Flirt fitness facebook backgrounds

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flirt fitness facebook backgrounds

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Client loyalty referred to the particular qualities involved in maintaining clients e. Credentials referred to formal training e. Negative characteristics referred to qualities considered unethical or unprofessional e.

These results are discussed regarding the implications concerning college programs, certification organizations, increasing public awareness of expectations of qualified trainers, and a move towards state licensure. Thus, it is clear that exercise adherence is a primary health care issue.

flirt fitness facebook backgrounds

However, although exercise adherence research has identified a number of determinants as well as several theoretical models to explain the adoption and maintenance of exercise behavior 17few findings have had an impact in applied exercise settings. Interestingly, a consistent finding in the exercise adherence literature that may have important implications for applied exercise settings is the influence of the exercise leader.

Specifically, McAuley and Courneya 18 argued that the exercise leader can potentially influence each of the 4 sources of self-efficacy mastery experiences, social modeling, social persuasion, and physiological or emotional states 3 and potentially increase exercise adherence.

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However, few studies have systematically investigated exercise leader behaviors or the qualifications required to be an effective fitness leader.

One recent study 12 examined the characteristics of motivational leaders of physical activity groups for older adults. Results showed that older adults responded best when leaders exhibited competency to lead exercise, treated the participants as individuals, and demonstrated the ability to foster social interaction between members in the class. Thus, as evidence accumulates documenting the importance of the exercise leader to exercise behavior, it is important to understand the qualities that make effective exercise leaders.

Recognizing the importance of effective exercise leaders, a number of certification programs exist to educate and ensure qualified exercise leaders. Idea Personal Trainer magazine identified 19 different certifications available to the public However, the vast number of certifying organizations indicates a lack of consensus within the field regarding credentials required to be a professional exercise leader i. As with most commercial industries, the quality of the product is often positively related to the cost.

However, because the industry is not regulated, fitness facilities are not obligated to hire staff possessing any specific type of certification or license and will typically hire low-cost personal trainers when possible.

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The ultimate consequence is the potential for low-quality exercise leaders practicing in fitness facilities and the subsequent potential effects on the consumer: Most certifying organizations agree that important exercise leader competencies should include, beyond basic scientific anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise physiology knowledge, a lifestyle and health, b chronic disease e.

All of these services require training and keeping current with new research; otherwise, injury, ineffective programs, and client drop-out can result. However, it is unknown to what degree these qualities are practiced in community fitness facilities.

Thus, this study asked practicing exercise leaders what qualities and credentials they thought were important to be effective, successful personal trainers using a phenomological, grounded theoretical approach and focus group methodology. Global themes, major themes, and subthemes were selected from the transcriptions.

flirt fitness facebook backgrounds

We have taken the fun, fabulous, fitness that the Flirty Girl Fitness brand is known for and created an amazingly effective and uniquely entertaining format designed for use in gyms and fitness facilities everywhere. What is Booty Beat When flirty, fabulous dance meets choreography with a purpose; the result is a fun, effective way to condition the entire body inside and out.


The Flirty Girl Fitness program, Booty Beat, is an outrageously entertaining cardio intensive dance-based class that works the entire body. Using the easy to learn Flirty Girl Foundation Moves, participants will quickly "own" the movement and experience the fabulous feeling that dancing gives you, while reaping the benefits of strength and cardiovascular exercise all in one class.

I look forward to every opportunity I have to share Booty Beat with other fitness professionals and to "Flirtify" women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and abilities in this fun, fabulous, cardio-crazy, uniquely entertaining format.

Flirty Girl Fitness is off the charts! My attitude is "been there, done that," which translates to, "I'm picky about my personal choice of exercise. I wasn't sure the cardio component would be at the intensity I needed, as I want to work hard when I work out. Secondly, I am not at all a "dancer," so I was sure I would make a total fool of myself.

flirt fitness facebook backgrounds

Third, I figured this would be a workout that would require some serious sexiness. As it turns out, I was wrong on all accounts. I began to sweat after the first 5 minutes! To me, this was a good sign.