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Sinhala language would help bring independence to the Sri Lankan nation.5 . meaning of the word Aryan grew wider they felt the want of a new word for the pur - .. She does not flirt with Rama and Lakshmana; they crudely speak to her (vv. Flirt girl - English - Sinhala Online Dictionary. Improve your language knowledge, education and move forward with Meaning and definitions of flirt, translation in Sinhala language for flirt with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of flirt in Sinhala and in.

Jacki Harding as Anna Schmidt - a stereotypical German who works as an au pair. In her introduction, she refers to "German efficiency" and, accordingly, Anna is a hard-working student, occasionally asking legitimate questions and as the series progresses, answering Mr Brown's questions correctly.

Her main problem is mixing "V"s and "W"s. She also punctuates her sentences with German words. She is shown to have exceptional physical strength and she is never reluctant to show it, often punching fellow students, such as Max, if they try to flirt with her. While in one episode, when religion was being argued over, she said that Lutheranism was the true religion, but in the episode "How's Your Father", she said that there isn't any life after death.

Juan is always laughing at himself, confident of his answers even when they are completely wrong. Early in the series, Juan speaks almost no English apart from episode 2 where he describes Ms Courtney as "Plenty awesome, very good!

English to Sinhala Meaning :: flirt

His typical catchphrase is "s'alright! Juan's English improves as the series goes on, but he remains one of the worst speakers, often speaking a mix of English and Spanish. He cares a great deal for Mr Brown, whom he considers almost as part of his family. He was mistaken for a Pakistani when Mr Brown asked him to sit next to his "fellow countryman", Ali Nadim in the first episode.

He frequently argues with Ali, who is a Pakistani Muslim. He has a good vocabulary but tends to mix up his general knowledge, and on being corrected he always puts his hands together and says "a thousand apologies". When angered by people, he usually threatens them with his kirpan. He and Ali later become friends in the later parts of the series.

She is never seen without her Little Red Book of Maofrom which she often quotes. She constantly mixes up her "R"s and "L"s. Early in the series, she had a fierce ideological rivalry with Taro, her Japanese classmate, but later in the series, he often springs to her defence when a character insults her or China. When she quotes chairman Mao, Mr.

flirt meaning in sinhala language

Brown replies "That's a matter of opinion". He speaks English quite fluently, but has a habit of adding "-o" to almost every word he says as in "thank-o," "England-o," and so on and always replies "Ah So! Early in the series he is at odds with Su-Lee due to Japan and China's own political differences in the s, but becomes a friend of hers later on. Most of the time he is seen with his camera. He is attracted to Danielle, but as the show progresses, the three become friends.

Max tends to misunderstand metaphors and large words. He also has a heavy accent, which causes him to add "H" to almost every word he says. Later, he shares his flat with Giovanni, with whom he is a close friend; these two characters have the best command of the English language of all the students in the series.

Her good looks often distract Giovanni and Max from their answers, while Mr Brown is often found in seemingly incriminating positions with her, and she is strongly attracted to him. She is annoyed when an attractive young Swedish blonde, Ingrid Svenson, joins the class, instigating a rivalry for Mr Brown's attention. Dino Shafeek as Ali Nadim Series 1—3 - he is unemployed at the beginning of the first season, while later, near the middle of the first season finds a job as a door to door salesman.

He is Pakistaniand the first student to make an appearance. He is originally from LahorePakistanalthough he once stated he grew up in Delhi probably making him a Muhajir — the people who migrated from India to Pakistan after the Partition of India in Practically, never seen without his Jinnah caphe is the most vocal, and most honest, and hardworking of the students. He often misinterprets the English for a comical sense, but has a very fair command of it. As a Pakistani Muslimhe has a vocal and occasionally physical rivalry with Ranjeet, who is an Indian Sikh.

Ali's typical catchphrases are "yes please" in situations where he should say "yes, thank you""oh blimey! When she first joins the class she barely speaks any English - she rants in Urdu when Mr Brown asks her her name, and when she finally does understand she decides to write her name on the blackboard in Urdu because she cannot write it in English.

Although she needs Ali to translate for her in the first series, by series 3 she shows a marked improvement and is able to communicate in English without needing any help. She often calls Mr Brown "Masterji" Hindi roughly meaning Honored Masterand her catchphrase early in the series is "gud hefening" which is how she pronounces "good evening". During class, she is often found knitting.

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She is shown to be a Christian in the episode "Guilty or not Guilty? Moreover, she wears a cross around her neck from the 11th episode of the first season.

Also, in the episode "I Belong to Glasgow", she is among the students who crossed themselves with Juan The others are Danielle, Max and Giovanni Anna Bergman as Ingrid Svenson Series 2 and 4 - a Swedish au pair who joins the class at the beginning of series 2. She is attractive and straightforward about her attraction to Mr Brown, sparking a rivalry between her and Danielle.

flirt meaning in sinhala language

On this day, monks will recite verses uttered by the Buddha twenty-five centuries ago to invoke peace and happiness for the government and the people. Buddhists are reminded to live in harmony with people of other faiths and to respect the beliefs of other people as the Buddha taught. Bringing happiness to others[ edit ] Play media Video Korean Buddhist monks perform ritual dances and music on Buddha's Birthday.

To this day, Buddhists will distribute gifts in cash and kind to various charitable homes throughout the country. Devout Buddhists also vie with one another to provide refreshments and vegetarian food to followers who visit the temple to pay homage to the Enlightened One.

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Just before he died, he saw his faithful attendant Anandaweeping. The Buddha advised him not to weep, but to understand the universal law that all compounded things including even his own body must disintegrate. He advised everyone not to cry over the disintegration of the physical body but to regard his teachings The Dhamma as their teacher from then on, because only the Dhamma truth is eternal and not subject to the law of change.

He also stressed that the way to pay homage to him was not merely by offering flowers, incense, and lights, but by truly and sincerely striving to follow his teachings. This is how Buddhists are expected to celebrate Vesak: In Nepal, which is considered the birth-country of Buddha, it is celebrated on the full moon day of the Vaisakha month of the Hindu calendarand is traditionally called Buddha Purnima, Purnima meaning the full moon day in Sanskrit. In Theravada countries following the Buddhist calendarit falls on a full moon Uposatha day, typically in the 5th or 6th lunar month.

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In Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Vesak is celebrated on the fourteenth or fifteenth day of the fourth month in the Chinese lunar calendar. In China, and Korea, Vietnam, Buddha's Birthday is celebrated on the eighth day of the fourth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, in Japan the same day but in the Gregorian calendar. The date varies from year to year in the Western Gregorian calendar, but usually falls in April or May.

In leap years it may be celebrated in June. In Bhutan it is celebrated in 15th day of fourth month of Bhutanese calendar based on lunar calendar.

In the following table, year numbers in the range are BE Buddhist Era.