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Flirt To Convert or How to Get Customers to Buy More Using Psychology Basics

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Image uploaded by Amy. Find images and videos about dress, yellow and prom dresses on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Psychology and marketing have lots of connection points. The similarity is rather obvious: real psychologists have patients while retailers have. By Barbara Bradley. Cynthia Sharp doesn't hesitate to turn on the charm when dealing with customers. She is warm, bubbly and animated, laughs a lot and likes .

In the event that the other person truly shows no interest, just as you would in the bar, move on. Determine the next best person to connect with in order to create the understanding you desire. In order to really understand customer requirements, it is critical to have an open and honest, and probably deep conversation about what is happening between the business and the project.

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Conversation like that only happens between people who have a close relationship. Sharing more about yourself, about your concerns and successes with the project, about whatever else is relevant will help create these close relationships. It helps lay everything out on the table. The grey zone, as Ole puts it, is the difference between what the customer hopes to get out of the project — and what the supplier hopes to get away with. The tourist wants to get as many lamps as possible for his money.

The salesman wants to get as much money for his lamps as possible. They are both valid viewpoints. If we talk with the customers about this early in the project, then we share some honest and open thoughts with the customer, and chances are that the customer will do the same — even admitting that he is usually asking for more than he actually wants because he knows that he will probably not get everything he is asking for.

People respond to openness. Sharing more with another person is risky, however. Opening up means making yourself vulnerable to being hurt.

But if you are willing to take the risk, offering yourself up to someone shows trust—and most times that trust is returned. These trust-based relationships create value in your organization by allowing you to get the right information sooner to deliver the right product faster.

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Enhancing the richness of the connection, increases understanding and business value. Strong relationships are multi-dimensional. To see the more relaxed side of a person and get to know them better, you need to go out and have some fun!

Fun does have a purpose. Spend some time out of the office, it can be as simple as going out to a bar, mingling with your team and your customers. Maintain your ability to move around and connect with the folks you want to connect with. Your fun activities should enhance the opportunity to communicate. If you come up with activities like playing board games, or going to an art class, or any activity that allows on-to-one communication, you build your relationship.

You see another side, and that makes your connection richer. Nothing solidifies a relationship more than having survived a crisis together. The key to this is surviving the crisis. Many romantic relationships fall apart when the couple has an issue that one or both parties cannot deal with.

On the other hand, if they get through their difficulties, the relationship becomes stronger. A few years back I worked as a project manager for a large public relations agency. Our team was given two weeks to deliver a multi-faceted program for our client who specialized in international risk management. After one week, the client called and said he was going to Paris the next day and needed whatever we had.

This would be impossible. Anthony, the graphic designer on our team was the one who had to produce the mock-up our client would show in Paris. He told me he could not get it done. What can I do to help you make this happen? We were dead-tired when we finished, but proud of what we had accomplished.

Anthony called me as I drove to the airport to deliver the materials. Needless to say, our client was also delighted by the speedy results. I was able to convince Anthony by laying the cards on the table: We created trust, and this in turn created great value for our company. Take advantage of the mutual desire to be together. Congratulations, now you are connected!

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You depend on others for your mutual success. Creating these connections is truly a way to build value in your organization.

You learn how to understand your customers and the subtleties of their needs. Like all good relationships, maintaining it and finding new ways to keep things fresh strengthens your connection even more.

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Flirting with your customers is important. The rule is simple: Psychology Tricks for Successful Sales Any guide for door to door salesman tips contains one pretty important point — never try to force a customer to buy something right away. People are naturally suspicious and rarely trust strangers.

You need to introduce your company and let the visitor get comfortable first. You need to give people an understanding of why they need to purchase. Go personal, describe what problems your products can solve, and of course, what customers will gain by buying them.

Do not hesitate to appeal to emotions. These influence the decisions made by people quite often. Especially when it comes to loss aversion. This is the fear of losing something that one already owns, or believes they own. Robert Cialdini, a psychology and marketing professor at Arizona State University, is famous for developing a theory of influence. Let us take a look at the six fascinating psychology principles that can be helpful in sales: Reciprocity This concept is about feeling obliged to do something for people who give or do something for us, especially if it is free.

Most people feel obliged if they receive even the smallest favor. For instance, if you are running an online store, you can offer some free additional services or small gifts with each purchase without notifying the buyer beforehand. People tend to do what others around them do. And how can you sell something using this principle? And this is why it is important to have user reviews on your website. Basically, this is what scarcity is.

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Such displays serve to create a sense of urgency. The psychology of selling advises us to be careful with wording, though. If you phrase it like there were a myriad of products, and it has such a great success that only a few are left, people will buy it.

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But know your limits and use this method wisely. Authority The basics of psychology postulate that most people are inclined to trust authority figures. Show yourself to be an experienced professional through your writing. Give your ideas names and labels, present them with evidence. One of the social psychology examples is when the companies use ads starring celebrities or famous experts to promote their products.

Anchoring When we see a range of options, first the anchor is perceived and everything that goes next is compared to it. Just put the reduced price next to the original and enjoy the way this psychological trick works for you.

Decoy Effect Another method of psychological influence in sales is called the decoy effect. People experience it when they are inclined to change their choice between two options when a third, less profitable one is presented. So he ran a test with of MIT students, asking them to choose one of the three subscription options.

But when he removed the second option, only 32 students picked the last one. People hate being deceived. You should not only present your product in a good light but also reveal some flaws. And trust us, this is a good idea since nothing in this world is perfect and everyone knows it.

Try to pose your product as something perfect and people will get suspicious. Did psychology help you with your profits yet? If not, be more honest about your business and watch customers come back to your store over and over again.

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