Filgaia.

When the neosapiens humans migrated to Filgaia after a war on their home world, the Elw kindly accepted them. Around a thousand years before the events of Wild Arms, Filgaia was invaded by a race known as the Metal Demons.

The Elw joined together with the other inhabitants of Filgaia, the humans and Guardians, in order to expel the invaders.

wild arms 2 disc 1 ending relationship

Eventually, the Metal Demon leader "Mother" was defeated and the Metal Demons were pushed back to the northernmost part of Filgaia. During the war, the Elw developed many weapons using their knowledge of magic, alchemy, and technology.

Most of these weapons later became known as ARMs. The Elw also created the large humanoid machines called Golems. The Golems proved very useful during the first Demon War. However, the Golems were unreliable because they determined friend and foe based on whoever was operating them.